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Bokurano is a new anime based on a manga from the creator of Shadow Star. The writer is known for particularly dark stories with lots of death, and Bokurano is apparently no exception.

It is the story of fifteen children who have been grouped together in some sort of binding program. Fourteen are 7th graders, whole one is the 4th-grade little sister of one of the others. These kids have known each other for a long time apparently, though some of them don't get along to well and others are particularly close.

[spoiler]The story begins with the group on the beach just casually hanging around, generally being bored and doing whatever. There is a little bit of tension going on in one area while others are just sitting around chatting. Being that all are generally bored, they decide to explore a cave in the hillside. Whe nthey get deep inside they find themselves in a room at the back of the cave. Inside there are multiple tabletops where a bunch of computers ae set up.

In a matter of moments an older man comes in from another passage, askng how the kids found this place. He then goes on to explain how he is making a game down here. In his game, a giant robot with many plates of armor is to protect the earth from 15 robotic alien invaders. Being that he has need of beta testers, he asks the kids if they'd like to play.

The kids aren't slow to oblige, and he asks each of them to place their hand on a podium and give thier name. Each does so, except the little girl whose brother (who hates her) won't consent to her playing. As soon as the last kid signs up, they all black out and wake up on the beach in the middle of the night.

As they are walking back to the huge place they are staying, they suddenly notice that an enormous (500 meters apparently) mech is standing down at the shore. Out in the bay, another mech begins materialising, and it becomes obvious that the game has begun.

Suddenly the kids appear in the cockpit where the old man is waiting. He explains to them how the robot is controlled by will and displays how battles will be fought by kiling the other giant robot. Afterward, the kids appear once again on the ground and can only gawk as the mechs dissipate into the air.[/spoiler]

My review of the first episode:

First impression: As was said by many, the opening theme, Uninstall was excellent, though at the end when she keeps saying 'uninstall' i sounds suspiciously like 'Rahxephon' O_o. Anyway, I'm not so sure what I think of the charachter designs. In many ways it reminds me of Infinite Ryvius, only the kids are uglier (the butch girl's hair is the ugliest mess I've ever seen.)

The beach scene was a good way of introducing the characters -- I only hope they'll have time to flesh them all out (assuming 75% of them arent dead in 10 episodes or something.) Some of them seem like little bastards which I'm sure will add a layer of drama to the story. The whole thing with the guy in the cave was pretty cool, too. I definetally like the way the group of kids work. They seem realistic as 7th graders (if just a bit more agreeable).

*paused a minute* when it shows the mech appear from nowhere -- first reaction -- "It's freakin huge!" ... brilliant XD

The first mech battle was... cheesy. I mean, it's like the kids just suddenly see a mech appear, end up inside it, get a toturial, appear on the ground, episode over. We didn't really learn too much, which makes me assume that this will be quite a long anime.

I think the only problem have with this anime is that there wasn't much movement. Even when inside the mech, the kids never really left the area they were in. Once again, I'm sure this won't last very long, and I'll probably check out episode 2 just to find out where this anime is going to go. [/COLOR][indent][color=#007520][size=1]Since you basically sumarized the first episode, I'm going to hide it in spoilers. -r2[/size][/color][/indent]
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Quick impressions...

The first half of the episode was excellent. I was wowed by the slice-of-life parts, with great character animation & the portrayal of the children's contrasting personalities. That appeals to me much more than the idea of this game or whatever. Especially since the mecha are full CG--ugh.

The character that interests me the most so far is the kid with glasses who keeps putting down his little sister. I developed an instant dislike for the girl with the weird hair.

GONZO seems to have a lock on great OPs for this season (with Uninstall and Inori ~ You Raise Me Up). The character designs are very well adapted, although I have a feeling that either this or Romeo x Juliet will suffer from weakening animation. They can't both be GONZO A titles (in terms of visuals, at least).

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