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Sign Up Pokemon: The Imperial Region [E]


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The Imperial Region, a newly discovered place, houses all 493 pokemon but some are not as common as others. Since the Imperial Region was discovered 15 years ago, Trainers and Researchers have come from all over to explore and catch pokemon in this new region. People now live in specially made houses because of the Imperial Region?s weird and ever changing weather conditions. Little kids who have moved to the Imperial Region with their parents are now old enough to get their very own pokemon from a pokemon professor named Elena Marth. Professor Marth gives trainers their very first pokemon. They are the 12-starter pokemon from the original 4 regions: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh. Although The Imperial Region is attracting many trainers from around the globe, many are both excited yet fearful of the unknown journey ahead. In some parts of the Imperial Region, strange things are happening to the pokemon. They get sick all of a sudden then without warning die. Many Professors are trying to unravel the mystery, but so far they are helpless against the sickness, now called, the DOPD (death of pokemon disease). Trainers now flee to their hometowns, away from the Imperial Region. But it does not stop some Trainers from doing their best to follow their dreams.

During this RP Trainers will get to participate in: Gym battles, Contests, and a new league to battle in called a Battle Tournament. In a battle tournament, you use 1 of your own pokemon and 2-rental pokemon. You battle against 8 foes during the whole tournament. If you win, you get a poke ball shaped badge made of a certain mineral (Depending on which Battle tournament it is). In the Imperial Region, there are only 7 badges instead of 8. There are also 5 contest ribbons you have to have to get into the Imperial grand festival. Trainers are traveling the Imperial Region hoping to become better trainers, Professors, and coordinators. These trainers did not know it but they were destined to save the Imperial Region. But as they travel along, an ominous thing follows them all through their journeys. During these adventures, 6 trainers will team up to conquer the Imperial Region together.

Also during this time, a man called Professor Vax, who started working for team galactic about 45 years before the world discovered the Imperial Region, continued his lifelong research in DNA study and experimentation. Making Professor Vax the world?s foremost pokemon DNA specialist. Professor Vax was interested in trying to make his own pokemon by mixing their DNA together. One day, long before the Imperial Region was discovered, he was mixing some pokemon DNA and accidentally mixed 2 different bottles of DNA. One from an Absol he found in the wild. The other was DNA from a Charmander. Thus creating a terrible monster. The monster ran out of his lab into the wild before he could even touch it. From that day on, he devoted himself to learning more about creating more of the creature he created by accident. After many days of endless tests, he created another monstrous creature. This time he had mixed the DNA of a wild Blastoisen with the DNA of his own Solrock. This time before the creature could run or hide he put a large metal container over it. After some tests, he discovered that it was starting to melt into a liquid even more powerful than acid. It would have almost burnt down his lab if he had not made a chemical to counter it. From then on, he added this special chemical to the mix of DNA to counter the effect of the melting. He created 1 more creature with DNA from a Golbat and an Absol. This time, he tested out in the field. It could defeat any pokemon in the area. It began stalking the other pokemon, hunting them than pouncing and then destroying. It left nothing alive. When he showed the creature to team galactic it slaughtered all of their pokemon. Surprisingly after a while it began to weaken and disappear. He thought for sure it was because he did not put enough DNA.

He now called these new creatures, Xpokemon. Xpokemon were stronger, faster, smarter, and could camouflage to look like anything. They amazed Professor Vax so much that he mixed all of the pokemon DNA he had to create a massive Xpokemon. But this mixture was different from the others, the creature grew extremely slow. The previous xpokemon had fully grown in a matter of hours. This new one was taking months maybe years to grow. So when Professor Vax could not take the wait any longer and subsequently team galactic had cut his funding (for no results), he froze himself so he could not age. He would one day wake and return just as he was when he had been frozen to see the birth of the ultimate XPOKEMON. As the Professor walked into the freezing chamber he named the Xpokemon, XOmnimus.

