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Parallel Convergence: Alteration [M-LVS]


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[color=white][SIZE=1] [B][FONT=Microsoft Sans Serif][SIZE=4]Parallel Convergence:

Helena?s face lit up as her machine came to life. A maniacal laugh escaped her mouth as the spell?s power filled the Holy Chamber. Voices could be heard from outside, but that was irrelevant. All that mattered now was making sure she accomplished her goal. The white light consumed the room, and everyone felt it wash over them, enter there very being. Lust opened his eyes as the room around him distorted, and he gasped in horror. He tried to leap towards Helena, to shield her, but his body wouldn?t move. He chuckled. [I]Guess that?s it. No after-party success sex.[/I] The green light shattered through the room, blasting everyone against the wall. But, amazingly, the world was still being distorted around them. No destruction. Lust smiled as the room went black. [I]Maybe I?ll get that after-party success sex yet?[/I]


Helena was shrouded in darkness. She could barely see anything, but she could hear a voice. It sounded like her own. It [I]was[/I] her own. She outstretched her hand and felt something. She clung to it and pulled herself forward. She was amazed by what she saw. A giant, endless mirror. Everyone in the world was lined alongside herself and were staring at their reflection. Only it wasn?t their reflection. They were in different attire, they had different hair styles, but otherwise were identical. She finally looked at her reflection. She was amazed by what she saw. Her reflection wasn?t alone. Behind it, was her demon. The form she had taken when she sold her soul for knowledge. She turned slowly, and gasped again.

[B]?Y..You!? [/B] She cringed in fear. She was finally free from what she had become, and now she was forced to look at it. She tried desperately to flee, but she was immobilized with fear. And something else. The creature was in her mind, controlling her. It had full control, and all she could do was watch as it used her like a puppet. She shook.

[B]?No?no?this isn?t what I wanted! I didn?t want to become this! I take it back! Everything! Return me to normal!! I didn?t mean for this to happen? [/B] She regained use of her head, and looked frantically around, for help. Off in the distance she could see Shin and Havok, She opened her mouth to call to them, but nothing came out. She tried frantically, but to no avail. She lost control again, and the creature turned her towards the mirror. She watched in horror as her hand lifted itself touched the mirror, and began to become consumed by it. She and her reflection were being drawn together, and so were the creatures. Tears streamed down her face as the process neared completion. With the last of her consciousness she looked back to Shin and Havok.

[B]?I?m?so sorry!?[/B]


Greed stirred from his sleep. He shook and rubbed his eyes. What a wild dream. He looked around and raised his eyebrows. [I]What the hell?[/I] He was in a desert city, but this city had skyscrapers, a baseball stadium, but these weren?t what they once looked like. The skyscraper looked eons old, and it had odd symbols lining it. The baseball stadium looked like a battle stadium of sorts. Everything seemed so familiar, and so new. He looked down at his outfit and was shocked again. He always wore this outfit, at least, it felt that way. But this outfit looked completely foreign as well. Then his memory came flooding in. The experiment, how it backfired, the odd realm they were placed in?His reflection. [I]The giant mirror.[/I] He quickly looked around for the others.

[B]?Sins! Assemble!?[/B] Gluttony, Pride, Sloth, Wrath, and Envy got up and walked over to him. They couldn?t make an sense of it, and they were looking at one another with a befuddled look on their face. Gluttony began to freak out.

[B]?What the hell?s going on? Huh? Huh? What exactly happened. Why is the place like some fusion of ancient Rome and New York? Could someone please enlighten me? Why is my outfit so unfamiliar to me? Why can I,?[/B] She struck the ground and caused it to crack, [B]?break the ground open by punching it??[/B] An enormous shadow covered them, and a happy laugh came from above them. They all glanced up and their eyes opened wide with surprise.

A giant creature was hovering above them, a dragon/behemoth of sorts with 36 wings and two heads. But that wasn?t even the most startling part of this creature. Emerging from each head was a red-haired Helena. Lust stood on the creature?s side, smiling menacingly. Something has happened to him, he even had an odd swirl go through his eyes. The creature was in his mind, controlling him as well, but he had allowed it in. He called to the Sins.

