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RPG Sandman


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[size=1][color=purple][I]?Listen to the story I tell, my children.?

Small heads ? bright and dark ? turned to gaze sleepily at the sage seated by the hearth. Their large eyes blinked groggily in the dull firelight, but they eagerly scrambled across the dirt floor to form a circle of bodies around the old man?s frail form.

[b]??Ware this warning, little ones. For I fear? this may be my last time telling it.?[/b]

In amazement and wonder, the children?s eyes were drawn to the crackling fire that suddenly sprung up before them. The flames danced, licking at the sides of the stone hearth, reaching, searching, and then suddenly they shot upwards. The flames became a sheet of flame, and fading outward from the center was a vision.

A collective squeal of approval met with the old mans magic. It always did. He smiled weakly and hoped that one would listen to his warning, and when the time came, remember.

[b]?As my father told me, so shall I tell you.?

?Between Love and War, God and Satan, Chaos and Balance, whatever form They go by, there was a middle ground. Call it Purgatory, call No-Mans-Land, but simply call it. It is the land that overlaps this one, delving only into the world of men when people sleep. As night settles, a blanket sifts gently over the sleeping peoples.?[/b]

The young ones were alert, but despite their best efforts, were slowly falling asleep. The sage?s voice was soothing as their eyelids became heavy and began to droop.

[b]?In that time, in that twilight zone, lives the Sandman, and his children.?[/b]

Soon the youngsters were dreaming, and his story began to seep into their minds.

[b]?He sprinkles dream sands over their eyelids, and they dream happily. But the Sandman must choose a successor. And he chooses that one from the many possibilities. So beware, my younglings. You may no longer be safe. So dream, little ones??[/b]

The children smiled, and then sighed one large sigh in tandem.

[b]?Dream while there?s still time.?[/I][/b]


Brier blinked groggily, dragging the back of her hand across her eyes to brush the sandy grit from her long dark eyelashes. Light was pouring into her room, and she rolled over to pull the blanket over her head. Then the phone rang. Right next to her head. With a groan, she fished the cordless out of the sheets tangled around her.


There were a few moments of static before the reply ?

?[b]Bri? Bri ? help ? where ?[/b]?

Brier blinked again as her phone abruptly cut off, and then began ringing again in her hand.

?[b]Hello? Who is this?[/b]?


She jumped.

?[b]Miss Donna? What?s wrong?[/b]?

The woman?s voice was worried, and bordering on hysterical.

?[b]Brier, I can?t find him. He?s gone ? just disappeared, and there?s sand all over his bedspread, where could he be-[/b]?


The news was roaring with stories. Children, teenagers, young adults, disappearing from the town of Acres Ford without a trace except maybe the sprinkle of sand left behind, or maybe a glimpse of a man in a white suit and limo. Once the initial hysteria had calmed down and the residents had begun a process of searching, it was reminded to those few who knew the story that the children would not be found.

Leah Mandez sighed heavily. ?[b]They won?t find them. And then, our memories will be erased.[/b]?

Her co-worker, Andrew Huckaby, looked up curiously. ?[b]What in God?s name are you talking about, Leah?[/b]?

Leah cursed her carelessness. ?[b]Those children and such. They won?t be found.[/b]?

When her friend gave her a skeptical look, she sighed again. ?[b]Long story. Short side is, it?s a legend that?s been going on for hundreds of years, back to Ireland and the Old World. A man who brings dreams, called the Sandman, is simply finding those worthy of replacing him. And once he has chosen from those possibilities, some will be returned, and those who aren?t, are just erased from time. Period.[/b]?

Andrew snorted, and went back to examining the clues. There weren?t many of them, and already the trail grew cold.

Leah pursed her lips thoughtfully, and gazed up at the ceiling. [I]Gods give us strength. Can we stop him this time?[/I]


All right, don't have time to add on, so everyone go on about your day. Post in whatever order, say it's Tuesday. I'd like everyone to end around three, when some schools let out. Just a regular day, but have it filled with little strange things or feelings. I'll post to elaborate later. Enjoy everyone![/size][/color]
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[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]OOC: Alright, let?s start!

[B]?Ms. Thompson, can you come to the board and show the calculations for question 3??[/B]

Without saying a word, she rose from her seat and began to walk towards the whiteboard. With the teacher?s black marker pen in her right hand, she started writing the calculations on the whiteboard. When she is done writing, she sat on her seat located just beside the window. Their Mathematics teacher stared at the calculations Ashley did for awhile.

