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RPG The Hijido Chronicles


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This is a new story, with characters from other animes likely to make guest appearances, but not control the story. It's center is around the Fire Child, Hijido, and the incredibly gifted Drow(Dark Elf)/Demon mage, Ragnarok.

In lieu of a better name, I'll call it the Hijido Chronicles for now.
"FLARE...." Hijido pulled back her hand, letting the spell's energy coalese into her hand. "...ARROW!" The beam of semi-solid fire srung forth from her hand, only to be hurtled into the heart of the target, a contruct of a rare fire resistant wood.

"Excellent, Hijido, excellent! Your training is coming along smoothly." Master Kori smiled, bringing a smile to her own face. "You're progressing far faster than any other magic user I've seen. That is..." he added with an after thought, "...that I've trained."

"My thanks, Master Kori." Hijido sat down wearily. It had been a long ten years under his careful guidance; ten years of training in harnessing, focusing, and implementing her innate talent at magic. Ten long years... and Hijido knew that they were soon to change.

"Master Kori.... with all due respect.... I must again ask why I am not being taught higher levels of magic. You KNOW I have mastered the lower levels to the point of perfection... so why am I not advancing the way I feel I should?"

Kori sighed. This discussion again. "And I must again answer in the same way. There are some things which cannot be explained without greatly endangering something or someone, and though it pains me greatly, I cannot, and must not, teach you any more than what you know. For one..."

Hijido jumped off the bench, and began angrily pacing about the room, her cape; which she always insisted on wearing; billowing about her. "... you are a Ice magic user, and therefore find it very difficult to teach anyone Fire based spells. Going any farther could meant mistakes, costly ones. I've heard that a hundred times, Kori! I've studied the theories, practiced the basics, and gotten the lowest levels down to a reflex. So what make you think I can't take a little more! You said so yourself I had incredible control over my spells! HYA!"

She threw another flare arrow at the target, this time incinerating it completely. Kori noticed that nothing near the target had been burnt at all.

"While it is true that you probably could handle the spells better than most, I still want to wait until I can get a friend to teach you. She is an expert in fire magic and should help you in ways I never could, IF.." He leveled a finger at Hijido and smiled. "IF you two can control your tempers, that is."

Hijido crossed her arms and harumphed. "It won't be very long, will it?"

Kori smiled, a twinkle in his eye. "Sooner than you may think."

"Ugh. More mysteries, more not knowing." Hijido proceded to blast each and every target in the room to bits. When she was done, she turned and left the room.

Kori frowned, looking at the black spots on the floor and the charred wood. It was going to cost him plenty to have those replaced, he thought. Maybe he would need to get the enchanted versions after all.


"Hijido? Hijido? Wake up, will you!"

Hijido grumbled and dragged herself out of bed. "I'm coming!"

A few minutes later she walked downthe stairs, dressed in her accustomary clothes and cape. She was rather suprised to see a young lady with fiery red hair sitting down at the table, chowing down on food. Hijido gaped at the stack of dishes near her.

"Good lord, do you eat!"

The lady turned around, annoyed at being interrupted in her munching. "So? I like food. What's wrong with that?"

"Nothing, but you eat more than anyone I've ever seen, not that I've seen many." Hijido looked at her quizically. "Who are you anyway?"

"Oh, right. I'm Lina Inverse, the world's most powerful sorceress." Lina gave a grin and started munching again.

"Lina, that may hold true in your world, but not here." Kori's voice came from the kitchen. "Our world's a lot bigger and a lot more complicated than yours. There are a lot of people who would get very angry if you were to say that, and they'd either kill you outright, or find a way to kill you from afar. Or torture you. I recall a certain spell that caused a person intense pain whenever they eat...." He smiled when he noticed Lina turn a interesting shade of purple. Hijido chuckled.

"So, Lina here's my new teacher?"

"Yes, she is though I guess I miss guessed her when I first met her. It appears she isn't really a fire expert at all, but a..."

"Black magic user. Fire just happens to be in that sphere of influence. Oh, I also dabble in White, Shamanistic, and I'm the only person I know who knows Dark magic. The latter came in quite handy a few times."

"Can you teach me this Dark magic?"