[B]?Brethren! Allow yourself to become completely in tune with Helena! Open your minds and all will become clear!?[/B] The world around them seemed to disappear as the creatures watchful eyes were focused on them, and it entered their minds.


[SIZE=2]The First Confrontation[/SIZE][/B]

[I]Slightly off in the distance?[/I]

Shin?s eyes opened wearily, and he attempted to move his body, but to no avail. His body felt weighed down, exhausted, like it wasn?t his. He pushed himself up again, this time managing to get into a sitting position. He looked around and frowned. It was a barren wasteland, devoid of any life. He had remembered the path to his house being desolate, but he had always been able to see the lights of the city in the distance. He stood up groggily, almost falling over. After regaining his balance, he looked around once more, now specifically searching for the city. Still, it was nowhere to be found. Finally something caught his eyes, and caused him to gasp. Off in the distance there was a city indeed, but it was destroyed, nothing more than ruins. How could he have survived if a whole city couldn?t? His thoughts were interrupted by a grunt close to him.

[B]?Wha?what happened??[/B] Shin?s eyes slimmed as he got ready to fight, but quickly released tension as he recognized the figure. Atticus shook himself off on the ground, then sprung up next to Shin. Following him was the other mercenary who had come with them, Havok, who said he had some sort of reason for wanting to go with them. The other two looked just as confused as he felt, but he needed to maintain calm. As of now, they needed to find survivors, group them together and find refuge. Luckily for them, the survivors weren?t too far off, and they warily made their way to them on their own. He went over to greet them all, some faces being familiar, some distant, but before he could take a step, Atticus grabbed his shoulder, stopping him where he stood.

[B]?Look!?[/B] Shin spun around, and his jaw dropped as he saw what Atticus was pointing to. Above them was a massive creature, a dragon of some sorts, with two heads. As it got closer, something began to become visible on the two heads. As soon as it was recognizable, Havok and Shin screamed at the same time.

[B]?Helena!?[/B] Shin looked to Havok, confused. Why does he care? He shook it off and watched as the beast towered over them. A voice beamed from behind them, belonging to a very handsome, red-haired man.

[B]?Yes, it is Helena? But she?s so much more now. Two Helena?s, combined in one body, with power comparable to God.. The ability to create and to destroy. But these powers??[/B] He paused to chuckle for a second, allowing a golden haired man to finish his sentence.

[B]?Are granted by a creature far more devious than the ?higher entity?.?[/B] His dark voice ran chills up the spine of the party that had gathered. He could feel their fear, feel their confusion, it was almost as if he fed off of it. The red-haired man waved his arm over, and 5 more odd characters jumped to his sides. Shin stared at them for a second, then his eyes opened wide with shock. He pointed to them shakily.

[B]?You seven? You were the seven whom were with my mother when I came back to visit my mother??[/B] The red-haired figure laughed once more, bowing mockingly.

[B]?Very good, very good. But we haven?t been formally introduced, Shin. My name is Lust, and the charming individual over there,?[/B] he pointed to the golden-haired man, ?is Wraith?. He pointed to the others that had gathered, naming them off one by one. Gluttony, Pride, Sloth, Envy, and Greed. Shin laughed after the sound off finished.

[B]?Named after the seven sins, eh? What a lack of originality.?[/B] Lust put his hands on his hips and laughed heartily at what Shin said.

[B]?Touché, touché. What a sharp tongue, Shin.?[/B] Shin growled angrily as Lust continued to laugh. He snapped at the man.

[B]?What the hell?s going on here? Why is Helena like that? What?s happened to the world??[/B] Lust stopped laughing and sighed, walking around slowly as he began to talk.

[B]?Well, you see dear Shin, it?s quite simple. Mother?s machine, or in another dimension, spell, went off without a hitch. Hell, it would?ve worked! But it was rudely interrupted, interrupted by Zetsumei?s forces in both worlds. The expulsion of energy from her experiment fused with the energy of the assault and tore a hole in the fabric of our dimensions at the same time. And seeing as it needed to be fixed, these two worlds were woven together, cities, creatures, and people alike.?[/B] Shin?s eyes opened in shock as his thoughts flittered back to the giant mirror. He hadn?t had a reflection? But if what Lust was saying was true, shouldn?t he have seen another him?