[B]?Very good, Ms. Thompson. The answer is corect.?[/B]


The bell for home rang. The students in their respective classes rushed out after they were dismissed. Some of them went to the canteen to get some food, while the others spend time with their ?gang?. There are some students still loitering around the school grounds too. Unlike every normal day at school, Ashley went out by herself today.

She went to the roof. She wanted to be alone for some unknown reason.

Maybe it was the nightmare that was bothering her sleep last night; it has to be. In her ?dream? she seems to recall the tragedy that happened in her family years ago; about her mother committing suicide after realizing that her father has another girl. Since then she was left alone with only her pet rabbit, Dowser.

Brushing that thought aside, she decides that it is time to go back home. Quickly she ran outside the school grounds with her gray bag pack on her shoulder. She has to feed Dowser after all.[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][FONT=Palatino Linotype][i]This coffee sucks... [/i]

Andrew leaned back in his chair and regarded the paper cafe cup that sat on his littel round table. The coffee within had grown cold half an hour ago without him realizing it, as he hadn't drank any for about that amount of time. Now he found himself wishing he had gotten a fresh cup, though he knew he wouldn't drink it. Andrew was in a small cafe fifteen minutes away from his work. He had left for lunch and decided that going back would be pointless. Instead, he reviewed the evidence where he was, staring at the manilla folder and occassionally flipping a page.

That was... he glanced at the little clock in the corner... three hours ago. About one hour ago he had given up and began staring dejectedly out the window. Nothing about these cases made any sense. The 'evidence' was all conjecture and statements from those involved... nothing solid. It didn't seem humanly possible.

He twirled a straw in his hands. [i]And Leah,[/i] he thought, [i] What was all that myth crap? She should know better[/i]. But, he supposed, if nothing turned up, he would start suspecting spirits as well. [i]What the hell...[/i]

With a sigh, he got up and walked out. They were no doubt missing him back at work. At least there would be someone to talk to.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Zak walked to his last period slowly, he looked down at his watch then kept walking. The bell rang loudly and had a twisted echo as it traveled threw the long hallways. Zak thought back to what his last period teacher said [I]"Zak, if you're late tomorrow I'll have no choice but to give you detention!"[/I] He really didn't like detention, always the same four guys just there so they look tough, it sickened him. He needed to find a way to get to class without his teacher noticing. He put two fingers to each of his temples and moved his hands in a circular motion "Come on, come on!" he said to himself, now standing still in the hall. His mind opened up and his vision blurred slowly ending in a dull grey. Then a small black dot appeared and grew into a large picture, it was Zak, he was kneeling by the window of his class room and he looked down to his watch it had been exactly three minutes since the ell rang and he gazed into the room.

The science teacher looked at her clock, then walked into the hallway as Zak quickly went in threw the window, he made his way to the back of the room as the class quietly giggled and he sat down just as his teacher walked in. "Oh Zak, I didn't notice you came in"...Then he came back, he fell to his knees and held his head as it throbbed in pain. "If I use this ability more maybe I'll get used to it and it'll hurt a little less." He slowly stood and blinked a few times before looking at his watch again. He had about 30 seconds for his vision to be true. Running threw the school he was outside in less than ten seconds. Next he ran around the corner of the building, he got to the right window with roughly 2 seconds to spare. As his view passed over the room, he saw his teacher look at the clock then head for the door. He whispered to himself "I don't know what's worse, the pain or the constant deja vu." Cracking a smile he climbed into the room and got to his seat just in time.

The teacher walked in and as expected spoke "Oh Zak, I didn't notice you came in, well let's get started, shall we?" She wrote a few chemical formula's on the board and asked if anyone could identify them. Zak was wonderful at chemistry and put up is hand repeatedly. After about the fifth time the teacher stopped calling on him and waited for other students to try and answer. It seemed like nearly no time at all before the bell rang and school was out. As Zak walked tout the front doors he got an odd feeling, like he was being watched. He turned to see what seemed to be a person on the roof. He squinted and his sight zoomed forth as if he were looking threw a scope. The image was crystal clear now. It was a girl, Zak didn't know her name but he'd seen her around the school. He shrugged it off and went on his way home.
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"What the heck was that all about yesterday Coroni", said a slender woman in a sky blue dress in a hurry.