Towns: [B]Koch Town[/B]: Koch town is a very peaceful place. It has lots of springs, waterfalls, and fields. Koch town is the farthest west town in Imperial. Koch is home to Professor Marth, Koch, she explains, is a peaceful, yet delicate place, for me to study and live with the pokemon.
[B]Ville town[/B]: Ville town is locating directly south of Koch. Its terrain is very much like a desert, so people live in houses that block out sand. In Ville, a man named Ivan makes special poke balls, like the fastball, heavy ball, and dive balls. Also a company called pocket tech, creates a device called The PokeMech. The PokeMech is a device that has a built in encyclopedia of all 493 pokemon, a visual phone (You can see the person you are talking to), a radio, and can transport poke balls to any place (in development).
[B]Kylo City[/B]: Kylo is home to the first gym and contest in Imperial. The gym in Kylo is a fire type gym. The badge from the Kylo city gym is Flame shaped and is green. In the contest department, the ribbon is red with blue stripes.
[B]Solar town[/B]: Solar town was the first town to get a battle tournament. The crystal made in this town is Emerald. Solar town is a rival with Luna Town, because Luna town thinks water pokemon are the best, and solar town thinks fire is the best.
[B]Luna Town[/B]: Luna town has a gym, a contest hall, and a tournament. They also have huge building called the poke mart tower. The tower is 13 stories high, it sells about every supply a trainer could need. The gym type is Grass, and the badge is a bush with flowers in it. The contest ribbon is gold, and the Battle tournaments crystal is Silver.
[B]Wint Town[/B]: Wint is a snowy place with a gym and a battle tournament. The gyms type is ice and the badge looks like a snowflake. The battle tournaments crystal is Topaz.
[B]Eteva City[/B]: Eteva is a port. There is a ferry there that takes anyone to Mt. Fire gem (the place where the battle tournament finals are held). In Eteva there is a gym. The gym has 6on6 battles. Type: Electric Badge: Thunderbolt.
[B]Hindi Isle[/B]: Hindi isle has 2 of everything, a gym that has two gym leaders, a contest with 2 ribbons, 2 pokemon centers, and 2 crystal badges from the battle tournament. The Gyms first type is Water and the second type is normal. The first badge is a waterfall and the second badge is shaped an egg. The first contest ribbon is purple and the second is silver with stars. The crystals used in the battle tournament are, Crystal and cobalt
[B]Pawn City[/B]: Pawn city, has hot springs, a volcano, festivals, and is said to be home to a Groudon. Pawn city also has a battle tournament, with the finale Crystal Gold.

1. In Imperial you can catch at least 1 more starter.
2. The battle tournaments have 5 poke ball shaped badges made of different crystals. They are Topaz, Crystal, Gold, Silver, cobalt, and emerald

Name: [first and last]
Age: [Simple]
Appearance: [simple]
Bio: [history]
Type Specialization:
Specialization: [Gyms Contests or Tournaments]
Starter: [no evolutions]
Starter history: [did you get it in a lab or in the wild]

Name: Daisuke Dyem
Age: 11
Appearance: Daisuke Always wears blue Jeans, A Green T-shirt With a vest, and always has a hat atop his head; he has Brown spiky hair and Blue eyes.
Personality: Daisuke is very rude, but can be polite at times. He loves to fight and is very sure of himself.
Bio: Daisuke was born in Hoenn, when he was 5, he moved to Imperial with his mom.
Daisuke lived 5 years with his mom in imperial. When he turned 10 he was about to leave to get his pokemon, but his mother stopped him. Finally, when he turned 11 he was able to get his pokemon.
Type Specialization: Fire
Specialization: Coordinator
Starter: Torchic
Starter history: Daisuke got Torchic from Professor Marth when he turned 11.
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Can I be in ur game

Name: Marcus Marth
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Apperence: White Hair, Blue Eyes, White Lab Coat, Black Jeans, and platnuim sneakers.
Personality: Serious when needed to be and hes playful when he has the chance. Shy around new people and the opposite around people hes met before.
Type Specialization: Water
Specailization: Battle Tournament
Starter: Cyndaquil
Starter History: I caught my starter Cyndaquil on my way to the lab when i saw him in the forest and caught him with a pokeball. he escaped from the lab with his pokeball. The Prof. said i could have it since i was going to get it any way.
Nickname: M-E
Bio: Marcus was born on a farm in Kanto, without a real family because his mom was a Pokemon Prof. and his dad was a scientists and lived in the newly found region of Imperial. Before Marcus could walk he was flown to the imperial region to be with his family. There he grew up there until he was able to become a trainer. He didnt get his pokemon right when he was 10 because he was wanting to become a Pokemon Prof. like his mom . He was a Prof. in training, but when he turned 14 he was able to become a rookie proffesor and got his pokemon so he could become a professional proffesor.

