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Art Anti-War Class Project


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I have this project where you can do basicly whatever you want and I did graphic design. The only catch was that you had to choose a politcal issue and apply it to the past, present, and the future. As you can tell for the title I want to do Anti-War. What I would like from you all is for you to not only comment at the graphics but tell me if I put them in the right catagorie. Warning these graphics are not for weak at heart. Even when I was making them I almost end up crying.














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This amuses me because I just created a poster for a propaganda class that was somewhat related to this XDD since I went with an anti-war message as well. As such, I will probably be slightly off in saying anything about these cause I'm still thinking of my class *dies* (for the sake of comparison and since I mentioned it, here's [url=http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y105/redvoid/banners/lolterrorism.jpg]my image[/url])

Past --

Something about the text on the first two makes me go DX Maybe it's too fancy? Also, the extra stuff added to the first one almost makes the image too hard to read.
The last two are better. They both have simplier text, which is nice. Not sure about the use of color though, since the images are black and white. It doesn't bother me so much in the 3rd one but seems a bit much in the 4th one (maybe because it's black and purple and much darker than the 3rd one and you loose some of the image in the background)

Present --

Again, I don't think the text needs to be as fancy as it is. It's a bit distracting. I like the first two, but the second two.... hmm... Something about the text throws me off a bit. Though it could be the font making it hard to read? The third one is my least fave XP mostly cause it just goes over the top of my head. I thin the first one is the best out of them.

Future --

The text doesn't bother me so much here, actualy... except the one with the hearts cause it makes me go WTF. They seem really random. The first two are okay though (minus the hearts)... the second one, mostly because of the size, seems like a banner of some kind. Not sure if this is good or bad. Also, are you missing a word in the second one? Somehow it doesn't make sense O_o We forward? Is it meant to be We move forward? (also, this one doesn't seem as anti-war as the others).

Over all, I think they are all in the right categories and you totally get the anti-war message across. Some of them could use some work, but they are generally nicely done. Also, if these are intended to be done as if viewed by other people you should work more on the text as I think it requires too much effort to read because of the decorative fonts. To reference my class, text on posters (or anything else for that matter) is kept really simple so it can be read at a glance. In some cases it may also help to make the outline around your text a bit larger so it doesn't blend so much with the image itself
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Thanks for your help I'll try and work on them some more. There due this wednesday though and I have a lot of other finals to work on.

For the third present one. What I was going for was to show what children might be looking forward to in the future.

As for the future one with the hearts. I wanted to show with the font some sort of hope for the future though love. The writing is what the song lyrics said. I used a Bob Marley songs. Some times his lyrics are alittle messed up.

Your graphic is beautiful. I like it very much. Good luck in your project. I'm sure you will get a good grade in the class.
Again thanks for taking the time to comment.
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