"Whatcha' talking about Yuoa", said the man obviously Coroni,

"I'm talking about you shaking the entire forest yesterday babbling something about san-ma or something you even almost filled the river with plants which is by todays HUMAN standards supposed to be impossible but from how low the level of the river was it looked highly probable", she said staring at him.


"Coroni, are you even listening to me right now", she said getting directly into his face looking diretly into his eyes,

"...hu, whatdya' say Yuoa I was listening to that lil' guy right there", he said smiling at a sprout of a sunflower.

"Nothing...just that your hopeless that's all...anyways, come on were going to be late for work, especially if I continue to try to talk to you...".
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[SIZE=1][COLOR=Teal][I]-Tick, Tick, Tick-[/I]

Was the only noise going through her delicate eardrums. As she stared at the black and white oval shaped clock above the teachers head, Amy flinched at the fact the bell hasn't rung. In her schedule the bell was three minutes late to end the dreadful school day. As a last result for some type of salvation, she averted and focused her gaze to her math test, rechecked it and rechecked it. Finally the bell rang and not surprisingly, Amy was the first to hand in her test and jet the hell out of there.[I]'No frickin' meeting tonight...no nothing! [B][I]Helllooo[/I][/B] [B]shopping[/B]!'[/I], Amy screamed to herself in excitement.

The sun shone beautifully against Amy's brown hair and light tanned face, as she walked towards her favorite shopping store. She had placed her slender hands on the store handle to enter, but then her cell phone rang...stopping her entrance.

[I]-Symphony No. 6 (Beethoven)-[/I]

"Mushi Mushi!", Amy said cheerfuly as she answered her brothers call.

"......[I]-static-[/I]......[I]A-m[/I]...", it answered in a slight scary whisper.

"...[B]ALEX![/B] This isn't a frickin funny joke okay!", Amy yelled with a slight tremble in her voice. People stared at her as they walked by like if she was crazy or just stupid.

The other line clicked,leaving Amy to tremble in fear. Somehow, she knew that wasn't her brother. Amy felt that her brother was fine,[I]'M-a-ybe he left his phone in class and the guys took it and started to joke around with me...yea that's it.'[/I]. Even though she tried to convince herself, she headed back home to see her brother. She ran as fast as she could to her house, while doing so her power had the best of her. While running through a small spot of water left from the morning rain, it burst at her step and wet her a bit. Some people thought she stepped pretty hard and others dismissed it. Amy raced to her front door as soon as she caught sight of her home. Once she was near and getting her keys, Alex had opened the door. Her eyes opened wide as she saw her brother on his phone...and hers began to ring again.

[I]-Symphony No. 6 (Beethoven)-[/I][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]All it took was just ten minutes to reach her parent?s house. Well, now it belongs to her though. She walked slowly on the cement pavement in the park; looking at the green trees, the younger children playing tag with their playmates and the senior citizens just sat on the bench; enjoying the semi-sunny weather.

She preferred to take the shorter way to home but something urged her to take the longer way instead, that is through the park. When she was young, she used to come here and play with her pet rabbit. Her mother and father can be seen under that big, shady tree having they?re picnic. She walks towards that certain tree and searched its thick trunk. Indeed, the picture was still there: a picture with her family holding hands that she drew when she was younger.

Ashley had always tried to put that certain ?family incident? aside, but somehow that memory came back today. Remembering she has to get home quickly to feed Dowser, she walked slowly towards home with her head gazing into the sky.[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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The dark bold strokes whisped across the paper, as a slender white hand spread the crimson paint into an indeffinate shape. The girl slightly smiled, and sat the brush in the paint canaster infront of her. She ran her fingers down her left cheek, leaving four blood red claw marks down her face.

"Hey Scarlett, nice work. I love the passion and ferocity in your work." The woman laughed and gazede at the portrait before her.

"Thank you miss Stephani." Scarlett rolled her eyes and walked over to the classroom sink, and slowly washed the dark paint off her hands.

"If it isn't the little goth whore. How is the family? Oh, I forgot...their dead." The group of tall skinny blonde's laughed loudly and walked away. Scarlett scowled and quickly walked up behind the girls leader and tapped her shouldewr hesitantly. The girl stopped and shrieked when she turned around.