[B]?Now this new world exists, an abomination of worlds. And our almight Mother is here to set things right. For as things begin to appear, mutilations of this horrid collision, she will begin to destroy them.?[/B] Shin clenched his teeth and assumed a battle stance.

[B]?We won?t let her...I won?t let her.?[/B] Lust laughed, louder than he had before. As did the others sins, and they?re laughing fused into one god awful sound. Shin growled and his eyes narrowed as his darker side took control. A sharp pain ran through his arm and he grabbed it in shock. He looked at his arm and was almost terrified to find that it was beginning to change shape. Wraith stepped forward and pointed to Shin, talking to Helena.

[B]?He is the first of the abominations, take care of him!?[/B] The two dragon heads turned to the weakened Shin and reared their heads back, causing the sky to turn dark as a glowing blue light grew in their mouths. Shin watched, helplessly as the heads leaned forward and a massive blast of energy plummeted towards him. Instinctively he held his hand out in defense. The beam struck his arm, but did not destroy it. In fact, it seemed to strengthen his arm, causing it to take a different shape. A light exploded from his arm, striking his allies. Shin stared at his arm in disbelief.

[B]?What?s going on??[/B] The light ceased in due time, leaving the warriors confused. However, they all felt strengthened, as if they had a new arsenal of weapons under their belts. Shin could feel the differences in his body. He touched his left arm. Tougher skin, runes, claws... He looked to the others, and was amazed to find his vision so sharp. Wraith sneered in disgust.

[B]?Hmph, so you now have a means of fighting back. It?ll be futile. You can?t defeat her. You can?t even get to her. For, you see, though Mother is the harbinger of Death, she is God in this world, and can conceive as well.?[/B] A red beam launched from Helena as soon as Wraith?s sentenced finished, striking a nearby mountain, causing it to collapse. However, as each boulder struck the ground, it became a fiend, and soon they were surrounded. Lust laughed and performed what would have been though to be an physically impossible flip onto Helena?s shoulder. The mouths of the Dragon heads began to glow with a blue light again. Lust?s voice roared over the sound of the energy charging in Helena?s mouths.

[B]?Can you face the fiends, and Mother all at once??[/B][/color][/size]

[B][CENTER]? ♥ ?[/CENTER][/B]

[SIZE=1][B]OOC:[/B] And so begins our journey. This prologue will not last long, it is merely a preliminary test, a way for me to examine your fighting/posting abilities so that I may see which characters are most fit to work with one another. I will only need one post from all of you, though you may post more if you wish to do so. Once everyone posts at least once, I will ed the prologue, and the true sroty will begin. If you have any questions on what your first post should look like, PM me, or post in the Underground. Have at it![/SIZE]
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[color=darkorchid]Kalria had something of a reputation. There were other mercenaries who were better at certain things, but when it came to violence, Kalria was the best. She fought like none other. Which was undoubtably why she was the one approached about her current task: to kill Sage Helena. Her employer said that Helena was attempting to harness forbidden magic. Kalria'd heard that rumor herself, but her employer regarded it as more than just a rumor. So he'd hired Kalria to kill Helena.[/color]

Kalria was currently attempting to locate Helena. This was prooving to be quite dificult to do, but there was a positive side to that. Helena couldn't have a huge number of others with her, because larger groups were harder to hide. Kalria could be reasonably confident that Helena would have a small group with her at most. And though Kalria didn't know exactly how many there were or what they could do, she was confident that if she waited until the conflicting energies within her entered into their compimentary state, she would be able to take them out, as well as Helena herself. But it wouldn't be so easy, though Kalria didn't know this.

It happened suddenly, without warning. One minute Kalria was wandering around town listening for potentially useful rumors, and the next everything had gone crazy. She wasn't sure just what happened, but she was suddenly in front of a giant mirror, with everyone and everything lined up in front of it. Everything Kalria saw had a reflection, although the reflections were a bit different. Kalria, however, had no reflection. Before she could think about what this meant, she felt herself being drawn towards the mirror. When she came into contact with it, she was back in the world she knew. Only... it wasn't the world she knew.

Looking around, Kalria saw that she was in a completely different area. Looking around, she didn'tt see much. Just some mountains and, off in the distance, a ruined city. [i]What the hell just happened?[/i] Kalria wondered.

