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The Keyblade War: Academy [M-VLS]


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[CENTER]This story isn't about Sora. This story is about the past.[/CENTER]


1000 years ago a war raged on the worlds. It used to be that only one person could have a keyblade. A warrior of light. But a generation had them almost completely. During the war an academy was built to teach the basics to keyblade fighting. As well as magic and ability teachings. You must have been 13 in order to join this academy. The world was only known to the teachers, students, ands the war veterans. As well as war officials.

So far the war has lasted 100 years. 50 years had passed with no academy. So the idea of one was new to the people. But this year the academy ust say farewell. After graduation a new type of academy will be built. A better one. Celebrations have been held a lot. Guests, veterans, generals, even celebraties were there. people started hearing about the academy. The school chancellor was using this to an advantage. he could get the academy famous and keep it going.

The government learned about his plans and fired him. Vice chancellor Nuvic is now in charge. He plans to shut down the academy.


But beside all that the students have been working harder than ever. 5 classes for fighting and magic. As well as regular school to teach the things they could only learn, in the academy. 1 student in particular is above the best. Preppy, rude, annoying. He has it all. Albel Jetfare is the name of this, stuck up student. Son of Chancellor Nuvic's son as well. He plans to destroy the school with a giant recking ball.

The schools students (The seniors.) have become lazy. Exept a few. Well maybe not a few. This is...

[FONT=Verdana] [CENTER][COLOR=BloodRed][SIZE=9]Th[COLOR=DarkRed]e[/COLOR][COLOR=DarkRed] Acade[/COLOR]my.[/SIZE][/COLOR][/CENTER][/FONT]
[CENTER]\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ [/CENTER]


[COLOR=Green][SIZE=4][CENTER]Academy central[/CENTER][/SIZE] - This is none other than the academy's location. Marked by a giant sign that says "Academy walkway". This path is 1 mile long and must be walked. But the academy decided to stretch it to 5 miles as a test for the freshmen. This path is bordered by beautiful red leaved trees. No matter the season the leaves are red. Behind the academy lies training forest. The outside area sarrounding the academy is known as "Academy central". Stores are located there for food, games and equipment needed for practice. The school supplies the students with money.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Sienna][SIZE=4][CENTER]Training Forest [/CENTER] [/SIZE] - An academy school ground. The students train here, talk with friends, and play. It's like a playground exept no one watches the students. Exept cameras. The forest has a gate that has been there before the academy was built. The builders decided to give it a touch of school by putting a banner on the gate. The banner has the words "Training grounds." on it.[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy][SIZE=4][CENTER]Forgotten Santum[/CENTER][/SIZE] - This place is an area for only the brave. if a student is man enough Or brave enough) The will tread the grounds. It used to be a mansion. But due to the academy being built the mansion was moved. Now ghosts and heartless roam it's halls. The building is covered in ivy. Roses line the walkway entering the building. Dead roses. 7 Students have been reported missing in the building. What is it's secret? Nobody knows.[/COLOR]



[COLOR=RoyalBlue]This world is full of monsters and weird people. During the war the monsters were captured and used as weapons during the war. The world is covered in beutiful green fields. But behing the beauty lies a deadly world. Only experienced soldieers may even think about coming here. But one area is completly baron of monsters. A field of radiation blocks people from enering. An old laboratory is located in the area. The government wants to use it as a base. But first must get rid of the radiation. [/COLOR]

This planet is nothing but desert. The battle of guru was held here. Civilization is huge though. Vast oases covor the deserts. Field trip time for the students. A 7 day break for students. The planet is well known as a vacation spot.[/COLOR]

This planet is known for it's canyons. Mostly used for army bases. Birds are beasts here. Named for it's raven's. These birds are vicious here. Pocking peoples eyes out. Stealing. The god bird talks to the soldiers. He is peacful. But turns hypnotic when shiny oblects catch it's eye. He can carve keychains out of stone. Many keyblades have been discovered here. The canyon's are black. Night time is non existing here. But the sun stays nice and cool. The perfect place for a base. Rain is very rare. but a giant lake is always being rained on. Giving the planet life.[/COLOR]


[SIZE=6]Battle types[/SIZE]

[CENTER][SIZE=4]fighter- This is normal basic fighting. Use of power mostly. Hard hitting attaacks with no combos cahined. Defense creaking. People using this type of fighting must be physicly fit. Slow but effective against slower enemies.