"EWW.. I can't believe you just touched me!" Scarlett grinned evily and quickly threw red paint in the girls face and slapped herv angrilly.

"Don't you ever come near me again, or i'll rip your heart out!"

The girl screamed and ran out the room, as Miss Stephani ran to the girls." What's going on here? Scarlett, waht's gotten in to you?"

Scarlett turned her head and walked out the door, without a word. She rounded the corner and sprinted out the door, ignoring her teachers screams down the hall way.
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[size=1][color=purple]Leah nibbled her lip thoughtfully. She?d given up looking for any logical reason for these kidnappings about three hours back. The container of colorless sand that had been delivered to the police station had been enough proof for her of exactly what had happened. [I]I know I?m being a bit superstitious, but?[/I]

She heard the front door to the office click open and close, and it shocked her out of her speculative thoughts. The familiar footsteps descended on her ears, and she swiveled in her chair to reach out her foot and kick the handle of the door. It swung open and Andrew slipped in past it, shutting it behind him with a slight tap of his foot. Leah tilted her chair back, propping her feet back up on the desk.

[I]We?re getting way too good at this?[/I] Leah couldn?t help but think that maybe they?d known each other too long. How long had it been? Two, going on three, years? Not really that long, when you think about it, but long enough.

?[b]I just don?t get it. Your theory is crazy, but even the best can?t find a lead.[/b]?

Leah narrowed her eyes, suppressing a sharp retort. She knew Andrew was being blunt only because he was worried about those children. She controlled her breathing and then tried a different approach. ?[b]I know it?s crazy. But I looked back in the files. This happened a while back, but here, too. And the exact same way. Afterwards, there was an old woman that was always babbling about it but no one would believe her.[/b]?

Andrew snorted. ?[b]Can you blame her? It?s insane.[/b]?

Leah?s patience was running short. ?[b]Just trust me on this, okay? You have to give me credit for the theory ? I?ve never lied to you or been often wrong. Would I come up with this idea if there wasn?t even a slight possibility?[/b]?

OOC: Everyone, start moving towards the middle of town. Maneuver your character to the park, take your time and stop to do other stuff. Then I?ll take it from there. I apologize for not being here much. Very busy.[/size][/color]
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As Coroni entered her car, Yuoa couldn\'t help but give him a skeptic look.

\"Hey Roni, are you sure you didn\'t have a dream or something yesterday\", she asked with a breath of seriousness in her voice,

\"Hu...you know what, now that I think about it I think I did but I just can\'t remember whether or not I actually did...\", he said looking out at the river they were driving over.

\"Well, just try to remember because I\'m pretty sure you had a dream or a nightmare perhaps...\", she replied looking at him from the corner of her eye,

\"Hmm...maybe, maybe, maybe, but it\'s faint but I think I had a nightmare about something called a sandman or something I don\'t know...like I said it-\"

\"San-ma...sandman, oh, you were saying sandman...\", she cut him off yelling. He looked at her with an eyebrow raised.

\"Yuoa, I did have a dream yesterday...or rather a nightmare about some type of thing but there were these children there too...a group of them and they seemed to all be literally bumping heads with eachother while the thing just watched seemigly satisfied an-and for some reason I got...angry and I just went...balistic...but it was weird...it was like I couldn\'t control myself, like...someone else was controling me...but for some reason...I liked it...\", he continued now looking at his hands.

There was a long silence after Coroni\'s words...

\"Well, I know that you CAN control it now and whatever that dream was about it was probably from a little insecurity that\'s all...but anyway we need to hurry and get to the park were the environmentalist are meeting...\", she said this with a great amount of worry for she had almost the same exact dream except he was the thing.
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[FONT=Tahoma][SIZE=1][COLOR=DarkSlateGray]When she was about to leave the park, she remembered that Dowser?s food was finished yesterday. Changing plans, she went towards the town which is not quite far from her current position; only fifteen minutes if you walk. Deciding not to waste anymore time, she quickly went towards her destination.

After fifteen minutes, she arrived at the town. She walked and walked until she reached ?Agnes?s Pet Shop?. She can?t bear the thought that Dowser will be mad at her, just because she did not feed him in time. Without wasting any more time, she went in the shop. A bell sound as soon as she went in.

