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Gaming Call of Juarez (western Shooter)


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Hiya Folks. Doubt most people would know/remember me.

I recently tested this game myself as well as have my name in the credits at the end. It is called Call of Juarez.

It is a shooter based in the Old West. I will not spoil anything in the story which I found it to be fairly decent. The game consists of two Main characters. The Priest and the Mexican male.

I found the controls to be very smooth as well as the game in mulitplayer is extremely enjoyable. The new features in this is the ability to fight against eachother on horseback and the controls for the horses could not be any easier. The graphics were in my opinion decent of the Xbox 360 and much sharper on the PC.

Has anyone tried this game? I am not a big fan of westerns mind you but those who are should take a look into it. Those who have tried this game please feel free to tell us what you thought of the game and please leave a good lengthly post.
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[quote name='Swedish Chef']Hiya Folks. Doubt most people would know/remember me. [/quote]

Oh Really? I find that quite offensive, thank you very much.

On another note, I'm yet to try out Call of Juarez but it looks awesome. You'd think that something as good looking as this game would have recieved some hype or advertising. This leads leaves me with the belief that the game will not receive an Australian release, I find this dissapointing as It seems like a good, fun shooter.

Sorry about the lack of length and detail within the post.
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