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Anime El Cazador de la Bruja


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[url=http://www.elcazador.tv/][u]Official Japanese site[/u][/url]
[url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ2-dMvf9lA][u]First promo spot[/u][/url]

El Cazador de la Bruja ("The Witch Hunter" in Spanish) is the third series in [url=http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/people.php?id=372][u]Koichi Mashimo's[/u][/url] trilogy of "girls with guns" anime. The first two were Madlax and Noir. Given that all of the shows feature different characters and take place in different settings, they shouldn't actually qualify as a trilogy, but the themes and so forth are so similar that you can see why he might call it that.

Which means that it shouldn't be too hard to figure out where El Cazador is going from the outset. Expert assassin and/or gunslinging girl meets not-so-expert, younger-looking girl. They delve into the buried secrets of each other's pasts while having vaguely yuri-ish relationships with everyone around them (with all of this being done to music by Yuki Kajiura). The one difference I can perceive in El Cazador is that it seems as if it might have a sense of humor. It's been a long time since Mashimo did comedy.

This starts airing in Japan in early April, but it's probably going to be licensed sooner rather than later. I'll be on board for the DVDs as long as it ends up being more eventful than .hack//Roots.

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Oi! This is another anime airing in Japan right now that I'm going to talk about regardless of wether or not you care. :p Though, since often these threads sink into the abyss, I won't go overboard this time ^^;;

First of all, if you've liked [B]Noir [/B] or [B]Madlax[/B], this is your show. [B]el Cazador [/B] is the third in [B]Bee Train's [/B] 'girls with guns' show trilogy, making it the spritual successor to the previously mentioned series. Now, I''ve never seen Madlax and I've only seen 1 episode of Noir, so I can't speak for them, but I'm on episode 2 of El Cazador, and I gotta say, I'm loving it.

The story involves the blonde girl seen in the picture, Ellis, who is wanted with a high price on her head. Everyyone and their grandma is after her, but it's the red haired girl (also a bounty hunter) who ends up taking her under her wing.

Ellis is extremely innocent and pretty airheaded, plus she seems to be some kind of amnesiac. It's cool, though, because they don't push the amnesia thing at all. The show is very fast-moving and has the style of a western shooter movie (it do take place in Meihico.)

So far I've just been loving this show in all ways. The girls are both cool and their personalities form a great team. There are a thousand mysteries looming overhead and the word [B]Leviathan [/B] is used (I so love that word!)[/COLOR]
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[QUOTE=Dagger]I feel so evil and cruel doing this* but...

Merged. :catgirl:

*Especially since I never got around to watching El Cazador.


[COLOR=DarkOrange]Meanie! anyway, since the show is still airing (only on ep 9) you have plenty of time to pick up. It's not been liscenced or anything. In any event, just in case I just accidentally wasted the last post this thread will ever get *points to blog* I'll still be talking about it there.[/COLOR]
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