[B]"Why, hello there, Ashley. Dowser?s food finished??[/B]

Ashley just nodded at the sweet shopkeeper. Sometimes she freaks herself out, thinking that Agnes can really read people?s minds; like what she did just now. Agnes went towards a shelf of animal food and took out a packet of Dowser?s favorite. Ashley paid for the packet of food and thanked her. When she was about to walk out of the door, Agnes stopped her for some reason.

[B]? It?s going to rain soon, you can at least take this umbrella.?

?No thanks. My house is close by, I?m sure I can make it there without getting wet.?

?If you say so??

?Thanks for your concern. Anyway, good bye!?[/B]

She walked out the shop and started to walk towards home. But when she reached the town square, the rain was pouring down. Ashley went inside the town square which is sheltered from the rain. She really hoped that the rain will stop soon. The packet of rabbit food will get soggy, and she knows, Dowser is not going to like it.[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][FONT=Palatino Linotype]"Would I come up with this idea if there wasn?t even a slight possibility?"

It took a supreme effort of will for Andrew not to use a smug reply. Instead, he stood with his back to Leah, his mouth twitching into a smile. He remembered, somewhate painfully, the last time he'd gotten her angry at him.

"Well?" She raised an eyebrow at him. Andrew quickly suppressed his smirk and turned to face her. "I suppose..." he began to walk over to his own desk. Now she put her hands on her hips, "That's it?"

He sat down and looked over at her. "Leah, as long as we've known each other, I've figured you for a reasonable person. I've trusted your judgement because, honestly, I don't always trust my own," he gave her a grin, "but now you're just being ridiculous!"

Her expression soured a moment before she sighed, "Listen Andrew, I know it's ridiculous," she glared at his gesture of triumph, "to [i]you[/i]. It's ridiculous to you, Andrew, not to me. That's just what I believe," she finished with a sense of finality.

Andrew thought about it a minute, absently picking up his little blue stress ball and tossing between his hands. Just when Leah was about to turn back to her own desk, he stood up. "You know what you need? Some fresh air." He put his hands up in a placating gesture as she opened her mouth to reply, "Hey, hey, hey, I'm not saying you're going crazy. You just need to get out of this damn office! When was the last time you relaxed, eh?" She didn't reply. "That settles it. I'm taking you to the park!"

He didn't tell her it was as much to ease his own mind as hers. He felt like he was starting to lose it as well.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Scarlett sighed as she pulled the silky black dress over her head. The dress slipped down her body easily and slightly touched her knees. She quickly put her smooth black hair into identicle pig-tails, and let her long bangs fall over her face. Her hands quickly grabbed a black choker with several chains and a cross necklace, and put them on gracefully. Heading for the door, she buckled her large leather boots and padded down her dress hesitantly.As she opened the door to her dorm, the wind coldy swept across her body, causing a shiver to run down her spine. Quickly reaching back behind the door, she grabbed a leather trench and slipped it on.

The air was dry and cold as she walked down the sidewalk. Kids were running through the yard, as adults watched them carefully. A smile crept across her pale face as a couple of chipmonks raced across the street.

Turning the corner, Scarlett saw a girl leaving a pet shop with a bag of food. She started to wave, but thought that Ashley was probably too busy to notice her anyway, so decided to head to the park. After a few minute of staring into space, she noticed that Ashley was going the same way she was.

Suddenly a drop of cold precipitation landed on her forhead, then before she knew it, a shower of water poured over the land.

*Crap..that's just my luck. Now my makeups going to run.*

Hurridley, she ran to the town square and ducked for cover. She looked around and wiped down her clothes desgustidley.

" Hey Scarlett!"

Scarlett quickly turned around, and saw Ashley standing behind her soaked, with a bag of rabbit food.

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Zak walked down the street looking up. He got to the edge of the sidewalk just as the street lights turned colour in his favour. Grinning at his good timing he began walking across the street. A few guys from his school were skateboarding behind him and laughing about something or other. Zak turned once he was across and said "Hey guys you better get to shelter it's gunna down pour soon."

One of the guys laughed and said "Oh thanks Zak, how do you use your [I]powers[/I] to predict the weather like that??" taunting and teasing Zak for saying he had some strange abilities. Zak raised an eyebrow and replied "I didn't need anything to use anything to tell you it's gunna rain.". One of the dumber kids said "Uhh how do you tell the future without your magic??" The guys laughed again but Zak calmly replied "There have been dark clouds around all day dumb-ass." All but the brainless guy were still laughing but now at him rather than Zak's [I]stories[/I].

