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[COLOR=Indigo][SIZE=1][FONT=Arial][CENTER][IMG]http://img138.imageshack.us/img138/9176/untitled1uq4.png[/IMG] [/CENTER]

HERRO. Questions, etc go here. Just a few things to start with (RP thread goes up tomorrow my time (GST +10).

* The RP will have a loose chapter system. Nothing like Kill Adam, mind, which was awfully restrictive and something I'd never seek to emulate, more like vague goals for people to work toward. Like Sleepers, without the Acts.
* It's assumed everyone is starting in the same, anonymous city. This'll make things easier.
* Some characters don't have immediate proficiency with their skills, so you should keep it in mind. There's also biological changes behind the powers, so, for example, as Lance becomes more powerful he'll stop creating lactic acid, the parts of his brain for reaction will become larger and more well connected etc. You can incorporate this into posts if you want, but it's not necessary.[/FONT][/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkOrchid][font=times]Good times baby.... .....for everyone interested, the club Khali and Anna dance at is open people with money. I hope you'll all decide to be our sexy public.

In between the whole saving the world, bits.

As a note, Khali usually makes the pheromones specific for who she decides to persuade into doing idiot things. At least at this stage. Mass spectrum affect isn't possible yet for her.[/font][/COLOR]
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OOC: About Al.

- As was underlined in the sign-up, Al isn't human. He's a biological android, capable of being programmed by those that know how (like Bishop, from the movie [i]Alien[/i]). As such, he cannot be [i]killed[/i], moreso disassembled or destroyed. Even then, he is capable of being repaired and rebuilt. He doesn't need to eat, but he can. Nor does he need to sleep, but he will. It makes him appear normal to others.

- Who created him is still rather vague, I came up with the idea somewhat on a whim. Seraph, you can be the judge on who it is since it's mainly your story. Whether it be the conglomerate you spoke of, or just some obscure government facility. Essentially what will remain intact is that he was created to hunt other superhumans that were deemed as a threat to said organization and their goals, but he developed a conscience, and has to fight with what he was programmed to do.

- Whichever route is taken about his creation, there will be people looking for him. Trying to get him back to strip him of his free will.

- His stealthing ability currently only goes so far as what was listed in the post. Camoflauge, silence, greater sight and hearing. However can eventually expand into being able to raise and lower his body temperature to match the air around him, leaving no trace (so if he were walking in mud or sand, it wouldn't track), etc.

Needless to say the biggest battles the character fights are going to be internal. And the fact he can choose to be ally or traitor at any given time will be a good wrench with which to twist the story.
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