Plz let me in this cool game. :animeswea
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[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Hey there, [b]Blazerman32 [/b]and [b]garmeil[/b], my name is Blayze, your friendly Arena Moderator.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Just dropping in to let you know that this thread does not really live up to the high standard we expect here on the OB. Blazerman, your opening to the RP is really not as detailed as we expect - we usually encourage a good 3 paragraphs of description - otherwise how are the players supposed to know what the RP is about? Also, please watch your spelling and grammar. If you simply copy and paste the text from the thread into a text document on your computer, then perform a spelling and grammar check, then that should hopefully set you straight.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]The last thing I want to say is that the last three posts are the kind of thing you need to reserve for out-of-thread discussions. You can do this by Private Messaging (PM) or by finding, adding and talking to each other on various Instant Messengers, such as AIM, Yahoo or MSN.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]You will want to read the [b][url="http://www.otakuboards.com/showthread.php?t=44318"]Adventure Square Basics Sticky[/url] [/b](click on the bold type for a link), just to make sure that you know what we expect of you here on the OB.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact myself or another Arena Moderator and ask - we are usually nice, friendly people to talk to, and we'd all be glad to help you with your problems.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]I'll leave this thread open, but I expect some editing to be done quickly, otherwise I will be forced to intervene again and close the thread.[/font]

[font=Lucida Sans Unicode]Thanks![/font]
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Here we go!

Name: Tetra
Age: 13
Gender: female
Appearance: Golden-yellow eyes, long, black hair, and usually wears sweatpants and a black tee.
Starter: Treecko
Starter History: She saved its life, so it is loyal to her.
Type Specialization: Dark, Dragon, Ghost, and Grass.
Specialization: All-around
Personality: Bashful, yet serious. She is very sneaky, and carries plenty of supplies.

I hope you'll let me join!

Bye! :triforce:
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[COLOR=DeepSkyBlue][B]Name: Brendan Stone

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Apperance: brown hair, tall about 5' 9'', green eyes, average body 135 lbs., black and red jacket, white t-shirt, brown khaki shorts, black sneakers.

Personality: Acts tough, very rowdy, always tries to start trouble, is a big softie on the inside, once you get to know him he's very playful, takes everyone around him seriously, isn't the type of guy that would forgive, will do anything in order for himself to succeed and those few that love him, hasnt found a lot of friends.

Bio: Brendan grew up by his mother in Mossdeep City, in Hoenn, but once she passed away, he moved to Viridian City in Kanto to live with his brother. Once he found out that he was gonna give Brendan to a Foster Home, he ran away and immediately headed for Imperial. Once he got there, he befriended an old lady by the name of Agatha, where she taught him everything he needed to know about Pokemon.

Type specialization: um..not really into types, i'd rather be a more spread out type of trainer, but if i had to pick one it would be water.

specialization: Gym Battles, but is it possible to do a few contests here and there?

Starter: Mudkip -- Male

Starter History: Found it in the wild. A kid was bullying the Mudkip and Brendan went out to save him. Took it back to Professor Marth and they took care of it until they got better. Once it recovered, Pfsr. Marth gave Brendan a Dive Ball and Mudkip went inside doubtless.[/B][/COLOR]
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[FONT=Tahoma][COLOR=DarkSlateGray][SIZE=1]Name: Ryoki Tachibana (Ryo)
Age: 14
Gender: Male

Appearance: Ryoki stands at 5?3 and has both dark brown eyes and hair. He wears a black shirt with a light brown vest with two side pockets. His shorts are light brown in color which drops just below his knees. He puts on a pair of white sneakers as well. He also uses a gray bag pack which he carries wherever he goes.

Personality: He has a very twisted personality. His mood depends on the situation he is in.

Bio: Ryoki Tachibana was born at the night of Christmas Eve beside a river. He was a happy child but all of that changed when his parents died in an accident. He was just six years of age at that time. Having no where to go and no one to depend on, he accidentally fell into the deep river after tripping over a log.

Although he knew how to swim, it?s still hard to fight the strong current. When he almost drowned, a wandering Totodile saw him and quickly went in to rescue him. Eventually, he was saved and both of them became the best of friends. The Totodile he had quickly taught him that being sad isn?t going to help anyone.

Type specialization: Water
Specialization: All-around
Starter: Totodile (Nicknamed ?Sho? to Ryoki)
Starter History: A wandering Totodile saved him while he was at the verge of drowning. They quickly warmed up to each other after that incident. [/FONT][/COLOR][/SIZE]
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