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Sign Up Halo: The Desert Brigade (M-VL)


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Harvest, a world with a very decieving name. It is a planet of heat and sand. A planet wide desert with no vegitation or no native life. The planet is a very important foot hold for the UNSC however. One of the biggest UNSC bases are on this deselent planet, Omega Outpost. And also one of the most fortified Convenant Bases are on Harvest as well, A floating moving gigantic floating barge, The Peditant Path. The Convenant and the Humans are perpetually fighting on this planet in hopes one can finally defeat the other... As of right now it is a stalemate but word has it that a band of human reenforcements are coming:[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Navy]Several Covenant grunts and elites littered the ground of a inner chamber of a Military base. Another wave of troops came in and looked around, "Where is the Demon?" A soldier in white armor walked out of the shadows, "Bout time you got here." He took out a pistol and popped off the 3 grunt surrounding the Yellow Elite. The Elite yelled and switched on his Plasma Blade. The Spartin chuckled and whipped out what seemed to be a handle he pressed a button and a large steel blade shot out of the handle. "Let's go big boy." The two charged at each other and locked their blades. "You look even uglier up close." he said. "Same to you Demon." The Elite force the White Armored spartin back and lunged at him. The Spartin whipped out a pistol and shot the Elite in the head. "Go to hell." The room around him melted and became a room with grids on all the surfaces.

"Good, very good, Spartin 1138." said a Female voice from the intercom. "Please call me Deathsye. I don't like being called a number." "You shouldn't call yourself Deathsye but whatever. Hey, and congratulations you are now a Combat ready soldier." Deathsye yelled with relief, "Finally... These simulations were getting boring." "Come out and we will celebrate." "You alway want a reason to celebrate." "So..." "You have a point." "Plus you hardly have a chance to take your helmet off it will be good for you to get some fresh air."

After the celebration Deathsye was approched by a High Ranked Officer, "So, Admiral, where would you be placing me on my first assignment?" The Admiral smirked, "Always to the point. In a few days you will be shipping off to Harvest one of the planets in the Beta Sector." "Also a planet-wide desert." "Don't worry about it. Your internal coolant should keep you cool. And you won't be going alone there will be several more Marines going with you." "Rookies?" "Yes, Of course you don't have room to talk." "I guess I have no choice I will take the Assignment." "Good. You will be taking the Judge Hammer to Harvest. Good Luck."

A few days later Deathsye was shipped onto the Judge Hammer and proceded to Harvest. [/COLOR]
[FONT=Courier New][COLOR=DarkOliveGreen][SIZE=3]The Humans[/SIZE][/COLOR][/FONT]
[URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SPARTAN-II_Project]Spartans [/URL] (Here is a link that will tell you what you need to know about Spartans.)


Sometimes whering MJOLNIR armor of thier own though not as durable as the Spartans. THey where the normal soldier attire. Camoflage and such. The have a assortment of weapons. From pistols to rocket launchers. Even some have covenant weaponry they have from Fallen enemies.

[FONT=Verdana][SIZE=3]Th[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue]e Convenant[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]

The Elites

The Elites come in various forms and ranks and are approximately 8 to 9 feet tall. Elites combine both brute strength and excellent battle-field tactics making them one of the most feared Covenant foes

The Grunts

Approximately 5 feet tall and the weakest of the Covenant forces, they are little more than meat shields. They travel in packs and use a variety of weapons. They are hapless fodder in the wake of Master Chief, but a careless Marine could easily become a victim.

The Jackels

Approximately 6 feet tall and a more formidable opponent than the Grunts with superior senses of sight and hearing. They serve as assasins and scouts to the Covenant army and are equipped with a plasma pistol and an energy shield which makes them much harder to kill.

The Hunters-

Hunters are 12 foot tall behemoths. In their combat state their crouching position results in a height of about 8 feet. They carry a very powerful fuel-rod gun that is integrated into their armor system. They also carry a impenetetrable shield that they also use as a melee weapon in close range.

The Brutes-

The Brutes are about as tall as the Elites but are much larger and recklessly violent. They prize sheer force over tactics and when injured can drop their weapons and go into a primitive rage, destroying everything in their path.

There so there will be no confusion on the races.
OK! the rules:
1. No powerplaying. I will allow it if it is nessisery but if the other person is perfectly able to post the I won't
2. No god modding! YOu are not a god. Your guy gets hit sometimes.
3. I don't want like a million spartans. Only a few spartans will be accepted at the most 6.
4. Be sure to have fun ok? ^ ^

Sign Up:



Race-Human(Marine or Spartin) Covenant(Grunts,Elites,Brutes,Jackels and if you want a Hunter(Can have two since they are always paired)

Rank-(Sargent etc.)


Weapons- (Favorite)

Specialty- (Like demilitions, infiltration, etc.)

Bio- (You are ether on or headed to Harvest in the end of the bio)


Here is my character and also a example sign up.

Name-Spartin 1138- Deathsye


Gender- Male

Race- Spartan

Rank- Lieutenant

Appearance: [IMG]http://tn3-1.deviantart.com/fs10/300W/i/2006/325/e/e/The_white_Chief_by_GnappyAssassin.png[/IMG]

Weapons- Combat Knife, Pistol and Battle Rifle

Specialty- Trained in all types of combat but is specificly trained in Infiltration.

