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Sign Up Digimon: Digital Universe (PG-V)


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[SIZE=4]Hi guys, I'm making this game so y'all can play with me. So please play this. This game is about an evil digimon villian that creates chaos digimon. We have 2 sop him before he takes over the digital world, but there is more than 1 world in the digital universe. We have 2 find him. When Galemon and Takato save the world and the digital world from the D-Reaper an egg was made.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]When the egg hatched an evil Digimon popped out. The evil monster was called Stalamon. As it aged it grew stronger, grew more evil, and digivolved. Then one finale day it digivolved to it's mega digivolved form, Duskmon. When this happened he was able to make artificial digimon called Chaos Digimon.[/SIZE]

[SIZE=4]While this was happening the digimon kids were told stories about 8 humans that would destroy the monster. Their belief in this was strong, they knew that if they kept praying that the humans would save them. One day an Agumon was searching for a way to stop Duskmon. As he searched he found a rock with a blue device stuck in it. When he touched it, it glowed and he disappeared.[/SIZE]

Below is the game application fill it out to play the game, we have 7 spots open. You have to write the description of your charicter and one of the digimon you're going to get. You get 4 digimon. One of them has to be a made up, and the rest has to be real. the one u have to put up is the made up one.

This is mine.

Name: Marcus
Gender: Male
Crest: Power
Digivice color: Silver
Description: Blue Jeans, Black Shirt, and Medium Spiky Black Hair.

1st Digimon

In training: Solamon
Rookie: cosmomon
Champion: Galactamon
Ultimate: Shikazimon
Mega: War Galactamon
Sun: Starmon
Moon: moonmon
Matrix: Matrixmon
Galactic: Universalmon
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Name: Daisuke Dyem
Age: 14
Gender: male
Crest: Rage
Digivice Color: Green
Character Description: Daisuke Always wears blue Jeans, A Black T-shirt With a Vest, and always has a hat atop his head, he has Black spiky hair and topaz eyes.

1st Digimon
In Training: Dramon
Rookie: Dracomon
Champion: Grozzmon
Ultimate: Shreth Grozzmon
Mega: Sinthin Grozzamon
Sun: Volticdramon
Moon: Lunitechmon
Matrix: Rainbowdramon
Galactic: Rantic Grozzmon
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[SIZE=1]garmeil, welcome. Please read our sticky so you understand how we RP at the OtakuBoards. While you have a rating and good grammar (I'm very encouraged by this, thank you) your introduction is too short.

We knew that this area is for role play games, so stating that this thread is a role play is highly redundant. If you could provide your potential players with more information on back story/the role they'll be taking in more detail that would be much better. Take a look at some successful recruitment threads to see what I mean.

Thank you for clearly taking note of most of our ground rules, you just need to tighten this up a little.

Feel free to repost when you've given more detail,

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