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Sign Up Psychotic Fury: Second Strike [PG V/L/S]


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[COLOR=Blue]This is the second version of my first RPG to ever be launched. thus the name second strike.[/COLOR]


[COLOR=Blue]The sun?s warm embrace hugged the landscape like a mother clentching her baby close. The rays of scarlet had happyness shining brightly. The sarrows of the land were masked by the yellow kiss of the sunlight.

But the land itself was like a dead cold hand. Nothing to grip but the cold breeze. Isolated from the rest of its body. The land was filled with dead bodies, the souls of humans wondered like a group of nomads. Searching for a home that it could stay at for just a moment.[/COLOR]

[FONT=felix titling.][B][COLOR=Blue][SIZE=3]
Psychotic Fury[/SIZE][/COLOR][/B][/FONT]

[COLOR=DimGray]A nuclear war had changed the world completely. What was filled with life and light, had became a dead and dark wasteland.

During the great war many had died. Men, women and children alike. Dreams were shattered like glass falling to the floor. The pieces caused more bleeding in a human?s thoughts. It spread like wildfire into the hearts of humanity.

But one country stayed away from it all. Now this continent would be called ?the sanctuary.? A place were technology and peace became the only thing separating the land from the war torn world.

After the masses of land became nothing but chunks of black forests, tainted water, and broken cities, this place was envied by the rest. So the armies of the world stopped the war and became a union. Soon they started to spread nuclear waste throughout the continent. What they thought would kill humanity, actually made humanity become stronger there.

These humans grew angry with the rest of the world. Their anger turned into this new power. A psychotic power, that could bring unimaginable power to one human.

So scientists decided to take other humans and make them into theses people. Psychoticans they would be called. But due to few accomplishments, they decided to take families and make them create more. By making innocent people breed constantly. They created an army.

It seemed that the toxic waste changed the genetic compound of the humans. Making their children Psycoticans as well.

But after that the governments decided it was time to extinguish the flame. They wanted all Psychoticans to die, to perish from existence. Plus they wanted to rebuild humanity. Now they want to kill the continent after gathering all their recourses

But this will just cause more corruption.

What will the Psychoticans do to save themselves?[/COLOR]

[COLOR=Blue]Terms [/COLOR]

[COLOR=DimGray]The Sanctuary - this used to be Australia., but after the war started it was the only place left to find water and plant life. But the Psychoticans don?t know this.

Psychoticans - The people who?s humanity was changed deeply due to the unstable chemicals in the waste that was sprayed into ?the Sanctuary.? They have the ability to unleash deep amounts of energy from anger to light up their strengths.

Furyia - The energy source for all Psychoticans. It is found In all foods and liquids. the people in ?The Sanctuary? have developed it using their technology.

Psychotic Attack - The use of anger. The energy used to bring these attacks forth are Furyia. But the human who uses all of the Furyia will die if not given more. A human can only use a PA so many times before it will start to weaken. When the attack can?t even be produced in small amounts, it is time to get more Furyia.[/COLOR]


[B]Name: Anything.
Age: Anything over the age of 17.
Gender: you know?
Race: What color/background does your character sport in his family history?
D/O/B: this takes place in the year 2302
Psychotic Attacks: 2 for now and 2 for later. Plus 1 great attack for now, and for later.
Bio/Snippet: What you character is doing currently. And their views of the outside world.[/B] [/COLOR][/CENTER]
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[color=DarkGreen]Once again I've edited the title of your RPG. I have to remind you that Adventure Square doesn't use specific ages in the ratings, because they don't abide here (there is an age limit of thirteen in these boards already). So please don't you use them either. Thank you![/color]
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