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Sign Up Wheel of Time: Prelude to Darkness (M-LV)


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[center][SIZE=4]The Wheel of Time[/SIZE][/center]
[center][SIZE=4]Prelude to Darkness[/SIZE][/center]

The ?Wheel of Time? belongs to Robert Jordan, this RP merely takes place in the world he has created.

A missing novice from the White Tower in Tar Valon is more of an annoyance really then a problem - with the number of new students dwindling, the Aes Sedai know that
every novice who disappears must be retrieved, and dealt with swiftly. However, Aleis Romlin, recently raised to the Amyrlin Seat from the Green Ajah, knows that something is wrong. The Amyrlin Seat knows the novice well ? she knows that Malin Al?Reem is a kind, hard working girl, who would not only never shrink from the challenges of the White Tower, but possessed a heart too kind to murder the pair of guards found on the Tower grounds. Not sure who she can trust, the Amyrlin Seat turns to those not yet strongly affiliated in the Tower ? they are to be sent out in order to find Malin, and bring her home before any harm comes to her.

The year is 891 NE, and you have received a letter from the Amyrlin Seat herself, requesting your presence in her study immediately.

[center]~ * ~ * ~ * ~[/center]

Ok so incase anyone couldn?t tell, this RP is based on the world created in Robert Jordan?s Wheel of Time series. As previously mentioned, this RP takes place in 891 NE ? for those of you unfamiliar to the dates in Wheel of Time, Malkier fell to the blight in 957 NE, and Rand Al?Thor, the Dragon Reborn, is born in late 978 NE. In this story, a novice of the White Tower named Malin has been taken by Darkfriends, and you are charged with returning her. This doesn?t necessarily mean that you must start your character in the White Tower ? your character may not have been given this task by the Amyrlin Seat, but will eventually become part of the small group sent to bring her back. Of course, it goes without saying that this task will be much harder then it sounds, and the story will continue after we find (if we find) Malin. I?d like to keep this RP fairly small, and will therefore most likely only be accepting three or four others. Sign-ups go as follows:

[b]Age [/b]
[b]City of Origin[/b]
[b]Class[/b] ? this could be anything at all. I?ll accept anything so long as it follows the timeline (i.e. no Asha?man)
[b]Physical Description[/b]
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[B]Name:[/B] Adir Hartlan
[B]Age:[/B] 18
[B]City of Origin:[/B] Maradon, Saldaea
[B]Class: [/B] Warder's apprentice
[B]Physical Description:[/B] Adir has shoulder length black hair and ice blue eyes. He has a fairly muscular build and is quite tall for his age. Unlike most of his fellow Saldaeans, Adir does not have the mustache or the type of eyes common to his people.
[B]Personality:[/B] As a child and well into his early teens, Adir was the center of his peers aggression. Because he did not look the same as his fellow Saldaeans, he would be called an outsider and told he did not belong, but his pride for Saldaea still stayed strong. Although his heart belongs in Saldaea, Adir has traveled to the White Tower, not because he could not take the constant pestering of his countrymen, but because he had an unfortunate encounter with a woman and the sa'sara. Adir is a riding prodigy, and never goes anywhere without his white stallion Selis, or his serpentine dagger at his side.
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[b]Name:[/b] Julile Chomarin

[b]Age:[/b] 17

[b]City of Origin:[/b] Tar Valon

[b]Class:[/b] Warder?s Apprentice

[b]Physical Description:[/b] Julile has a soft face that doesn't quite suite a Warder - however, he still has years yet to perfect the stony faces that all Gaidin seem to have. Unlike his face however, he has hard, deep blue eyes, which seem to hold a hidden pain. At 5?11?, he has long brown hair with natural blonde highlights that ends at his shoulders and a short (but not stubby) nose. Julile usually wears simple clothing that he doesn't mind getting dirty or ripped (especially during Gaidin training). Julile also has a dark green cloak that he wears while on free days spent in the city.

[b]Personality:[/b] As a child, Julile was a kind, gentle boy. As he grew older, he became harder on the inside (although it doesn't show on the outside). Julile is still kind, yet strong when he needs to be. He is enthusiastic and incredibly loyal (a great quality in a Warder). When bonded to an Aes Sedai, Julile would be the kind of person who would die to let her live another day. However, under a calm, kind and happy exterior, Julile is cautious, and dangerous like a lion when holding his blade. He has no fear of "sheathing the blade" if it in turns saves others.
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... Well, with the overwhelming success of this sign-up, I've come to my decision. It was a long, hard selection process and many of you didn't make the cut, but my decision has been made. The following members have been allowed into the RP:

1. Adas

2. Amorak

If anyone would still like to RP, send your sign-up info in a PM to me and I'll still read it over. However, at this point, sign-ups are

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[QUOTE=Adas]If anyone would still like to RP, send your sign-up info in a PM to me and I'll still read it over. However, at this point, sign-ups are


[COLOR=DarkGreen]Are you serious? You only gave it less than four days! I wouldn't be that impatient if I were you... Give it time, man, give people [I]at least[/I] a week. What's the rush?[/COLOR]
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[quote name='Sandy][COLOR=DarkGreen]Are you serious? You only gave it less than four days! I wouldn't be that impatient if I were you... Give it time, man, give people [I]at least[/I'] a week. What's the rush?[/COLOR][/quote]

Well, in the hope that other's may sign up still - although I doubt it - I guess I could re-open the sign up. It will be re-closed a week from today, so I guess that makes it June 6th. That being said, sign-ups are now

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[COLOR=Black][SIZE=1]I think the reason we're experiencing this problem is because not many people have read the Wheel of Time series. You do not need complete knowledge of the series in order fully participate in the RP, as Adas has told me. I have only read up to the fourth book in the series so I have only a slight background. Maybe if you, Adas, were to give a short summary and background of the world in which we will be RPing maybe more people would feel comfertable in participating. I realize it would be difficult to summerize the whole world which Robert Jordan has created but it may be beneficial. Anyways its just a thought.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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