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Sign Up Digimon: Digital Universe [PG]


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Long ago, an evil Digimon called, The D-Reaper attacked earth almost destroying it, If not for Takato and his friends. When they destroyed the D-reaper it turned into data, which eventually turned into a digi egg, but this egg was different it was an egg of pure evil.

After About 20 years of fertilizing in evil, the egg hatched an evil Digimon. The evil monster was called Stalamon. As it aged it grew stronger, grew more evil, and digivolved. Then one finale day it digivolved to it's mega form, Duskmon. When this happened he was able to make artificial digimon called Chaos Digimon.

During this time 6 kids were born. These kids were born for one soul purpose, to save the digital world. When these kids reached a certain age, Their Digivice a tool they would come to know would be sent out with their crest.

During this RPG, 4 of the 6 kids will be brought into the light to destroy Duskmon, while the other 2 Are corrupted by evil to serve Duskmon their lord and master. who will win? I guess We'll Find out.

Below, is the game applications fill it out to play the game, we have 5 spots open, You have to write the description of your character and one of the Digimon you're going to get. You get 4 Digimon. One of them has to be a made up, and the rest have to be real. The one u have to put up is the made up one. Each one in your form should have atleast 1 attack.

Here is the Form:
Digivice Color:
1st Digimon:
In Training: Attack:
Rookie: Attack:
Champion: Attack:
Ultimate: Attack:
Mega: Attack:
Sun: Attack:
Moon: Attack:
Matrix: Attack:
Galactic: Attack:

This is mine.

Name: Marcus
Gender: Male
Apperance: [COLOR=Black]Blue Jeans[/COLOR], [COLOR=Black]Black Shirt[/COLOR], [COLOR=Black]Sun Glasses[/COLOR], [COLOR=Black]black[/COLOR] and [COLOR=Silver]silver[/COLOR] sneackers, with Medium, Spiky, [COLOR=Black]Black Hair[/COLOR].
Crest: Power
Digivice Color: [COLOR=Silver]Silver[/COLOR]
1st Digimon:
In training: Solamon
Rookie: Cosmomon
Champion: Galactamon
Ultimate: Shikazimon
Mega: War Galactamon
Sun: Starmon
Moon: Septiaramon
Matrix: Matrixmon
Galactic: Universalmon

I will post Attacks when i can.

Here i will keep the names of those playing: (I will update as you post your Digimon)
[COLOR=Silver](Me)Marcus-crest: Power Digimon: Solamon [/COLOR] [COLOR=DarkGreen]Daisuke Dyem (Blazerman32)-Crest: Rage Digimon: Dramon koromon Sunmon tokomon[/COLOR]
[COLOR=Purple]Kiki Adouine (Nefertimon) Crest: Depth Digimon: Draguchimon Tsumemon gummymon Yaamon[/COLOR]

Thanks, I hope you like my RP Y'all.
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Name: Daisuke Dyem
Age: 14
Gender: male
Apperance: Daisuke Always wears blue Jeans, A black T-shirt With a vest, and always has a hat atop his head, he has Black spiky hair and topaz eyes.
Crest: Rage
Digivice Color: Green
1st Digimon:
In Training: Dramon Attack: Venom claw
Rookie: Dracomon Attack: Venom shoot
Champion: Grozzmon Attack: Axe Crusher
Ultimate: Shreth Grozzmon Attack: Vx Strike
Mega: Sinthin Grozzamon Attack: vex striker
Sun: Volticdramon Attack: Lighting Mirage
Moon: Lunitechmon Attack: Tech Buster
Matrix: Rainbowdramon Attack: Rainbow synthesis
Galactic: Rantic Grozzmon Attack: Glorious Blaze
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Hmmm... I might be interested in signing up, but before that, I have a question.

Okay, I'm familiar with the Fresh-Mega line of a Digimon, but what are the Sun/Moon/Matrix/Galactic forms for? Judging by your signup, I'd say those are the real Digimon we have, but if that's so, that means we have five Digimon in all, which is not right...
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[QUOTE=Nefertimon]Hmmm... I might be interested in signing up, but before that, I have a question.

Okay, I'm familiar with the Fresh-Mega line of a Digimon, but what are the Sun/Moon/Matrix/Galactic forms for? Judging by your signup, I'd say those are the real Digimon we have, but if that's so, that means we have five Digimon in all, which is not right...[/QUOTE]

Nope, the Sun, Moon, Matrix, And Galactic are Forms I made up so people would be able to use some of their own creativity.

* I read your post again, and i forgot to answer your whole question. The Sun/Moon/Matrix/Galactic forms are like extra forms, but also...stronger evolutions for Digimon that are more powerful than megas in this RPG.
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Sweet! Thanks for accepting me, this is my first RPG on this forum, so thank you again. Anyway, here are 2 more of my Digimon for the RPG.

In training: Sunmon Attack: Burst Flare
Rookie: Coronamon Attack: Flamer Fist
Champion: Firamon Attack: Giga Flare Swipe
Ultimate: Flaremon Attack: Emmer Blitz
Mega: Apollomon Attack: sol blaster
Sun: Apollomon BM Attack: Spark Emitter
Moon: Sunlormon Attack: Sun shower
Matrix: solar Eclipticmon Attack: Eclipse Of Fire
Galactic: lundedmon Attack: Life blazing Punch

In training: Koromon Attack: Bubble flame
Rookie: Agumon Attack: Baby Burner
Champion: Geo Greymon Attack: Geo Blaster
Ultimate: Rise Greymon Attack: Trident Revolver
Mega: Shine Greymon Attack: Shining Burst
Sun: Shine Greymon BM Attack: Corona Blaze Sword
Moon: Shine Greymon RM Attack: Corrupted Blade
Matrix: Draco Greymon Attack: Fang tail Whip
Galactic: Geo Alpha Greymon Attack: Glorious Galactic Scythe

* I forgot to mention i made up my digimon's Sun/Moon/Matrix/Galactic forms. I hope thats ok.
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Ha ha, this character is from a Harry Potter fanfic I'm planning to write, but I've used her mother in a Digimon RPG once before. I might have her mother appear in the Digital World once in a while, if that's OK. All she has is a Tsukaimon and she's not a Digidestined.