Suddenly, there was motion. Acting on instinct, she ducked behind a nearby large rock and observed. There was a huge dragon-like creature with seven people around it, and there were three others nearby. But the most startling thing was that two identical human figures were potruding from behind the dragon-beast's two heads.

When she'd been hired to kill Helena, Kalria'd been given a very detailed description of what Helena looked like. So she was able to recognize the potruding figures as Helena, even though they looked a bit different. And apparently, she wasn't the only one who saw this. Two of the trio called out Helena's name. Kalria, however, said nothing. She simply remained hidden as she observed the events unfolding before her.

Kalria listened as the man who identified himself as Lust explained to the trio what was happening. She found it difficult to believe, but then again, she sure as hell didn't have any better ideas. So she decided to postpone judgement until she was able to learn more. For now, she continued to watch and listen. And soon, the talking ceased as the beast that was apparently Helena attacked the trio facing her and the group Kalria decided, based on their names, to call the 'Sins'. However, her attack didn't seem to do much. [i]I guess you're not as powerful as that Lust guy says you are[/i], Kalria thought. And it was at this moment that it happened. There was an explosion of light. When the light reacher her, she suddenly felt... odd. Or rather, she was feeling things that were odd, including something within her own body. And then the opposing energies within Kalria entered into their complimentary state. She knew this because of the familiar physical boost and drastic strengthening of her abilities. And it was then that Kalria figured out what she was feeling. She was feeling elemental energies that she'd never felt before. She could sense energies of other elements, and she found that she was also able to sense the fire and water energies within herself.

It seemed that Helena wasn't finished. After Wrath taunted the trio, Helena fired a beam at a nearby mountain. The mountain started to colapse, each boulder becoming some kind of wolflike creature when it hit the ground. Kalria found that she could feel the mountain's collapse, feel when the rock ceased to be rock. This was clearly because of her new sensitivity to the elements, but she didn't have time to think about it. Most of the creatures surrounded the trio, but some of them saw Kalria and encircled her.

"Well, shit," Kalria said to herself. The creatures had seen her and taken her to be an enemy. She was certain that in her enhanced state, she could take the creatures around her. But there were many more beasts that could replace them, and Kalria couldn't last forever even in her enhanced state. However, she might not have to. [i]If I can get myself a little space,[/i] she thought, [i]I could launch ice spikes right at Helena. I probably can't pierce her main body, but the human potrusions shouldn't be a problem. I clear myself some space by taking out these creatures, then pierce Helena before any more can get to me. Hopefully, that'll take her out.Then I fight through the Sins if necessary, grab one of Helena's heads so I can proove she died, and go get paid.[/i]

Kalria drew her bladed staffs in one quick motion. She charged the nearest creature while blasting fire in all directions to keep the others away from her. She surrounded herself and her weapons with fire as she struck down the first beast, then moved to fight the others.


OOC: Well, there's my post. tell me if I need to change anything, Omega.
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[size=1][color=darkred]Above him was a crimson colored sky, it looked like something someone would see in a nightmare. Crashes of lightning, brimstone, and mountains crumbling. For so long Adrian had been travelling managing to survive basically on his remaining strength, he now found himself in this place...upon further observation ahead of him there seemed to be a battle happening. He took notice to a blond haired man and several creatures which seemed to spawn out of nowhere. Some resembled wolves while others more like lizards. He then rose his head and noticed the giant dragon like incarnate. His eyes started to fail him to to fatigue a while back but he walked closer unsteadily intending to get a closer look.

Helena's eyes brushed across the field, momentarily making contact with Adrian's dark golden like eyes. The moment's contact nearly manifested a faint voice shooting through Adrian's skull from ear to ear...as if hearing a ghostly voice being carried by the wind. It called to him, breaking him out of his tired state of mind.

[b]"Hel...helena...? What has...become of this world?"[/b] Adrian spoke to himself, feeling based on instinct that the monster he was gazing upon was indeed Helena. The wind blew his loose hair strands about as Adrian continued at a faster pace toward the battle field. He stepped over a slight mound in the ground and jumped down from the upheaveled ground to a more ground level view of the action. It looked now as if there were a large group of people in addition to the beasts and the sins whom were present. Adrian only made out undetailed shapes and figures of them and ran toward the closest person to him.

