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Sign Up Naruto: Shinobi Exibition

The Enemy

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This is a tournament of ninja. A massive battle held every 50 years. Challengers from all the shinobi villages gather in the leaf village to decide which ninja shall become the rank of sannin. All ninja may compet, chunin and jounin are most common, but genin with potential may be fighters as well.

Fuzan walked around the leaf village looking for something to do, he had become jounin a while ago and the genin teams were still a fe months away, as were the chunin exams. He recently got back from a mission and the hokage didn't have anything for him for the next couple of weeks minimum. genin were doing missions around town, painting fences and getting groceries for seniors, chunin were wondering or also doing missions and jounin were away or bored like him. As he walked a flyer blew over his face, ninja reflexes made him swurve and catch it instead of letting it hit him, and he decided on reading it over.

[QUOTE] [U][B][SIZE=3]Come one come all any ninja may apply!![/SIZE][/B][/U]

It is time for the one event all ninja wait for the half decade shinobi exibition! A tournament for any and all ninja who wish to become legendary sanin. Ninja from all villages may enter. This year it will be held at the village hidden in the leaves. The battles will be held over the battle fields within the village, varying from open grass fields to dence forest underbrush. The battles will choose combatents at random, and be held to defeat, preventing death where possible.

[SIZE=1]WARNING: Any competitors will put their lives on the line facing an opponent, death may not be preventable in all situations. Competiters must be full fledged ninja, showing headbands at the entrance is a requirement, blood line traits are legal, feel free to use any unique skills or jutsu at your own precaution.[/SIZE][/QUOTE]

[I][U]Sign ups[/U][/I]
kekkei genkai or self-designed jutsu:
bio:[/B] (how you heard about the tournament)
[U][B]Rules and other info-[/B][/U]

This rp will only work if exactly 8 or 16 pple sign up, feel free to create more than one character. I will set up the matches after the sign ups are closed, I will simply post who is accepted in the form of the first match ups. Yes some people will not be allowed if there are too many sign ups (eg like if there's 9 or 10 but not close enough to wait for 16). And I will post my character soon after other begin joining. Last but not least, some people will have to lose, although they may come back to sabotauge other combatants during breaks, and even set traps in the very battle grounds, who knows, some may even interupt a match to kill the one who beat them...perhaps some ninja aren't there to compete in the tournament at all. Use your imaginations ok?
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[B]Name:[/B] Talik

[B]age:[/B] 23

[B]Appearance:[/B] see attachment

[B]rank:[/B] Jounin

[B]kekkei genkai or self-designed jutsu:[/B]
Leaf Storm Cover:through use of this technique Talik can infuse himself with chakra (much like Gai does to make his leaf whirlwind more powerful) so that a particular part of his body or even his entire body becomes much harder.

[I]Leaf Thunderstorm:[/I] A move in which the user(after hitting the opponent into the air) sends a barrage of punches sending the used down at a tremendous speed and ends with a kick tat hits at the same time as they hit the ground to create an amplified effect.
Leaf Lightning Kick: [/I]A lightning fast jumping kick hitting them into the air ussually followed by a downward kick hitting them into the ground followed by a punch or by Leaf Thunderstorm

[I]Leaf Twister:[/I] A spinning kick with both legs much like Leaf Great Whirlwind(a more common tai move)but is followed by a grab from the the user and a kick sending them into the ground.

[B]bio:[/B] He found out about the tournament from his old instructor who recommended him go since he had surpassed him and the other tai users in the village and could open up all the gates.
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Name: Toru Uragashi
Age: 17
Rank: Jounin (just promoted)
Appearance: [url]http://www.deviantart.com/view/41933691/[/url]

Self-designed jutsu: Water Fall Style Taijutsu: Learned in his Village of birth, (Hidden WaterFall), he has mastered this taijutsu over the years. It involves infusing the user's palms with chakra, and striking not with a fist, but with the palm itself. The whole technique is based around, "hitting your opponent with downward strikes of the palms." This is how it is explained to novices. (For everyone here, it sortof combines goken with juken, or feroucious fist with gentle fist. More of gentle fists style than the actually actually shooting chakra out, except wtih Toru's Pulse Punch)

The user's stance (WaterFall stance) is with his legs apart, standing upright. His hands are placed horizontally in front of him, with his dominant palm resting on his other palm. Chakra is stored by first rubbing the hands together, thus allowing it to flow more freely from the palm. Then it forms around the hands, making them extremely tough, even enough to stop ninjutsu or blades.

This style has it's own set of special attacks, as well as it's stances, such as:
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Water Fall stance[/COLOR]: up in second paragraph (power position)
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Raining stance[/COLOR]: This stance is one of movement; being everywhere at once to guard yourself from attack. (guarded position)
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Pulse Punch[/COLOR]- an attack that sends a wave of chakra through an opponent on contact, or just a wave in general.
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]Torrental Downpour[/COLOR]- all at once, and from everywhere; punches (or palms)
[COLOR=RoyalBlue]WaterFall Uppercut/other moves[/COLOR]: add the name WaterFall to the attack, and it is just a more powerful version of a regualar attack.

Bio: After being taught by incredible Jounin, he was able to fly through the Chunin exams as well as any mission that he was sent on. He continued training his fighting skills, and got much better than he used to be, to the point where he has almost mastered them. Not much had changed about him, except that now, instead of being energetic, he is more lathargic, or lazy, though he still loves a good, fair fight. He also was chosen for the ceremony of becoming Jounin, and that's where he is now.

One day, soon after his graduation to a Jounin, he came across an old friend, a teacher actually, who told him about the tournament. "I know how much you love fighting, so I figured I'd let you know," she had said. He looked at the sign-up sheet skeptically, "Well, as long as it's a fair fight," he had been casually talking, but now his interest was peaked, and he yelled, "I'm in!"

(OoC: I brought back Toru; yeah!!! :D)
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[SIZE=1]Sorry, [B]The Enemy[/B], but you've forgotten to put a [COLOR=Red]rating[/COLOR] on this thread. You should know you have to by now. If you ever forget it, PM a mod and we can add it in.

I'm going to lock this thread, but you can repost it when you've added a suitable rating.

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