Drive form - This is a style were transforming is induced. Utilizing the keyblade to it's fullest. Attacks come in different styles. Hard hitting, stratigic fighting, and even acrobatic moves acan be used in this style. No exact body recemended. Depends on style hoice.

Gunfighting - The use of projectiles. Either grenades or shooting from the keyblade. Not much is really needed for detail. It's a simple battle type. But swift bodies must be used. The faster your reaction to others the better you are.

Keyblade control - The use of keyblade. You can use this style to make your keyblade hover arround. mental states of mind are usually needed for this type. This is also known as mental keyblading. You must be smart, and mentally strong. Also you need to know when to quit fighting.

Berserk style - The use of combos. Chains, combos, endless attacks. Anything to bring down the house. You have to be really strong, fast, agile, and must have high stamina to pull this style of. Ony for the very skilled. he hardest style to achieve.[/SIZE][/CENTER]


[SIZE=6]magic types[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4][CENTER]White magic - The use of healing magic. And even increasing resistance to other magics. The easiest form and the most helpful.

Black magic - Using elemental magic. Examples : Fire, water, thunder, etc. Or even using status enducing spells. Like paralisys, poison, Silence, etc. It is quite useful when confrontingelemental monsters.

Summoning magic - The sbility to summon creatures to battle. Only women are allowed to use this. Probably because only women are capable of using it. Some men have tooken steps in order to use summoning magic. But males have to have a certain bloodline. The most skill draining magic.

Copycat magic - The ability to copy moves permenetly or een take the same action as others. Men use this skill to copy summoning spells. Or even taking on the form of someone. Pranksters misuse this magic to fool around like idiots. The most useful of magics.

red magic - The ability to use elemental magic to transform body parts. If you want to transform your arm into poison ivy, you can. If you want tornadoes on your fists, you can. Easy to use. Defensive people use it to shield themslves against other magics. Not a lot of people pick it thogh because of one cost. You might get your matter fused with someone else. Turning you into a freak.[/CENTER][/SIZE]

[CENTER]\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ [/CENTER]


Name: Anything. As long as it's not a disney charecter. Nor can you be sora or any of the regular KH characters. 1 exeption though. You can be a pasy member of organization 13. But you must be killed by a heartless during your senior year at the academy.

Age: How old your character is. He/she may be from age 18 to 20 because that's about how old seniors usually are. People past the age of 19 have been held back or weren't able to be in the academy that year.

Blood type: a+, a-, o+, o-. Or any other bloodtype. As long as it exists. If you become a member of organization 13 you can put none for a bloodtype.

battle Type: Any of the five stated above.

magic type: Any of the five stated above. Women charaecters must have a second magic. Summoning magic.

Weapon: What's your keyblade look like? Is it shaped like a katana? Does it have a design made just for it? And if you want a new one later on PM me about it so i can give you the o.K.

Abilities: What magic and keyblade skills does the character have. Tell thre then give three more that your charecter will learn later on.

Personality: What he/she is like. Is he/she nice or mean?

History: What happened to let him/her into the academy? Did something change them? The characters past is all here.

Appearence (image, or discription, or even both): what he/she looks like. What clothes does the character usually wear.

Biograph/charecter snipet. (optional):

[CENTER]\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ [/CENTER]

OOC: And by the way. Please post in regular font size. My computer is in a bind. I can't read small print. If you do post in small print I will just send a PM telling you of the problem. Or if any other questions arouse yor interest PM too.
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Name: Craige Alitime

Age: 17

Blood type: a+,

battle Type: gun fighting (in despret need he's a driver)

magic type: White

Weapon: JC has a Keyblade that splits into 2 peices to make 2 keyblade pistols he reloads by pushing buttons buit into the hilt, he can also connect the 2 peices to make a keyblade to swordfight with. JC's keyblade is black with JC engraved on the sides.

Abilities: three he knows: Rapid shot Blast canon and clash stab
1's he will learn: snapshot swift fire and dragon slice.

Personality: JC is a nice guy most of the time he's a little rough around the edges but soft on the inside, He gets really into a fight and dosn't know when to quit. when and if he wins he gets very cocky, and if he loses he seeks revenge untill he beats them. He's not the smartest in class but maneges to pass by.

History: JC cant remember how he got put into the acadamy or almost anything about his past witch is very hard for him to handle.

Appearence JC loves black and blue clothing he almost is always seen in a black hoddie and blue baggy pants JC has a scar above his left eye but since he dont remember his past he has no recolection of how he got it, JC has hair that comes down to his eye brows its black with blue streaks. He stands roughly at 5'8.

