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Okay... which do you think is the best way of representing the magic elements? the symbols would be part of a necklace if that affects anything...

[*]Swirl- air




I'm using the necklace as part of a plot line of mine, so please give your opinions.
Also, If there's a question mark next to the symbol it means I'm open for suggestions on that one. Thanks so much. :animesmil

-Water Fox
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[COLOR=DarkRed]Hey Water fox, perhaps you could explain a bit more as to why you want people's opinion? You say this is for a plot line, but a plot line for what? A story, a game, a manga you are drawing?

You need to give us some more details as to what this is for as well as possibly including a summary of the story, details like that will help people know which symbol they think would be the most effective or appropriate for what you have in mind.[/COLOR]
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[quote name='indifference][COLOR=DarkRed']Hey Water fox, perhaps you could explain a bit more as to why you want people's opinion? You say this is for a plot line, but a plot line for what? A story, a game, a manga you are drawing?[/COLOR][/quote]
[FONT=Arial]If my memory serves me, I think this goes back to an earlier thread:
[QUOTE]Originally posted by [B]Water fox, in [Any suggestions?][/B]
[I]In the fantasy I'm working on, some magic users have an elemental focus. They are considered a higher class then other magic users, and wear necklaces, each depending on their elements. For earth its a leaf, fire a flame, however for air and water I'm not sure what symbols to use. For now water is just a wave, but I don't think it works. I don't have any idea what to use for air. Suggestions?[/I][/QUOTE]


It's a tough call for an outsider to make, especially since I haven't yet looked at your style. (I plan on rectifying that, by the way.) I can say this, though:

The generic option is kind of bland, since it's, well, generic. Standard Runescape stuff there. It's all right, but that's about it.

The animals actually look kind of neat. Are you planning on putting little amulets in their shapes on the necklace, because that would be quite interesting. I would suggest, though that you switch the phoenix to the dragon, and use a hawk or falcon for the air; phoenix are a little hard to distinguish from regular birds, at least in my opinion. (Oh, and does anyone know what exactly the plural of phoenix actually is?) The crab would work, or a dolphin. Animal representation would give your magic an inherent nature quality.

You left out the shape for water. Incidentally, you might want to take a look at the [URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_elements][B]classical elements[/B][/URL] (that's a quick Wiki reference to start you off, and stay with the western elements), where each element had a geometric shape associated with it. If you represent magic this way, it might be strongly associated with old men who study old books [I]ad nauseum[/I] while locked in their studies, no?

The stones I like. They make everything seem kind of mystical, otherworldly, and what. I assume with the opal you'll be using an iridescent blue-green stone? It looks very neat that way; keep in mind, though, that both opal and sapphire come in many colors. Sapphire is most commonly blue, but it does come in white. Air depends on what color you want to use for it; my initial tendency would be white or clear, but blue is perfectly fine, and the color's up to you anyway. For earth, though, you might want to use yellow topaz or some other darker stone.

The final style you pick should reflect how you want magic to be used or to function in your story, so without clearer information about what you're planning to do with it, I can't suggest much else. I wish you luck, though, and I hope what I said didn't just further confuse you.[/FONT]
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