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Ok, I know all other hogwarts topics have failed, but i wouldn't mind starting another. Ok I'll need about 6 peeps to be teachers, 4 of the same to be houseparents. Plus loads of students to start in fist year. Pm me if u want to be a Houseparent/Teacher/Houseparent+teacher, otherwise just sign up with your name and bio:D
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Name: Tursi
House: Ravenclaw
dec: Tall, medium brown hair with natrual higlights. violet eyes and likes to wear and emrald cloak.
Bio: Has been abadon by family and lives with one of the teachers. Has two pets, a hellhound puppy and a firelizard. Is very good at broom stunts. Is ravenclaw seeker
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Name: Rex
House: Gryffindor
Bio: Lived with Muggles for about 4 years, and then was bought about here by finding out he was a wizard from a letter sent to him. Now a 1st year student of Hogwarts.

Hope that's good enough..... :D :D
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OOC: ok, a houseparent is the leader of a house: eg Snape is the houseparent of Slytherin. BTW, we were all supposed to start in year 1. .bah. . no-one listens to the first post. .
K heres my bio:

Name: Liam
Year: 1
Bio: Liam was muggle born and extremely surprised when he received a letter from hogwarts.
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Name: Professor Greenweld
Subject: Transfiguration
Age: 52
Bio: Professor Elss Greenweld replaced Professor McGonnagal as the Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. He is an old friend of Albus Dumbeldore's, and is a former Auror. Elss is a tall man with brown hair and blue eyes. His wand is made of oak wood and contains a Dragon Heartstring.
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