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Discuss Drawing Dead: The Lab [M V/L]


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[SIZE=2][FONT=felix titling][COLOR=Blue]hear the haunting words
lost children with no hearts are crying
and your the lost mother they're calling
I hear them crying at night
outside when the planets are falling
They want to feel and know you hear them
[INDENT][COLOR=DimGray] [LEFT]===>Eternal Rest, Avenged Sevenfold[/LEFT][/COLOR][/INDENT][/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]

[COLOR=Blue]Welcome all to Professor Kale's laboratory. This is where you all can discuss the current evetns in our world. Talk about the RPG "Drawing Dead." Now remember what your destiny is...[/COLOR]


[COLOR=DimGray]Professor Kale wishes to stop teh onslught of hell's forces by using normal children as weapons. The succesful experiments are alive, some want revenge and some want to save the world.[/COLOR]
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