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Kingdom Hearts Origins:The Keyblade War. [M-VLS] [idea, wanted.]


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Okay to all of you RPer's out there. You will soon taste a new RP. Keyblade Wielder will be helping me (But since she hasn't been on in a while.) But due to those curcumstances I will be hiring someone to help me lay out the well layout. An art director if you will. I do not have photoshop. (or any of those) So I will be hiring someone to help me with A: Backround under the typed letters. B: To help make a banner. C: To find some KH rp music. Original melody with no words. And D: Someone to help moderate the RP from time to time along with me.

As of now a KH rpg is undergoing. So after KW's creation I will (and with assistant help) release This Kh RPG based on the keyblade war. i have readied a backround story to help lift the RPG. To check it out go a little under to read. But before that.Keyblade design, story board and other jobs will also be launched. Or even pics of Heartless, and nobodies. I want this RP to launch smoothly. So here goes.


Before Sora. Before his legacy. This is the...

Keyblade War

1000 years ago a war savaged all worlds. A war that started a reign of living hell onto the universe. No one knows who or what started the keyblade war. But everybody knows who must decide the fate of all worlds.

During the war everybody lived their lives like normal people. But as for the men and women that faught in the war. They had a completely different story. They took out on the opposite side, anger and strength. blood and dead bodies covered the ground. Sin stained the trees and death brung forth meaning to the battle fiels. For in war there is only 1 ultimate rule.


Everybody back then that wanted to be in the war realised something. They would become a puppet for the military. Schools were devised to teach battle and magic. you had to be 13 in order to join this academy. No older. No younger. You must have been mentally capable. And physicly fit. But since you had to be 13 in order to enter this academy they taught the students basic school. Science. Health. The normal everyday stuff. for 5 years students had to be ready for long grueling days of work. With battling or paper tests. The only real brake was when classes switched. or weekends. Women were taught no different from the men. For everybody knew that they were tools.


Five basics of magic were taught. As well as 5 different battle types. But for women they had to do three types. But the second one was the same class that the other girls had. It was summoning class. the five available classes to each form *(Being Battle or Magic.) were limated to power. Some classes would have you excersive during the weekend or Exersice class just to get the strength to join up.

The normal school time was the only chance to meet friends and feel regular. the 10 different classes that were in the academy didn't matter to them at that time. They only had to do school work like homework or coloring papers. Studying for both kinds of schools was another grueling task. But for some odd reseon later years emphasized that the teens were not tools. So finnally the war had become different. Every ten years the waar ended. A 1 year pause. Brothers that were turned against each other became family again. and all the keyblades were locked in a giant vault. This vault had other vaults inside. With the keychains not the keyblades. (The basic keyblade form.)

Our story begins with senior year for some cadets. The last month that they would be able to stay at the academy. Luckily the pause that lasted a year was during that year. So instead of heading straight into battle the students could see there familys. But as for these students. Graduation will come late.

This is the story of a war that lasted 150 years. The last year. The students you are about to meet will change history. FOREVER.
So if anybody wishes to apply PM me. Or post here. (I preffere PM because I always check new messages no matter what.) The jobs available are

Producer- this person will help prommote the RPG (Banner's or siggy.) Also the producer will PM other's with updates and new ideas.

Art directer- To get backround, music, and an introduction picture for the RP. Someone with either great art expertiece or photoshop (or other.)

Image finder- What? well this person will help create new bosses or regular enemies.
Such as heartless, or nobodies.

Battle system and magic system - This person will help me with the battle system and magic system. I have ideas of academic types. So we will start from there.

And last but not least.

moderator No this person will not close the thread or stuff like that. This person will help me check players characters, actions, and check if people are breaking the rules.

It may seem ike a tough job but it won't be. When jobs are taken I will cross out the job listed above.

If there are also problems with the above story let me know by posting PM me.
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