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He stood watching the horror unfold below him. The balcony stretched across the side of the building, giving him a clear view of the almost hypnotic balls of fire bursting into the night sky. He shook his head silently, and went inside, turning his back on the disaster unfolding in his home city.
He looked up and saw a panting figure sillhoueted in the doorway.
"Ontaro!" The figure panted, leaning against the door frame for support, "You have to help us! We are overwhelmed, the Evlors have sent in reinforcments and they are destroying everything around them!"

The man called Ontaro silently walked over to the corner and picked up his gun, before moving back to the balcony. Once there, he climbed up onto the edge and jumped, making the man behind him gasp and run to the edge. He needn't have worried, as he watched Ontaro soar away into the distance. He sighed in relief, knowing that if Ontaro was helping, earth would be safe...

The year is 3130, and the earth is at war. The Evlors, once faithful slaves to humans, have turned against us and have proved to be worthy foes. Until now, Ontaro has been keeping out of the fighting, but has been forced to help. The Evlors are winning because of their sheer numbers, and the humans are gradually being pushed back.

If you want to add a character to this story, just use the guidelines below! I'll do one for Ontaro as an example!

Name: Ontaro

Age: His age is unknown, having been around for centuries.

Appearance and weapons: He only wears black, and prefers a long coat that covers his whole body. He always keeps his eyes hidden behind a pair of sunglasses, and his hair is kept in a neat pony tail at the base of his head. He carries a huge machine gun which cuts through the enemies lines with ease, and yet if needs be, he always keeps a huge broadsword with him. He has superior strength to humans, and he cannot be killed unless he is poisoned.

Links to other people: He keeps mainly to himself, but has had a few select friends over the years, most of whom are dead. However, his most trusted friend he has kept from harm - you decide who this friend is!

Personality: He lives on his own in a penthouse flat in future London. His austere ways make many people dislike and fear him, but it doesn't matter to him. His life has been so long that he has grown used to it, and he sees human life as mere blits in time.
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Name: Xalt

Age: Age Unknown but looks about 24

Appearance and weapons: Wears customised armour and carries twin katanas which are well worn with use. He has long brown hair and is thin yet muscular.

Links to other people: He is Ontaro's best friend and is always being baled out by him.

Personality: A tad rash. Believes that he can take on anyone and win and so gets into a lot of tight stiuations.
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[size=1]Welcome to OtakuBoards, [b]beckywilford[/b]. You may find it interesting that all threads posted in either the Adventure Inn or the Adventure Square (and, to a different degree, the Arena Underground) require a rating to continue.

You see those letters in brackets after people's RP titles? That's a thread rating, and I encourage you to look at the [url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44318"][b]Adventure Square Basics Sticky[/b][/url]. Honestly, it will help you a great deal on this forum.

Please feel free to start this thread up again with the appropriate rating (although you might want to do something about the quality of your first post - what are the characteristics of the Evlors? Give us a little more information to work from).

But for now, [b]Thread Closed[/b].
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