OCC: rick did i do this right i cant wait till the acadamy to open up a actually like this rp! :catgirl:
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As because of madwith5's post I will put down my charecter.

Name: Raviel Artharious or Rav
Age: 18
Bloodtype: O-
Battle type: Drive form
Magic type: Black magic.

Weapon: Phantom srticker. This keyblade can split into two for drive form use. Or even three. It is about 6 feet long with exeptions to the handle and keychain. The handle is black with navy colored stripes swirling around it. The keychain has a small ghost on it. The blade itself is gray with spickes on the sides. The blades tip is red to symbolize blood or to show death. An energy source is located within the blade. The handle has microscopic holes that take energy from the user and taransforms it into power for the keyblade. When put dow the enrgy turns into a vapor and goes back into the user. The keyblade has a second form. which is the same keyblade exept white. Eyes can also be seen where the handle and blade meet.

Soft hit - this is an attack that hits an enemy with a soft touch. No use exept it paralyzes an enemy.

Fire wheel - Shoots wheels of fire from the legs when kicking. They surround the enemy then burns them. Later on as skills grow the wheels get faster and larger.

Plausable pause - This spell could use any magic. It's random. but a possible pause will happen that makes the user incapable of moving.

Future moves

Air raid - This attack will consume a lot of MP. But it has a great attack. the Keyblade is thrown into the air. It stops at a certain height each time. As it falls it heads towards the enemy then uses it's speed to cut the opponent with air thus damaging the body.

Ars arx arxars - This attack sends a flurry of elements towards enemies. Plus the user can chain an unlimited amount of combos. It also inflicts a status effect. At the right time an attack can be unleashed during this attack. The keyblade will act on it's own attacking multiple enemies at once.

nature crust - A coat of earth attaches itself to the user. Fists can be used to attack. Plus defense is tripled.

Not all of it is there but I will edit that later.
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[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=2][COLOR=MediumTurquoise]Name: Jasmine Walaker or Jamie
Age: 18
Blood type: A+
battle Type:Mental control

magic type: Black Magic, Summoning magic.

Weapon: Lone Wolf. This keyblade can split into two, sometimes four parts. It is about 4 feet long, excluding the handle and keychain. The blade is silver and the tip of the blade is a wolf's head, resembling that Jamie is kind of the loner. The blade's handle is black and has a wolf's head on it. The keychain is also a wolf's head.

Abilities: Magic Shot- sends keyblade flying at enemy. if enemy trys to run, the keyblade will follow. the keyblade will return to jamie.

Elemental rage- Shoots various elemental spells at enemy. if the enemy is a thunder element and you shoot thunder, it wont heal it but it will damage it. 4-8 hits.

Encore shot- SAme thing as Magic shot, but keyblade splits in two and hits enemy multiple times. 4-8 hits.

Future abilities

Bravado- Deflects enemy attacks and shoots is back at them with twice the damage.

Final Heaven- consumes a lot of MP. Jamie's keyblade splits into two. She throws them both up into the air, higher than the clouds. They come down from the sky and are huge and attack the enemy. Keyblade returns to Jamie at regular size.

Ultima- Consumes all of MP- Keyblade splits into four parts: two in Jamie's hands and two circling around her. Speed and strength raises. Jamie quickly runs towards enemy while the keyblade circling her act on their own. When Jamie gets to the enemy, she and the keyblades around her unleash a flurry of attacks.

Personality: Jamie is a very smart student at The Academy, which is why she can use keyblade control. She is also very shy, but once you get to know her, she is a very fun person to be around. She is a very kind person who puts others before herself. She is not afraid to fight. She hates letting other people besides her friends know whats shes thinking so sometimes she can be an enigma.

History:Both of Jamie's parents went to the academy too, and they both were able to use keyblade control. Jamie inherited her parents geenes (spelling?) and skill, which eventually led her parents to send her to The Academy.

Appearence (image, or discription, or even both): [URL=http://psp.advancedmn.com/images/media/final-fantasy-vii-advent-children-20041209065744152.jpg]clicky[/URL]<----something along these lines[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
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So far only Video Game Goddess is in. So I am going to stop this RP. Temporarily. The OB is not yet ready for this rp (More great ones such as Project gamers 2, Citius Altius Fortius, etc. have been released. So This rp will be brought in the future when a couple of rp's have passed. So I'm no longer exepting sign-ups. But I am making another rp to keep the others ocupied. Sorry for the stop.

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