He took a few more steps before a giant boulder, cracked from the summit of a mountain crashed infront of him causing him to cover his eyes with his arm. From the rubble emerged 3 fearsome looking furry beasts, fangs as sharp as a perfectly sculpted icicle, red and bloodthirsty eyes. They snarled at Adrian, as he reached behind him and drew his dual sabres.

[b]"You beasts were born from this chaos, the very same that engulfed the world as i knew it...and took my men's lives...my commander's lives...and my beloved's. I know not exactly what is going on here, but you will not stop me from finding out."[/b]

Adrian, quicker then the blink of an eye zipped toward one of the beasts and with a swift cut of his sabre sliced it's throat in half, leaving his head hanging from the back of his neck alone. The other two jumped toward him but both were slain before they could even make it to where Adrian was standing. Adrian's instant flash, even in it's current sub-matured state was an incredible battle skill to behold. His swordsmanship hadn't changed a bit however, if anything it was greatly enhanced by his newfound abilities.

From above, atop Helena's shoulder Lust aimed his vision toward Adrian. He was unable to get a clear view, for all he saw were flashes of superhuman movement which resembled intense gusts of air and lightning. A bit confused at first, he regained himself and chuckled a bit. Envy peered over in his direction, and focused her eyes as well on what Lust was gazing at.

[b]"He is...another, isn't he?"[/b] she asked.

[b]"Yes...the movement is unmistakable. It may not seem it, but he is a human."[/b] he replied.

Adrian found himself fighting off more and more of the beasts, even at his speed they seemed to spawn one after another. Adrian sped his way toward the closest figure, slaying the beasts left and right as they approached him. The young looking blond haired boy had his hands full it seemed as well, Adrian walked toward him but stopped when he noticed his left arm. His eyes widened as he recalled not so long ago the flash of light that brought him to the ground. He considered it a spike of fatigue but now realized that the light was imbued with more them simply just a flash of illumination. Still his mind was unclear, but realizing that what was going on was indeed just as real as the world he remembered he knew he had to do what he could to find out more of what had happened to his world.

A scaled beast jumped toward Shin who readied himself, but the beast fell in less than a second's time directly infront of him. Shin with a confused look took notice to Adrian who was standing with his back toward him. Adrian spun his right sabre around and with a single slash infront of him unleashed a fiery wave keeping at bay several other of Helena's creatures.

[b]"Perhaps you are the one who can tell me...why I can do these things."[/b] Adrian asked rhetorically, showcasing his abilities to Shin to illustrate his spoken question.

[b]"Your help...it isn't required. I am not helpless, this is a fight I must complete."[/b] Shin answered. Helena snarled at the two and fired another beam, taking the two off guard and seperating them with the impact of the blast. Shin caught himself with his arm and brought himself back to his feet, leaving a significant dent in the ground. Adrian caught himself as well and glanced up toward Helena from a kneeling position.

[b][i]"Helena...I can't pretend to know what this is all about...but from what I can see, you have been wronged as much as you have wronged us. Whether your intentions were for this or not...this path is but a shadow of exorbitance. I...will not die so easily."[/i][/b] Adrian thought to himself as he brought himself up again. Envy glanced down at him again, fingers to chin as she turned to Lust.

[b]"I want to get a closer look"[/b] she said.

[b]"No, stay. The others are arriving, it will be over soon. Alleviate your facination."[/b] Lust answered, pointing out to the field. Pride and Gluttony stood side by side, giving insignificant chortles. Envy gracefully complied, but continued looking on.

Adrian found himself surrounded yet again, he brandished his sabres but upon raising his right arm he noticed blood trickling down. He must have been injured from the blast Helena gave. Unable to feel the pain for the moment he continued slaying Helena's creations with swift strokes of his blade mixed with his instant flash. He took no damage other than his own fatigue slowly yet surely contesting his adrenaline.

Lust laughed to himself as he overlooked Shin and Havok as they became overwhelmed, but still fighting for their lives. He indulged in the incredible power Helena possessed, and therefore the power they were able to take part of. More people entered the field of battle as the other sins saw to it that the welcome mat was rolled out for them. Lust then turned his attention to Adrian again, and then to Pride who he waved down. Pride nodded and hurried down from Helena's side toward him. Envy watched and turned to Lust with an discrepant expression.

