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Request Hidamari Sketch avi and banner (image inc.)


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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Oi there! I need a banner and avi fro this show, [B]Hidamari Sketch[/B]. I don't really care how it's made, I'll leave that up to the person who creates it. Let your uniqueness run wild ^_^. All that I require is that it is, in fact, a banner and an avi.

For the avi, I just want the girl with the Xs in her hair from the image. As for the banner, i'd orefer to get in all 4 girls, but if you can't get them all, do whatever you can.

If you want to find a better image, go ahead, I couldn't find much >_<

Also, I'd like it if somewhere in the corner of the banner, preferedly small and in thin font, I want '21st Century Digital Boy' in whatever color matches your work.

Link: [url=http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b269/MetalSonic700/1.jpg][COLOR=DarkOrange]Have Fun![/COLOR][/url][/COLOR]
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I took your advice and found some better images, i also found a larger image of the one you posted. So i created 2 sets.

1st set

2nd set

if you want changes made to either of these then please tell me
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