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Superhero Costumes Galore! [Help]


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Right, this is a quick plea to all of you super hero/costume/partying fans. With my hockey team (which could drink for the entire nation) at university, they've organised a superhero night for tomorrow being Wednesday 31st January.

I've been putting in a rather poor effort as I haven't been showing up to the socials so I need to make a cool impact.

Basically I need help on ideas that won't take days (as I have the equivalent of 1) but would look fairly good and would be easily attainable.

Quite a task I know but I'm sure you're up for it.

Thanks everyone.

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[quote name='Zidargh']See, I was going to do him (I've done it before), but does he class as a super hero?[/quote]
[FONT=Tahoma].... He's got mad swordfighting skills, is quite the acrobat, a killer with the ladies (that fits you to a tee, does it not? ~_^) and just imagine the innuendo-laden puns you could extract from having a horse as a side-kick.

I'd say that's Super Hero material, right there.[/FONT]
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