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Intro, How it began.

This story bgins in the year of 2689 on the space colony named PSK-2001017-09. Four friends are playing an arcade game called Meck Challengers, a very popular full view simulationvideo game for kids. They converse here every week to chat about school, work, and other topics. The group was formed about a years ago when one test subject of Mars Corp. was released into society, from its Nano-cybernetics enhancement programs which used humans from birth to test their products, for the apppearence of inconclusive testing and was deemed harmless to society.

Mars Corp.: a corperation that develops battle field boosters and other military equipment for the U.N.S.A. Mars Corp treats its test subjects with the most convenient health care, board, and basic education. If they say you are deemed to fit in with society, then you are a partial failure to them but provide them with critical information on their experements and will keep a close watch on you in the future for late development. Their education program goes to junior-high school then they release you to a pre-designated place, put you under asigned gardians, and provide medical insurence.

The one person who showed no sign of anything was released on the Earth calander of June 19, 2688 and about a year of temporary housing was moved to the colony. This person's name is Razor Kazie, his nickname is Raz, (no relitives) age: 17. The first friend Raz made on the colony is Rukia Uchika, or Ru for short. She is the daughter of the owner of the acrade. Ru's father is a nice guy but is kind of strict when it comes to his arcade. Ru, age: 16, only child, one parent. Her father, Rob Uchika, age: 38 loves kids around, because of that he started the arcade. Rob lets us play for free on friday. One can say he is soft but I think he is the nices man you will ever meet.

After a few weeks settling in with his new fauster parents, Samuel, age: 41, and Lafiel McGeary, age: 38, He finaly meet Ru's best friends, Shino and Mikey Uzama, ages: Shino-15, Mikey-17. They quickly became very close friends. Shino is the most smartest person in her class, junior, despite her age. She won every science fair ever since pre-school. Mikey is in the senior class but tends to fall behind in his school work. He focuses more on his sports career than his curiculimes which is a problem to Shino.

Shino is the reason I have not failed high school yet. Ru moved here when she was 8. Before that she was transfered as a planet exchange student to this Earth colony. Thats when she became friends with Shino and Mikey. After three years of talking to her dad, they moved to the colony. Ru and her father, Rob, are a different race but look almost human. Their like fairies, you know the ears are pointed and they have more since on whats going arround them than humans do.

The rules, conditions, and the most important a sign up sheet! YAY!

Ok, the rules...

First: No cursing.

Second: keep OoC in other post and in pms.

Third: You are not a God! You have to run things by me first then I will make something happen slowly.

Fourth: Have fun.


Razor is me. That means only 6 major spots remain!
Shino, Rukia, Mikey, Rob, Sameul, and Lafiel are availible. If their names disappear..they are taken.


Education: (This only applies if you are playing a teacher)

Have fun



I need people to play normal roles like being school staff, other students, and other everyday characters. Your role are important even though you might think their not. If you prove you self with this I will make you one of the important people that come in later! Check the post above to see the sign-up, conditions, and the importnant rules for information. If you need to reach me, you can contact me through pm or my email at [email]dragoonreaper@yahoo.com[/email] for even more info. Chapter one is coming soon and I need the main characters filled and all the secondary characters filled by sometime before may 10. Thanks for your time for looking at this thread and remember, this is a go-by-the-flow RPS and sign-ups are always considered and more characters are needed sooner or later so you always have a chance to play.
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(OoC: As long as I get a giant robot... LoL :D Actually, I'd like to see where this goes.. )

Name: Mikey Uzama
Age: 17
Race: Human

Bio: Mikey Uzama was just like any other guy; slim build, not too much muscle, bad grades, you name it. There was one thing that set him apart, however; he was an ALL-STAR athlete. He played tennis, basketball, baseball, soccer, and when he could, he swam. Sports was the one thing that he was good at, everything else he just barely scraped by at.

He's been friends with Rukia since she came to the colony; she was the only girl HE ever paid attention to, because she was THE ONLY ONE who didn't seem to be obsessed with him. Unfortunately, she also made friends with the school "genius", and she almost ALWAYS forced him to study. He really didn't like her; she just didn't understand sports like he did! They have fought most of the time that they've known each other, and all about the other's opinons about sports or learning.

(OoC: Hope it's good enough. Can edit. :) )
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