Zak then rolled his eyes and shook his head as he walked away again. "Fine, do what you want, I'm gunna find somewhere to hide from the H[SIZE=2]2[/SIZE]O." he said to himself. He planned to be a chemist in his dream job so he tried to know as much bout chemicals as possible, as a result he sometimes called things by their technical names rather than their common labels. The closest place with an available roof was the pavilion in the town square. He headed over and got caught by the rain before he made it, despite his efforts.

Perturbed, Zak now walked slowly to the square anyway, the rain was still cold, even though he couldn't avoid getting wet perhaps he could avoid pneumonia. As he made his approach he saw some people also keeping out of the rain. "Damn, company." thought Zak as he prepared for more ridicule. The closer he got however the more he saw the people for who they actually were. First he smirked thinking that the guys he saw were stupid and were now wet. Then he walked in under the cover from rain, and stood behind the girls so they wouldn't notice him, they weren't anyone he knew to be cruel but you can't be too careful.
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[COLOR=DarkRed][SIZE=1]'Amy...what the hell is wrong with you?', Alex said in a concerned voice. The way she looked startled him.

Amy turned around without any hestitation and ran into the rainy streets. The rain was pouring down hard, beating against her now wet uniform. Cold sweat drops sliding down her forehead, blood pumping high...nothing left to do is run and try to sort things out. Amy couldn't handle the rain anymore and soon started to look for any type of shelter. She could have manipulated the rain and kept her dry...but her powers aren't stable. Finally a park came to view and to no surprise...people were there. She really didn't care much about the company, as she went under the cover and stood to the far left.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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  • 4 weeks later...
[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][FONT=Palatino Linotype]OOC: Damnit, I will [B]not[/B] let this die! >.< Start sending out PMs Stephy!

Leah stared out the window of Andrew's little gray Nissan, an annoyed expression on her face, "This really isn't necessary." Andrew glanced at her, "I beg to differ. You're too stressed. Besides, you said yourself this investigation is going nowhere."

"I did n-" Leah started angrily, but stopped when Andrew put up a hand. "Look, I'm sorry, but what are we gonna do, huh? At least we can relax and clear our heads, alright?" He gave her his best apologetic look.

She sighed,"Alright... Gods know [I]you[/I] don't need any more relaxation..." Andrew just grunted.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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OOC: I apologize profoundly for not posting. Finals were taking up so much time that I was panicing. Now I am here, though! Please, I don't want to let this die, either.

[size=1][color=purple]Chewing her lip in thought, Leah stared at the raindrops on the windows in perplexity. It had been such a beautiful day, what had happened? With a sigh, she realized that most of her life felt like that.

?[b]Hey Andy?[/b]?

Andrew glanced across at her. She rarely called him that, but the far-away look on her face was all the explination he needed. She was thinking.

?[b]Could we get out and walk?[/b]?

Leah looked across the car pleadingly, and reluctantly Andrew pulled up to a parking space along the sidewalk. With a greatful smile, Leah opened her door and got out of the car, turning her face upwards towards the downpour.

The rain was refreshing. Leah had to admit, Andrew had the right idea. Maybe if she just emptied her head, the answer would come to her. The long ponytail down her back was beginning to corkscrew from the cool precipitation, loose strands curling around her beautiful face. As they walked towards the park, the rhythm of the rain on the concrete and the steady stride of Andrew?s feet next to her gave her a beat and she began humming. Words began to flow into her head, as if out of nowhere, and they sounded like Briar.

[I]Life isn?t perfect and life isn?t great
So it rains on your birthday or he gets home late
But you can?t just give in when things go wrong
There?s gotta be something to live for?[/I]

Leah?s delicate brows came together in confusion. She had never been the telepathic type, but she knew she could be receiving. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Andrew scratching at the back of his head, as if it itched on the inside. Slowly, the small hairs on the back of her neck began to stand up and the whole world seemed to slow around her. Andrew's movements became sluggish while her own remaind perfectly normal, so she reached out and grabbed him. At the contact, he moved normally again, and the sight of Time slowing seemed to panic him.

