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Sign Up Set A Blaze [PG-LVS]


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[SIZE=1]Year 2182

May 4.

20 years it has been since the England monarchy has falling. Due to the assassination of Queen Elizabeth on 2023, the England Empire slowly crumbled. None of the Queen?s relatives have been good suitors for the throne. Today marks the 20th anniversary of the public rebelling. 3,000 royal guards, 52,000 policemen, and 120,000 civilians? lives lost on London?s rebelling. 15,000 policemen and 5,000 civilians died in Oxford rebelling. 4,000 policemen and 3,000 civilian died on Reading?s rebelling. Each rebelling set three hours apart, all around River Thames. Even now, no one knows the organizers of this treachery. Those of noble blood have believed it to be the man who soon fell into power 3 months after the rebelling is to blame.

Arthur Bagley has mysteriously popped into power. No records of him in United Kingdom database. No birth certificate, credit cards, ID, school records, working papers, or alien card. No one knows how he fell into power as the government was trying to replenish itself after the rebellions. So far we know is that Arthur rules the United Kingdoms in dictatorship. No one can speak, write, nor think anything against Arthur?s rules. Most Nobles were killed due to so called ?tyranny? against Arthur.

Even so some ?good? as come of Arthur?s dictatorship. England has become the center of technology. All taxes have gone to fund for the good of science and military strength. Arthur has been making the science division work on his little project. Even as the head of the science division little details have been spoken to me. All we know we are to make a biological weapon, for reasons unknown. Our subjects are but humans, at least three picked up each day. Most of them have committed ?felonies? against the nation from plotting against dictatorship to going past the 10 o?clock curfew set to all civilians. Some are unknown as they seem to be just children around the ages of 5-16. It is a precaution to have the memory of our subjects to be wiped clean. All records and relations of our subjects have been?abolished.

Some subjects were a failure and their atoms were feed to the others as ?food?. So far we have seven successful experiments called ?contractors.? These contractors have powers beyond human capability. These powers however only last for a certain period of time. They also come with a price, a contract if you will they must follow. We have found out not settling with this contract have created?dire consequences. Each subject failing to do their contract have been completely abolished, turned to ashes as their atoms slowly break apart. This consequence affects in the matter of minutes. With the data we gathered we have found out two things: 1) you have exactly twenty minutes to follow through with your contract after the use of your power 2) each contract Is different as it seems that each success experiment have distinct actions after using their powers.

We have also successfully created ?dolls? synthetic humanoids much like contractors but without a contract to follow. Their powers are not as affective as contractors but they seem to serve purpose as radars. Some of these dolls can suit their purpose as clones of dead people inserted with their memory. These dolls suit their purpose for three days as their memory is soon to be erased. Those type dolls are used for deceiving purposes only as to pull out rebels out of hiding. Normal dolls are considered an extend of contractors powers.

Now for the real problem, three weeks from now I am to follow orders to release our experiments. They are to be controlled by the military. They will be in the new established force Sector 7. I have not been told the reason why this squad was established. So far I know that my ?children? will be in contact with the outside world, as well as work with humans who won?t be so kind towards their powers. I fear the worst for them as humans can be cruel to things they do not understand. I also fear the capabilities of this new squad as well as their purpose?..


This RP is influenced by Ghost In Shell, Darker than Black, and V for Vendetta.

People are able to play either contractors or humans assigned to Sector 7. The humans assigned are considered the best of the best. They are professionals at what they do are certainly not rookies. Human characters must be older than 25 years old. Contractors may be older than sixteen. Dolls are NPC?s but may be mentioned throughout the RP. The cities of England are ruled with an iron fist as they are many riots throughout England. Sector 7 HQ resides on London, Camden but power extends throughout London City. Characters origin can reside anywhere in the European continent. The role of Sector 7 will be revealed throughout the RP.

For info and any question that might pop up please go to the [+] Underground (Add Link after first sign up)

Sign Up:

Name: (Contractors have assigned names, no last names. Cultural diversity would be nice to see in signups)
Appearance: ( Contractors look completely human. A paragraph and/or picture would be needed preferably both. Photos not anime pictures would be preferred but not mandatory.)
Race: (Contractor/Human)
Weapon: ( For contractors weapons can be used as an extend of their powers. Humans can specialize in a certain weapon.)
Personality: (Earlier contractors are considered to be emotionless. Contractors now may retain some emotions)
Bio: (Contractors only have memory of time in the lab with the scientist. A back ground history may be used.)

Contractors only:

Ability: Your ability can be anything. Blowing up things, transferring anything threw rock, or flying. I expect people to be extremely creative about their ability and limitations.

Contract: Something you must do or forfeit. This may include breaking a specific finger, lining up pebbles in order, or eating a certain type of thing (such as flower). This again can be extremely imaginative.

Humans Only:

Spots need to be filled by human.

Tech Support: Such as mechanics specialist, may work and build machines. This person may work with Dolls. This person may have full knowledge about the contractors

Doctor: On board medic of the team. This does not mean you do not fight. You may use you doctor skills to your full advantage.

Director: You have full connection to Arthur Bagley himself. You get direct contact from him for mission specifications. If anything happens you are directly responsible for it, especially if mission was not followed out exactly. You may call these positions as ?leader?. This also means you get annoying PM?s from me.

The rest of the humans can be just normal high standard officer.

I hope you enjoy. [/SIZE]
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[color=scarlet]Name: ANNA
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearance: She is unusually short for a girl her age, and her raven hair flows freely down her back. Her hair is always unkempt; while she does wash it, she does little else. She appears to always be sad, even when she claims to be happy. SHe wears dark eyeliner and black lipstick.
Race: Contractor
Weapon: Emotion
Personality: Sad. She has a difficult time feeling anything else, due to her being a contractor. SHe is full of angst, and will lash out at those who show even the slightest dislike of her.
Bio: THe scientists in the lab were always nice to her, yet she was not to truly appreciate it. Her emotional isolation just made her become more and more moody.

Contractors only:

Ability: EMotional control. She can control the emotions of others she has direct line of sight with; however, they must be emotions she feels as well. Due to her having a hard time with her feelings, this can be difficult.

Contract: Must genuinely smile. Again, this is difficutl due to her poor emotional abilities.[/color]
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