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RPG my peoms

Guest Matt

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i submitted these to otaku poetry, like?? the first one i made in english class just for fun, cause we had to write a short narrative poem with the rhyme scheme aa,bb,cc,dd,ee etc....

Title: Ferret

There once was a ferret,
this ferret had a lot of merit.
This merit filled ferret ran and ran,
until he ran into a man.
The man took the ferret as a pet,
but was careful never to get it wet.
If the ferret got damp,
it would bite down like a clamp.
He finally decided to let the ferret go,
but that was ages ago.

Title: Prince

I am a Prince, I live for battle.
But with ki blasts flying threw the air,
do I dare hide? run? do I dare,
FIGHT! I'll fight!
It's my right!
For I am a Prince.
But low-class fighters beat me.
For I am a Prince.
I am better than them. But still,
they defeat me, humiliate me.
But I shall seek me revenge.
For I am Prince Vegeta.

comments, questions, concerns.....
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OOC: I liked the Prince one.
here's some:

[B]The Cat[/B]
The sorrowful Caroline Cratt,
Liked to stand on the cliff with her cat.
One night, such a pitty,
She tripped on her kitty,
And fell off the cliff with a [I]splat!![/I]

There once was a girl named Lauren,
Who really hated snorin'.
Her mom did it loud,
Wich her father allowed,
Because he was good at ignorin'.
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very nice accrosstic poem Kool.

I make this one last year, it's in a form of a sonnet. I don't have the original copy, so I just type what I can remember.

[color=red]Even we're both in someone else arms
Only memories left to remember
Once upon a time, your arm kept me warm
In a cold evening of November

Leaves fall, flowers bloom, as seasons change
What's love, brought us together then apart
Though thought toward each other never change
Your name always remainging in my heart ( [size=1]I forget the actual line I wrote [/size] )

Many raindrops and sunshine days I watch
To forgot some memories of the past
Heal the wound to every single scratch
For all the love, that's no longer last

If we never met, and never begin
No story to remember, deep within [/color]
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Guest DrunkenMaster88
ok this one is kinda dark:


My life, an empty hole
The smell of wood is thick in the air
the walls slowly close in as time tortures my body
I only see sheets of pile atop the boards in front of me
They tear at my soul like a sworm of locusts
With laws as master without reason,
I stay a slave to these fools
As their soft voices are silent yell of commands,
I refuse to give in to this pit of motionless hell
My freedom comes near but only to start again at next sunrise
I shall enjoy my time of bliss freedom
But they hold me captive because of my soul's expression for my mind and body
I have no regrets to what I did but I can say this,
" No one will change me, EVER!"
And for that I am going insane.
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Here is a poem about spring

Comes spring,
The birds, the bees
The butterflies
Cover the trees

Comes spring,
The grass, the ground
The greenish grass
Cover around

Comes spring,
The leaves, the lives
The love that's dead
And now alive [/color]
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