Lina shook her head empathically. "Not happening, those spells are way too strong. I'm either going to leave them deep in some deep dungeon where they'll be near impossible to find, or I'll take the secret of them to my grave. Just the casting of the spells could mean disaster."

"Probably just..."

Lina leapt up from the table, an angry expression on her face. "Listen here, I came here to teach you how to use fire and a few other spells, not to give away spells which can destroy the world! Either drop the subject, or forget about me teaching you anything."

Kori laughed. "Oh, yes, you two'll get along just fine. Hijido knows the way to the training room, when you're ready." He walked out, laughing merrily.


"All right. Let's begin." Lina hovered up into the air, her cape billowing in the enchanted chamber's wind.

The entire room was hidden underground, a massive chamber that Kori had "stumbled upon" during the construction of his house. The mile wide domed chamber was completely covered in a number of powerful dweomers, allowing Kori to change the appearance at will. Even as she thought, the dark thunderclouds overhead changed to a bright clear sky.

"Kori has spoken highly of you, and from what I have learned, I will need to teach you differently. First, we will cover the fireball."

With a wave of her hand, a number of redish crystal spheres appeared floating around Hijido. She looked at them warily.

"Are you ready?"

"I'm ready for anything, Lina Free-verse." Hijido smirked.

Lina frowned, annoyed at being mocked. "Don't be to confident. Now, defend yourself!"

Hijido's reflexes kicked into high gear, dodging the numerous attacks from the crystal drones. "What is this?!"

"This is your first test. You must destroy all twelve of the crystals with a fireball spell."

Hijido threw a flare arrow at one of the spheres, who dodged it easily. "What kind of mad-woman are you?! I don't know the spell yet!" She took off into the air, desperate to escape the crystal's powerful strikes.

"That's part of the excercize. You need to create the spell on your own. Now, get to it!"

"You're insane!" Hijido angrily threw fire at the crystals. The crystals, undaunted, kept coming. "How do I MAKE a spell?!"

Lina smiled and shrugged her shoulders. "That's for you to learn."

Hijido continued to flit around, watching the crystals swarm around her like a bunch of flies. 'I'm not going to be showed up by her! If she wants we to make the spell, then so be it!'

Hijido concentrated on pulling a high concentration of fire into one spot and sealing it with some magic. It took longer than she had hoped, for she still needed to dodge the relentless crystals.

Lina watched as Hijido finnally began to work on the spell. A small smile, this time free of any smugness.

The spell finally complete, Hijido flew straight up into the air, turning in midair to throw the fireball into the center of the stunned crystals.


"Haha! I did it!" Hijido twirled in midair, her face covered with the expression of victory. "How about that?"

"Very good, Hijido. Much better than I was expecting, and on the first try, as well. I recall losing my first fireball in midcasting."

"Now what?"

Lina smirked. Another dozen crystals, these ones blue, floated from behind Lina. "The next batch. And they only get tougher from here."



Hijido collapsed on her bed, completely exausted. For hours they had been practicing the fireball spell, and Hijido had gotten much better at it. Even so, she felt horrible. Blisters and burns lined her body, and her cape was practically ruined. 'I can't believe she actually attacked me during the last test. At least I survived that fireball. Heh. Just you wait, Lina Free-verse. I'll get you for that.' Her eyes closed, and she drifted off into a deep sleep.

Lina nodded in understanding as she closed the door to Hijido's room. Kori stood there, waiting. "Maybe I was a little too hard on her. She took a lot of stress today."

"Hm... Yes, she did well. I just hope that we don't push her too far. Remember what I told you about that."

"Right. Well, I had better get some sleep. Goodnight, old friend."

"You too."


End Chapter 1

Notes: This is a original story, in a fantasy world where magic is not common, but not denyed either. Think Dungeons and Dragons.

Slayers fans will notice that Lina is not acting like the traditional Lina. This story is written under the pretense that Lina, at some point, was thrown into this universe and, with Kori's help, got back home. And now, he called Lina here to train Hijido, knowig she would be the best person for the job. In a sence, she's grown up. Her martial status is deliberately left undefined. (Nya-nya! You'll all have to wait!) Lina's age is around twenty five.

The only character that I currently have plans to put in is Saffron from Ranma 1/2. Obscure character, but with a little tweaking, he's all I need. Any ideas, wants?
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