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Darks Anthro

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This takes place in the year 3045 A.D. in the Earth System. A ship drifting in space, damaged but working. Sitting on the bridge is the comander of the ship called Aroa's Light. He is sitting their looking at his fuel gage reading empty. The captain of this vessel is at the age of 20 and he was on a mission to gather other bounty hunters to join him but with no fuel and only emergancy power to life support on, he was (how should I say it) screwed.

His name was Sharu Bink. Broadcasting a signal for help on all wave lengths hoping to get a passing frieghter. What he did not excpect was another Bounty Hunter ship to pass by and stop. ^This is the ship Norma, what seems to be the problem captain of the Aroa's Light?^ Sharu: "Well I need enough fuel to make it to the next fueling platform or if you can tow me to the nearst space port I would be very greatful." ^Well , we are on are way to a space port if you would like use to tow you their?^ Sharu: "Thank you, to who am I speaking to?" ^The captain of the Norma, Alf and whom am I speaking to?^

Sharu: "Captain of the aroa's Light, Sharu. If at all possible could I come aboard and talk to you personaly?" Alf: 'Sorry, no can do. If you like we could agree on how to pay for the tow?" Sharu: "Ahh the tow, yes, how about some red wine and about 3.000credits?" Alf: "That seems resonable, agreed." After a day of being towed to the space station Alpha 12-3234, the Nomra flew off. Sharu: "That was too close. If they found out that I was a bounty hunter. They could have shoot me right there. Lucky I lock the main frame up before contacting them. Now to look for other bounty hunters for my crew."

Now He starts asking around for others with unique skills to join him. Sharu spends about three months (earth time) searching and he finds a few not alot but a few and information on others who are looking for work. Hopefully they join his crew of 10, 11 if you count him.

Sign ups.

Profession (what you do for a living):
Weapons (this is the year 3045 energy weapons are in but no over powered weapons and their are old style weapons too but they are rare and mostly expensive):

1: No god modding
2: Use appropate language
3: No more than 2 characters per person
4: Think, be creative, and have fun

For example my character is:

Name: Sharu

Age: 20

Gender: Male

Profession: Bounty Hunter, trader

Bio: An orphan from the age of 1. When he was 14, he was brought aboard the Aroa's Light as a cleaner. After serving 5 years with his crew mates, they where borded by raiders and killed. The previous captain tossed Sharu into an emergancy storage bin and locked it on a setting for 1 day. When he opened the shutters to see what happened to the 'Father Figure' captain, he was shot with out even a word said. Sharu declared reveange on the raiders, but realizing he could not take down a whole ban of raiders, he decided to train to become a hunter and make a group of people who showed some traits of him (like for example: Reveange on a certain group or person). At the age of 19, He visited Earth for the first time. Wondering around an old U.S. Military, he stumboled into a weapons cache! even though they were ancient they still worked. realizing that if he could smuggle 1/4 of this into his ship and sell the rest, he could get is ship reapaired, form a crew, and develop weapons from weapons and a few other vehicles from the old weapons he found! While flying a space station, he ran out of fuel. (read the paragraphs for the rest).

Weapons:After moddifying an old Barret Jackson (very) long range sniper rifle to use both metal projectiles (when gravity is present) and energy projectiles (when gravity is not present)
Special land vehicles: About 5 modded M1A1 Patriot tanks to use only energy shells and a fuel rod system engines, 10 hover transport vehicles (They are not combat ready and no weapons system, used to move materials), and 2 two seater fighter aircrafts (these are new tech fighters). He rarely uses them cause of the waiting peroid before he gets special authorization from the United Planets of the Galaxy or U.P.G for short. Its been a years since he requested the special licence to use them on missions.

F.Y.I.: Every mission is run through the U.P.G. service stations all over the galaxy. As well as any other activities that require special permission.
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