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Writing Megatokyo


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[FONT=Franklin Gothic Medium]Megatokyo[/FONT] is one of the best online manga's ever made in history of animation :catgirl: The site owner and author of the series is Piro(hopefully this is his real name=.=) and Lagro(same goes for this fellow=.=). But i find this manga to be a little boost to anime fans everywhere hopefully one day this manga is turned into an anime so i can really get the full force of coolness :D

The site is called:"Megatokyo.com " if you wanna see if it's as grand as i say it is^^

Laterz thrashers :p

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[size=1]I've been reading Megatokyo for about two years now. It's fantastic. It went from being a simple webcomic to being an "American Manga" that has its own books and even has a "Megagear" store. ^_^ I adore it. (Oh, and Piro's RL name is Fred, Seraphim is Sarah, and Largo... no clue.) I definately give it two thumbs up. It's awesome. On top of an awesome story - Piro and Largo somehow end up in Japan and pretty much either forget or decide not to go home - you get rants and plenty of sidejokes and - dude, it's just cool.[/size]
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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Piro = Fred Gallagher
Largo = Rodney Caston
Seraphim = Sarah Gallagher

just to clear that up.

Anyway, I am a HUGE Megatokyo fan. I've followed the series for years, i buy the graphic novels, and I have all my little theories about what's going on. Megatokyo is an amazing story and one built of immense suspense. I spend most of my times hanging out in the Megatokyo forums, either discussing the story or talking about anime (some big-time otaku over there). Piro is a character I can identify with, and the story sort of resonates with me. Also, Fred's artwork has gotten so great over the years it's really amazing to see.[/COLOR]
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