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[COLOR=DarkOrange]I can't believe there hasn't been a thread about this yet!


(okay, it's hard to find decent pics that don't involve playing the shoujo-ai card but what the hell, it's fun to watch)

[B]Simoun[/B], despite what impression it starts off giving with all these hot chicks kissing, is a very serious sci-fi drama. Do you like Gundam, but are tired of the same old damn mech shows that take themselves too seriously and rehash old plots? Well, here's a show for you.

First of all, I'd love to give a synopsis of this show as usual, but this show has layers upon layers of exposition that would take too long to explain, and besides I've only just finished ep. 3. This show has tons of background information -- for those of you who like a story based on a thick, interesting background this is for you.

The first episode honestly threw me off because it's unbearably serious and all 'this is a war show' right off the bat. The more relaxed feel of the next 2 episodes reeled me right in though and I'm now on board.

This show is increadibly popular among big time anime fans and is considered a modern classic by many. so much so, in fact, it managed to get liscenced (your in luck for once!!!) though since the DVDs are far off, it's still rather easy to find subs. Get em while they last, lol.[/COLOR]
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Yeah, really! I'm so pleased that waiting for the DVDs paid off with this one. Media Blasters is becoming Yuri Central, as far as the North American fandom is concerned. Coming from them, it'll be cheap as hell, too. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the show.

By the way, not to harsh your yuri high, but that image is over 2 mb. Might cause a problem for some people.

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[COLOR=DarkOrange]Okay! Just got done watching this amazing series, and now I'm ready to share my thoughts.

[B]Simoun [/B] is a great show for plenty of reasons. Now it does have it's faults, but by the time the show is over, you'll have forgotten all about those. Looking back at it, i really wish I had been around when this show was being heavily talked about, because I would have loved to give the play-by-lay of every episode. This show was truly driven by great, dramatic moments that made you say 'ZOMG' as well as a cast of characters that you couldn't help but love. (except Floe. i always hated her.)

In any event, the ending was really great. It really could have ended at episode 25, and I'd be saying it was a great ending, but i think it was episode 26 that really changes one's perception on the series as a whole. The [spoiler]epilogous endings for each character [/spoiler]were great, but the ending filled me with a deep sadness as well.

Essentially, it was like the ending of [spoiler][B]1984[/B][/spoiler] all over again. On the one hand, i want to say 'that was a great story' and look at how happy the characters are. But on the other hand I have the insatiable urge to stab someone!!!!


[spoiler]They resigned to their fates. They are happy, yes, and their endings, for some of them, went just how I'd wanted; for others it was a total twist. But for all of the ones who did resign, i was pissed the **** off. don't ask me why -- it always makes me cry to see an ending like this. My romantic heart is filled with sadness, i might say. I just... I don't even wanna talk about it T_T

On another note, my favorite ending was dominura and Limone. Limone was always y favorite character and seeing her all grown up made me feel all warm inside. I also like jun's unconventional but satisfying ending.

I'm kinda torn in my idea of Aeru and Niviril's ending, though. On the one hand, I was glad to see them in the land of hope, but i expected a little more climax from it, I guess. In any event, it made me yearn for their way of life. If I had a road to choose, it would be that one.

i also loved Morinas' ending. I was waiting the whole series for her and the mechanic guy to finally live in peace - I thought for sure one would die, but I was so proud of them for making it through. Everyone else's ending was alright. I kind of wanted Paraietta and the one orange-haired girl to get together, but that's just my "everyone must be paired" sense tingling, lol.[/spoiler]

In any event, it was a great end to a great series, but one that is going to weigh heavily on me for a bit. Hopefully not as heavily as [B]NHK[/B]...[/COLOR]
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