And since we don't know what our made-up Digimon look like, I included pictures of them.

[color=darkred][u]Name:[/u] Kiki Adouine
[u]Age:[/u] 11
[u]Gender:[/u] Female
[u]Appearance:[/u] Kiki looks younger than she really is. She's about four feet tall, and she has short, wavy blond hair in pigtails, and amber eyes that perfectly match her mother's. She normally wears a white shirt with a black cat on it, a black sweater, a short black skirt, gray stockings, and black shoes.
[u]Crest:[/u] Depth (meaning there's a deeper meaning behind things)
[u]Digivice Colour:[/u] Black and purple

[u]Digimon 1[/u]
[b]In-Training:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/maryuchi.gif]Draguchimon[/url] [Mini Fireball]
[b]Rookie:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/psiad.gif]StarPiximon[/url] [Psy Blast, Pixie Leaves]
[b]Champion:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/aquasu.gif]Nemurimon[/url] [Hypnotic Wave, Chloro Blast]
[b]Ultimate:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/samakura.gif]Sakuramon[/url] [Flower Blade, Petal Storm]
[b]Mega:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/auresia.gif]Fetherbymon[/url] [Light Streak, Enlightenment]
[b]Sun:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/isix.gif]SunPhoenixmon[/url] [Solar Flare, Phoenix Song, Fire Streak]
[b]Moon:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/luciel.gif]IceAngemon[/url] [Gentle Frost]
[b]Matrix:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/saiyanma.gif]Dragonflymon[/url] [Magic Fire, Silver Tornado]
[b]Galactic:[/b] [url=http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v460/qingrila/pokems/auroracle.gif]Oraclemon[/url] [Aurora Cannon]

[u]Digimon 2[/u]
[b]In-Training:[/b] Tsumemon [Nail Scratch]
[b]Rookie:[/b] Keramon [Crazy Giggle]
[b]Champion:[/b] Wizardmon [Electro Squall, Magical Game]
[b]Ultimate:[/b] Phantomon [Shadow Scythe]
[b]Mega:[/b] Piedmon [Trump Sword]
[b]Sun:[/b] Seraphimon [Strike of the Seven Stars]
[b]Moon:[/b] Mercurymon [Dark Reflection, Mirror Offset]
[b]Matrix:[/b] AncientWisemon [Elder Sign]
[b]Galactic:[/b] MedievalGallantmon [Laser of Wyvern]

[u]Digimon 3[/u]
[b]In-Training:[/b] Gummymon [Bubble Blow]
[b]Rookie:[/b] Terriermon [Terrier Tornado]
[b]Champion:[/b] Gatomon [Lightning Paw, Cat's Eye Hypnotism]
[b]Ultimate:[/b] Nefertimon [Queen's Paw, Cat's Eye Beam, Rosetta Stone]
[b]Mega:[/b] HippoGryphomon [Sonic Voice, Heat Wave]
[b]Sun:[/b] Ophanimon [Sefirot Crystals, Eden's Javelin]
[b]Moon:[/b] Zephyrmon [Hurricane Gale, Plasma Pods]
[b]Matrix:[/b] Magnadramon [Holy Fire, Dragon Fire]
[b]Galactic:[/b] AncientSphinxmon [Necro Eclipse, Dark Blast]

[u]Digimon 4[/u]
[b]In-Training:[/b] Yaamon [Rolling Black]
[b]Rookie:[/b] Tsukaimon [Purple Fog, Friendly Fire]
[b]Champion:[/b] Witchmon [Poison Storm]
[b]Ultimate:[/b] Bastemon [Vampire Dance, Helter Skelter]
[b]Mega:[/b] Crusadermon [Spiral Masquerade, Scarlet Tempest, Fist of Athena]
[b]Sun:[/b] Ranamon [Draining Rain, Dark Vapour]
[b]Moon:[/b] Lilithmon [Phantom Pain, Nazar Nail, Darkness Love]
[b]Matrix:[/b] Sakuyamon [Talisman Sphere, Spirit Strike, Amethyst Wind]
[b]Galactic:[/b] Rosemon [Thorn Whip, Rose Spear][/color]

*Note: The made-up Digimon line is actually composed of Pokemon I created... I just turned them into Digimon for a while.
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OK! Here is my finale Digimon:
In-training: Tokomon Attack: Acid Bubbles
Rookie: [URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kudamon]Kudamon [/URL] Attack: Holy shot
Champion: Reppmon Attack: Whirling Blade
Ultimate: Quilinmon Attack: Gale soaring Sword
Mega: sleipmon Attack: Bifrost
Sun: Flamdramon Attack: Fire Rocket
Moon: Baihumon Attack: Zephyr Claw
Matrix: Bantyoleomon Attack: lion king Advance
Galactic: Chaos Blk War Greymon Attack: Gaia Force

* If u Don't know who Kudamon is click his name for a picture of him.
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Also It's fine if u have the mother in the RPG somtimes.

Here is my 2nd digimon.

In-Training: Gigimon
Rookie: Guilmon
Champion: Growlmon
Ultimate: War Growlmon
Mega: Gallantmon
Moon: Slashmon
Sun: Clawmon
Matrix: Blaze Growlmon
Galactic: Cozmic War Growlmon

No he didnt come up with the moon, sun, matrix, or galactic forms.
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