Bio- Fresh out of the Spartin Program Deathsy or Spartin 1138 is assigned to the Marine Outpost of Harvest, A desert planet. He has yet to see true combat outside of Reach. He has been sent as part of a detachment of Soldiers for re enforcement. He knows nothing of his companions.
Name- Xenas

Age- 39

Gender- Female

Race- Elite

Rank- Spec Ops

Appearance- Black Elite Armor with gold lining, a grey skin tone and bluish eyes, very distinctive.

Weapons- Plasma Sword and Carbine

Specialty- Usuallly Barks orders from her command post on Harveest. But has good skill in most weapons.

Bio- Commander of the Covenant Forces on Harvest. She is one of the few Elite females that can hold such a post. She inspires loyality through kindness and tolerance. She is one of the few that see the Humans as worthy opponents. Many thing her a fool and many think her a genius. But few question her when it comes to tactics. She currently has no known friends on The Peditent Path.
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Name: Spartan-1140 , Rage

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Race: Spartan

Rank: Sergeant First Class

Appearance: [URL=http://img129.imageshack.us/img129/2000/spartan1140uv0.jpg]Rage[/URL]

Weapons: Battle Rifle, Magnum

Specialty: Sniper

Bio: Rage has been in training for the past three years. He has been training in stealth, and infiltration. Rage has also achieved an award for excellence in marksmanship. Upon completing his training he was sent to the Harvest outpost where he will be part of his first mission.

My bio sucks lol but I swear I will do my best if aloud to partake in your RP
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Name- Spartin 818-Reapper




Rank-Privit First Class

Appearence-Mostly a dark red with black trim

Weapons-Shotgun-Sword-Sniper (human)-Rockets

Specialty-Demolitions-little in Infiltration-Survival trained

Bio-Trained in the specilist of explosives for three years. Trained to infiltrare bases in small squads. Assigned to Harvest for second mission. On route to Harvest aboard the Judge Hammer, Room 288, F-deck.
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Accepted. ^ ^
[SIZE=1]Please avoid using one-word posts, Deathsye. Instead, you should wait for the sign-ups to be closed to accept people in. Doing it after every sign-up is both redundant and spammy.

- Sandy[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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Name: Trojan- 01, Tanthanus
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Race: Trojan
Rank: Corpral
Appearance: Thanthanus or Trojan-01 Is the first of his kind he is the first bio-engineered soldier created by the army. He wears the almost the same battle armor as a spartan would using all the same materials and tech. But the design is slightly diffrent being a bit lighter. His suit has a new feature on it that can blend into the enviroment not as well as an elites can but from a medium distance away or if he is in the shadows he is almost virtualy invisible. When he has the invisibility turned off or when its charging (only lasts 1 min) His suit is dark black. Undernieth all of his armor and clothing Tanthanus has black messy ear length hair, dark blue eyes, 5'11, 160 pounds. Some people call him feather weight.
Weapons: Battle Rifle, Sniper.
Specialty: Accuracy, Staying hiden.
Bio: The first of his kind, or the first succesful version of his kind. He is a trojan built by the army, they wished to keep up with the marines in bio tech. so they built there own bio engineered super soldier naming them trojans. They are basicaly copies of spartans but with diffrent suit designs (I will have a pic soon) There has been a lot of controversy about his commander sending him to harvest but they finally let him. He has just been dropped off by a pelican.

[font=Verdana][size=2]OOC ( hey trojans were a rumor going around in the halo world. I thought me being a trojan might add something new to the rp? If its not ok tell me and I will switch everything around to being a marine..) [/size][/font]
[COLOR=DarkGreen]Do not double-post but use the edit button instead.

- Sandy[/COLOR][/SIZE]
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Hey Deathcye, when is this starting up? I know we had trouble with the last Ninja Cronicles but we fixed that. What about this one? I signed up for this one awhile before the Cronicles. I was just wondering.

(OoC: Please check this OoC out please)
Oh check the two RPs I'm trying to get going, they are Space Bounty hunters and The Legend of the Hidden Mechs. Both are rated M-L/V. If you wish to join just post an application and I'll check them when I get the chance. Ok have a nice posting day :animesmil .
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Need balance? I can try playing two characters

Sign Up:

Name: Revor (Ree-Voor)

Age: 44

Gender: Male

Race: Elite

Rank: General

Appearance: [URL=http://www.brickshelf.com/gallery/SaberScorpion/Halo/elite_screenshot.jpg]Revor[/URL]

Weapons: Plasma Sword, Dual Needlers

Specialty: Stealth

Bio: Revor has an extreme hatred toward any being not of the covenant, particularly Spartans. He was captured by humans and tortured for several months. The day he was to be executed the covenant showed up, and in one bloody massacre they took out the prison where he was held. He now finds himself being transported to a ship on it's way to the planet called Harvest.

Can't think of much else I'll think of more if we ever get this RPG rolling.
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Guest Amber Dragon
Name: Suzuki
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Race: Elite
Rank: Special Ops
Weapons: Plasma sword, covenent beam riffle, plasma grenades.
Appearence: Hunter
Skills: Infiltration

Bio: After failing to stop the humans destroy one of the sacred rings. She was stripped pf rank and honor. many years have passed since then and she is aloud to enter the covenent once again has Special Ops. Once again she has enter a battle with the humans.
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