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Just new... I just made this in my head...

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Guest onorema01121
[FONT=Arial]I know I am just new here, but let me start with something first... I am not good at introduction though...
This is just the idea I made so far, I duno if it would make a good manga though... But I need your advice to improve this one. Thanks reading yo.

Legends of Zaultz


It all started in a war 20 years ago in a distant land called Zaultz. There were three great nations that time, Herin, Magesta and Balshack. For centuries these lands never known war, until the rule of Gazu of Herin, a dictator. He led a semi-fascist rule and an alliance to conquer the northern lands. However the tides when a hero came out, Juron Votamesk, the man who halted the alliance and made time for the northern union to recover.
Since then the tides turn in favor of the union and the alliance never advanced further. However, before they could win the war the hero, Juron left and his friend Garon replaced him. Soon after the war was won, it was the tenth year since the war started. The great nations of the alliance was defeated and was divided into four new nations, and divided amongst themselves. The former might of the alliance led by Herin was now gone and posses no danger. Their leaders where banished and most were not seen anymore, including Gazu.

Peace came back to the lands once again and on the eleventh year was the time of peace.

Advent of War


Ten years later the Empire was established, and the Union was dissolved. Many disagreed, upon seeing that the same thing will happen 15 years ago. To make matters worst an incident in a city of Molvonia, near the border of republic and the empire engulfed all of its citizens, not leaving anyone. The Republic was in blame and also caused more tensions to the empire and its allies. War could happen anytime, as the matters worsened.
There was also a rumor, the son of Juron was held in Molvonia before the incident. He was about to be banished along with Gazu, which was captured with Juron, his father. The two were charged of treason, while Gazu was punished of his war crimes. After the incident Vonn the son of Juron came to earth, no clues of his past. Now living as a normal highschool student, he now finds a new life, away from his chaotic past.
However it was not long after someone from his past found him, a friend of his father's. Garon, who happens to know the people who adopted him. He was the same man who led the Union to its victory. He is serious in taking him back to Zaultz to once again do as what his father has done before... restore peace.

If given a chance to choose, which will it be... destiny, fate or will? Will Shun (or Vonn) go back to his past and be a savior? If he would, will peace come back again, if finish what his father started?

Yo, I need help... pls reply... I need advice T.T [/FONT]
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[color=darkblue][size=1]Welcome to OB. ^^ Just so you know, we don't allow double-posting here at OtakuBoards. If you need to add something to your post, hit the Edit button at the bottom-right of your post and add to it that way. ^_~

I fixed it for you this time, but just remember this in the future, mkay?[/size][/color]
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