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meero michi, 16, tall for her age, as normal as any girl, except she had a blinde eye, and cat ears anf tail. she'd walk around with an impassive face, not many people talked to her, but when people did, she'd put a fakke smile on and just talk politly, sometimes she let her emotions go out of control and kill the person she's talking to. that's why she's now in the leaf village. this genin has been through over 4 villages. now she's in kohona.

"one pork ramen please" she said sitting sitting down in a ramen shop.

"right away ma'am!" the chef said happily.

"hmm....sir? can you change that order to salmon?"

"of course i can, just wait a little!" he said cheerily.

"thank you sir. has anyone been around lately? this note says i'm supposed to meet my tour guide here."

"no ma'am! you've been the only one i've seen this afternoon"

"thank you." so she sat there waiting, ate her ramen and just sat there waiting still, till she saw a figure running towards the ramen shop.[I]must be the tour guide...he's late...or is it a she...eh, who cares, the person's late, that's all that matters[/I] she thought shrugging.

back story: meero is the new girl on the block, she needs a new sensei and a new team, she is a quite girl, so she needs team members that are basically talkitive so she has to reply. the only problem? she has a short fuse and once you light it she almost immediatly goes boom! so be careful about that!


ok! the rules.

1)you can use any oc you own that's naruto based.
2)no invincble characters.
3)no perfect ocs, no one is perfect and neither should your characters.
4)you can use anyone's oc as long as you got permission.
5) have fun!


to sign up. you must include

character's name(must be easy to remember)-
best jutsu attack-
appearnce(picture or typed up)-
personality(1-2 paragraphs)-
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Guest yokobandit12
hi beck!!!
character's name-Rinika
best jutsu attack-i dont know!!!
weapons-kuni,shukin,demon wid shuikin(i dont know what else --')
appearnce-you know what she looks like but
Request For Masterkoga

Hosted By theOtaku.com. whaaa! ive just notised something most of the pics are of rinika and sasuke! XD
personality-a very quite girl most of the time.likes to hang out with team 7 alot.needs a team too.(sorry i really dont know what to put im hopeless --')
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[COLOR=DarkRed]hey, person above me. here is a better example

Name: Hal Krozark

Age: 16

Level: Genin

Best Jutsu: Summoning Jutsu. Is only able to summon lower power bears at the time.

Weaponn: Besides standard equipment, A Katana, can split into two seperate blades.

Appearance: [URL=http://allyoucanupload.webshots.com/v/2005059319615674027][IMG]http://aycu26.webshots.com/image/17225/2005059319615674027_th.jpg[/IMG][/URL]

Personality: Hal is very defensive of his friends, always willing to draw his sword. Wants to do whatever it takes to accomplish his goals. Enjoys being ironic and using puns. Aslo loves pissing people off by playing loud music.[/COLOR]
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[color=DarkGreen]Hey, myanimeworld, and sorry, but this game just won't cut it.

You lack a rating, plus your grammar is quite horrible. I see [I]zero[/I] capital letters in your post, the punctuation is off and you mispell quite a many words.

The two sign-ups are also very lacking in both grammar and in detail. C'mon guys, I trust you could do much better than that! ;D

Anyway, I think it's obvious that the time is not ripe for you to start an RPG of your own yet, myanimeworld, so I'll have to close this one down.

- Sandy

*thread closed*[/color]
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