[b]"Oh, but she gets to go?"[/b] she said with arms crossed. Lust let out a sigh and returned her look with one of subtle dismissal.

Pride engulfed her feet in fire as she launched herself down. She landed with a crash behind Adrian who spun around. He narrowed his eyes and let out a wave of fire from his arm toward her with no questions asked. She extended her arm and caught the fire an inch away from her hand. Adrian stopped the flow of his fire and submerged the flames from his body.

[b]"What...is this?"[/b] he asked himself as he used his instant flash to get beside Pride. With amazing speed he leaped toward her but was engulfed in a ball of flame and sent flying concealed within into the side of a mountain. Adrian fell from a small cliff and as his body rolled off of a jagged edge.

[b]"How cruel...as usual."[/b] Sloth exclaimed in an indifferent tone, as he watched on. Envy made a half pouty, half grimaced expression. Adrian layed still for a bit, before finally struggling to move. He dragged himself to his knees and looked over at how far he had been tossed.

[b][i]"H...how. Is...she faster than me? What is going on here..."[/i][/b] he thought to himself before he fell back to the ground in pain, as blood flowed profusely from his arm, torso, and forehead. Adrian spent what seemed like forever, yet was merely 4 minutes in a half awaken state of incoherence before he heard the voice of a female growing near.

[b]"Sister! He's over here! He dosn't look too good."[/b] the voice cried, as the blurry image of an attractive blond haired woman came closer to Adrian. He opened his eyes further and struggled to stay conscious. Another women emerged from over the elevated earth, as the one in front waved her over.

[b]"You think it's even worth trying to save him?"[/b] one of the women spoke.

[b]"Adeline, we may not understand all of what's going on right now...but as long as we have the ability to help others it is still our responsibility."[/b] the other one said.

The women who last spoke kneeled down and turned Adrian's body so his face was visible. A gasp left her mouth, and her heart skipped a beat at the realization of who it was.

[b]"My god...Commander Braddack!?"[/b] she said in a suprised voice.

Adrian just barely heard her, as she tried to lift himself into a more elevated position. He stared at her and recognized her blue eyes and her voice. He remembered from the military he served, they didn't know each other very well but they spent a lot of time in the infirmary over the years as Adrian had always personally seen his injured soldiers to her himself. They both looked at each other not able to believe that more from their reality had survived through the chaos.

[b]"Chris...Dr. Crenshaw?"[/b] he managed to say.

[b]"Commander please don't speak! I can hardly believe it's you, but right now I have to help you! You're badly injured."[/b] Christiana told him, as she eased his head down.

