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What are you good at?

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Guest NIKI12345
Well I'm the best singer in my school and also the best dancer. I'm a lifgraud, team captain of swimteam, and I'm a good artist. The reason why I'm good at all of these things is because of my friends. All of my friends are fast track runners and everything like that. They all seem so perfect and thats what drives me crazy. I a weird wacky and funny tom boy kind of girl. Don't get me wrong my life is far from perfect, but there you go all the things I'm good at. ;)

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[quote name='Rachmaninoff']Probably the only thing I?m good at is playing the Cello.[/quote]I am good at music stuff as well. ;) Before my health changed I was working on becoming a concert pianist. I took classes at Brigham Young University and though I still had a ways to go I studied hard at it. I also studied playing the organ. I?ve been doing both since I was a young girl.

I?m good enough that I can sit down and take a piece like the moonlight sonata by Beethoven and sight read and play any of the three movements. Not well enough to perform them as it takes time and countless hours of practice to get ready for that. But still pretty much any basic piano or organ music I could play without any need to practice.

Now due to my vision issues making it hard to read the music and when the other aspect of my health is acting up I can?t play it either. But I still give piano and organ lessons to younger members in the church ward I belong to. I may not have the ability to play like I could anymore, but I can still at least teach others to do so.

I like to think I?m a good mother as well, but to be honest in some area?s I certainly could have done a better job.

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