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RPG The Colonel Sanders Catastrophy![sign up]

9mm Avenger

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This is a bit of a comedy RPG. Here is the story

Not far from now, Aleins come down to KFC and demand the Secret Recepi from the president of KFC. when he refuses, the Aliens go back in time, capture the Colonel, and force him to tell them his secret recipi. Now it is time for the KFC employs to recue the Colnel, and preserve that fattining skin on the chickens that I love soooo much!



Posistion in store:Manager(well, his dad is the manager, he left Akira in charge when he went to Hawaii for a holiday)
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[SIZE=1]This looks like its going to be hillarious!

Name: Gramps
Age: 87
Job: he used to be the supervisor but he retired. then he realized he hadn't saved any money for retirement and had to go back to work. He now mops the bathrooms, and holds a huge grudge against the current supervisor.[/SIZE]
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Woo Hoo! This sounds fun! You bet I'm joining!!! :D :whoops: :D

Name: Brittany

Alias: Britty

Age: 18

Position: Takes orders/cashier/whatever you call it & Assistant manager

Note: Call her Britty, because if you ever call her "Brittany", she'll rip your character to pieces.
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