- - - - - - - -

[size=1]OOC: Based on what i understood of what you wanted from us Abel (or Omega...damn you for changing your name...i keed) this is what i wrote up. I wasn't sure if you wanted the sins to be physically included in the fight or not but i threw it in there figuring it wouldn't have hurt. Lemme know if you want anything changed and if i didn't understand something completely.[/size]
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[size=1][color=dimgray]Lucian walked casually with his hands intertwined behind his head. The sky above him blue, yet somehow dark casting an ominous glow on the cracked dusty road as he walked, taking long but lazy strides. About a mile or so off, Lucian could see his destination, an erie looking, but more so feeling castle. The feeling of darkness radiated from the walls like smoke from a fire. Whatever was going on in there was more than unusual, and thats why Lucian was walking right towards it.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray][b]"Always gotsta be the hero, don't ya Lucian, and that's why your out in the middle of creeps and creatureville"[/b] He said spitting on the ground, the dry road absorbing the moisture.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray][b]"Ah well, I'll be set for a long while after this, no more Lucian the Berserker, Merc for Hire, just gotta lop off this Helena's head........"[/b] Lucian continued though as the last word was leaving his mouth his jaw hung open.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray]A massive expance of white light was expanding from the castle slowly spreading, engulfing everything its path crossed. [b][i]"What the bloody hell, that's trouble if I ever saw it"[/i][/b] Lucian thought, though before he could think another word a flash in the sky revealed a green light over the castle. The two lights, or energies collided, swirled, mixed, they were different but becoming one. The fighting lights seemingly started to collapse in the distance, though just as sudden as they started the burst out encompasing the world, Lucian just managing to shield his face before the wave hit him.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray]Suddenly he stood in darkness, though he could see he was not alone. As far as he could tell people were lined up staring at an ever stretching mirror, looking deep at their reflections. [b][i]"Reflections, no, wait, their different, and I don't have one, why, what, damn"[/i][/b] Lucian thought, though his mind was seemingly skipping, like thought eluded him. Staring at the reflectionless mirror, he felt like it was pulling him forward, though he was being pulled from the opposite direction too. He was being pulled in all directions, it was as if he was being torn to pieces, then he touched the mirror, the pulling stopped. [/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray]Lucian found himself kneeling in a wasteland, as he keeled over supressing the gut wrenching feeling he had. Curled up in a ball he shuddered, [b][i]"What is going on, wait, what am I wearing it's different"[/i][/b] Flashed through his head as he sat up and looked at his outfit. His linen was gone replaced by a new fabric, it was soft, shiny but somehow extrordinarily resiliant. Standing he dusted himself off, before sliding his hands around his body checking his blades. [/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray][b]"All there"[/b] He said relieved as he rested his left hand on one of the hilts. With a quick twitch of his thumb he exposed a small amount of the blade. "What is this" He yelped drawing the blade entirely out. The dull shine of metal that it had once had was replaced by something seemingly impossible. The blades were black, and shiny, unlike any natural material Lucian had ever seen. The balance on them was supurb, no better than that, as well as being lighter that he thought safe. Slowly he let the tip fall to the dirt before he swiftly kicked up a rock with it. He followed with a precisely marked slice, though the rock seemed whole as it contunued to drop. "I swear I hit the blasted thing" His jaw dropped for the second time as the rock hit the ground and split in half, the cut so smooth it looked like glass.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray][b][i]"Upgrades"[/i][/b] He smirked as he examined the unblemished blade as another light engulfed him, filling his body with warmth.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray]He examined the world around him for the first time. All that he was familiar with was gone, but at the same time it remained. As if you fell asleep in a room, but when you awoke someone had moved everthing around. In the distance he could make out tall buildings, taller than anything he'd ever seen other than mountains. Continuing to turn he glanced to the sky and saw a massive creature of nightmares. It was like a dragon, but a behemoth as well, it's massive body held aflight by numerous wings. [/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray]As he continued staring he noticed that he wasn't looking up as much at the beast. Glancing down revealed he wasn't on the ground any more, he was floating, or flying, or something. He could see the flows of air swirling around his body lifting him, he could feel it even more, like it was a part of him, it was him. Laughing he looked at the beast again, though this time, its hollow eyes were staring right at him. Lucian struggled to make out the two figures sitting on the heads, no they weren't sitting they were a part of it, what was worse though they were Helena. Before he could think he was forced to plummet back to the ground as a beam of red and blue twisted above his head. Landing in a run, he saw people fighting wolf like beasts, though it was hard to make out how many though the multitudes of monsters. [/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray]Lucian continued his run, drawing two of his swords. He was moving like the wind, running faster than he ever thought possible, he was something greater than himself now and Helena, the monstrosity that was Helena, needs to be stopped. [b][i]"Whatever happened doesn't matter anymore, it's what happens from here."[/i][/b] He thought as 4 wolf beasts turned towards him. With a wave of his sword he sent currents of wind blowing two of the creatures into the sky and the mercy of gravity. A third lunged for his throat, jaws pulsing, teeth ready for flesh, though instead it found a blade cutting from between his jaws back. With a swift turn Lucian brought the judgement of his second blade down on the 4th wolfs back. Flicking both blades to shake off the blood he turned in time to see one of the humans sent flying by a burst of flame.[/color][/size]

[size=1][color=dimgray][b]"Damn, this might get messy" [/b]He managed to finish before a beam struck the ground before him sending his body flying like a rag doll, before he skidded to a stop.[/color][/size]

[b][size=1][color=#696969]OOC: I hope thats ok Omega, let me know if there is anything I can do to edit.[/color][/size][/b]
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