Beside them, in the street, a long white limo pulled along, and past them, to the gates of the park. They watched in fear as a tall, lanky man with a long white beard in a tuxedo got out. He walked out and through the gates, and Leah broke into a run.

Well, she tried to. Her movements felt slow, as if she were running through quicksand. Andrew was right behind her, and they reached the park just as a scream errupted around the corner.

"[b]No! No! You got him, you can't have me![/b]"

Screams of anger ensued as Briar was dragged forcefully from the park. Leah's heart jumped into her throat and she almost cried out. Suddenly a wave of mental terror shot through her as Briar was forced into the car and it drove off. Time went back to normal and the overwhelming feeling which invaded her mind caused Leah to black out, falling to the pavement.[/size][/color]
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[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]OOC: I was wondering where you've been to...^^

Despite the rain, Ashley ran out towards a girl whom she knew with the wet rabbit food in her arms just to greet her. She clutches Scarlet?s arm lightly and guided her under the shelter. Once they reach there, Scarlet instantly covered her face with both her hands and sat on the semi wet pavement.

[B]?What?s wrong? You okay??[/B] Ashley sat beside her and asked with full of curiosity.


??Is? what??

??Is my make-up still?okay??

?You?ll have to take your hands off first and?smile! ^^?[/B]

Scarlet did what her friend requested and smiled, although to her, it was quite awkward, more like a ?made-up? smile instead. Then, Ashley stood up and showed her a thumb?s up, indicating that her make-up was not washed out by the rain and she still looks really good.[/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][FONT=Palatino Linotype]OOC: So I'm assuming all the characters saw that since they've all got powers? If not, this post is gonna be awkward...


For a moment, Andrew was completely stunned. The transition back into Time was like being dropped into a rushing river, making his ears ring from within. Even when the physical shock wore off, he remained in disbelief over what he had just witnessed.

"Who..." he looked over to find that Leah was on the pavement, unconcious. Quickly, he stooped down to help her. "Hey," he said, lifting her head up off the ground, "Leah, wake up. Hey, come on, snap out of it." Rain dripped down onto her face, and Andrew crouched there, unable to think straight.

A girl jogged over, a look of concern on her face, "Hey, is she alright?" Andrew looked up, still dazed. "Uh... uh, no, no, I don't... she just, passed out..."

OOC: The girl can be whoever. Whoever posts first I guess (that has a female character).[/FONT][/COLOR]
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Scarlets eyes widened as she saw the event that had just happaned. At first she thought she was dreaming again. That was the man from her dreams, but who was it? She'd always assumed it was her father, but now...

Her eyes closed softly and she started to mumble quietly under her breath. She quickly opened her eyes gain and turned around to see a woman passed out on the ground a few feet infront of her. A sigh escaped her lips and she ran over to the woman and a man who was knelt beside her.

" Hey, is she alright?"

The man quietly replied in a confused tone.

"Uh... uh, no, no, I don't... she just, passed out..."

"Well, your no help. Anyone can see that. I asked if she was alright, that means, is she injured in anyway."

The man looked at her and she sighed sorrowfully.

"Sorry...didn't mean to make you look like an idiot...much..."

She forced a slight smile and started to run towards the direction the car had gone. In her heart she knew she wouldn't have a chance of finding it, but..she had to. As she ran, she heard voices yelling after her, but she kept running. Her eye fixed on the image of the car. No matter what it took, she would have to find him, have to talk to him, have to know the truth.
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OOC: Totally sorry for the long time no show, I'll make up for it...

Coroni looked around calmly trying to put together all that just happened.

"Hmm, Yuoa did you just feel that a few seconds ago", he said placing his hand on the side of his face.

"Feel what, an earthquake", she said sarcastically.

"Never mind but we're going to be late again Yuoa...I can FEEL it", he said laughing a liitle. She scowled at him and began to drive a little faster and as they neared the middle of town they saw a man helping a woman up and another person running as if for help.

"Hey Yuoa, stop right here for a sec would ya",

"...sure", she replied stopping the vehicle and watching him step out.

"And while your at it get a ride from one of them too", she yelled driving off.

"Man...she can be a total...you know what I'm not even going to say it", he said to himself running towards the two.

"Don't know why but something's telling me to help you guys out so how can I be of service", Coroni said with smile.
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