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Traveling abroad


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[COLOR=SeaGreen][SIZE=1]Has anyone ever traveled to another country from where they currently live? Where did you go? Tell us about your experinces.

Also, where would you like to visit?

I myself have never been out of the United States. I've been to alot of states but not out of the country. I will be going to Japan on tuesday though for a two week stay.

Going with a group of ninjas...I'll explain. There is a teacher at the high school I went to who teches Bujinkun Ninjitsu in the area and he goes to Japan every year to train with Hatsume Soke. He brings along some of his ninja students aswell, but everyone pays there own way. He stays in the same guest house every yeah, which is 40 minutes from Tokyo.

I'm very excited and have been saving for this trip for months. I got my passport in April, my plane ticket in may, and $1500 converted into Yen last monday. I finally got my luggage today aswell. I still have to buy a few essential items, plus packing left to do. My friend, who actually went with the ninjas two years ago, will be helping me pack tonight.

1 day 18 hours 9 minutes 57 seconds at the time of this post edit.

I've been wanting to see Japan for years. I also want to go to Israel, Egypt, and Korea. I would also love to see places in Europe and other countries, but these are my main focuses. I pray I will be able to go to all of them someday, that would be amazing.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
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[QUOTE=Mr. Maul][size=1][color=DimGray]I was in Canada for all of 20 minutes.

Thank goodness that was all.[/color][/size][/QUOTE]

[COLOR=DarkOrange]I hope you at least sall the lesbien mounties :p

Anywho, I've been to 36 states and I can't rembmer but 2 of them. When I was like 3 my parents ran a booth at Lalapalooza and I was along for the ride in our camper of a million curses. I was born in [B]Cali[/B], but my earliest memories are in [B]Virginia[/B], where i've lived most of my life. I also lived in [B]Florida [/B] for like 5 grueling months, but that's a whole other story.

Other countries? Haven't been. If I had a ton of money for a world tour or something, I'd go to [B]Japan[/B], [B]Norway[/B], [B]Sweden[/B], [B]Australia[/B], and the [B]U.K.[/B][/COLOR]
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