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Sign Up Blood Covered Blades: A Tale Of Devils {M-VL}

The Enemy

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Dante was sitting in his new office, he hadn't named the store yet and simply had no ideas for the title. Soon after a man walked in wearing a dark suit and holding a book. Dante immediately noticed a large scar on the man's face, then the man began to speak "Are you Dante? Son of Sparda?" Dante sat up straight and asked "Where did you hear that?" with a determined tone. The man continued "You're brother sent me to give you this invitation." As he finished the man put his hand on the table in front of Dante. With what seemed like nothing of effort, the man flipped the table. Dante quickly kicked off and landed on the table sideways catching his faithful side arm Ivory. When Dante aimed up however the man was gone. Dante Casually got off the table and put his gun in the back of his pants as he caught the falling pizza that was on his desk a moment ago. He picked out one piece and went to eat it, when suddenly it seemed like the room was shattering around him. Various reaper style beings baring scythes stood around him then instantly attacked. Dante was pierced several times and stood silently for a moment. Then in a flash Dante punched the reaper in front of him with enough force to behead it. Dante caught the being's head and spun it on his finger as he walked forward dragging some of the creatures with him. For a moment he paused taking a scythe blade from his chest and throwing it into the fan behind him, it slashed a few demons on it's way down revealing they were sand Dante took interest figuring this would be an interesting fight and decided he should have some music.

He made his way over to a jukebox in the corner and in a dramatic style said "This party's gettin' crazy!" as he hit a button on the jukebox expecting loud music. Music did not come however, he angrily pushed the button several more times before anything happened and then gave up and just hit the machine. With a flicker of light, it turned on, and began blaring loud rock music. Dante stood, getting a feel for the beat, as more demons appeared in the fashion of breaking glass. When ready Dante turned and stabbed one demon in the neck with a scythe blade sticking out of his arm. as the creature fell he slashed another and kicked threw one with a scythe blade sticking out the front of his shin. He then turned and jumped onto the first fallen demon, riding it like a skate board over and off of his pool table, which had fallen to form a ramp when the kicked demon crashed off of it. While sliding Dante grabbed his other pistol Ebony, and spun shooting various demons on the way. After sliding the demon-board off the pool table Dante jumped off of it and kicked the lower edge of the table itself. Sending the table flying onto it's edge and launching several pool alls threw the air. Dante lifts up Ivory and fires one shot into the cue ball, knocking it into several coloured balls and knocking them into demons. As even more demons appeared Dante grabbed his sword rebellion from a table close by he sliced threw the pool table with ease and kicked the top half into a standing demon then kicked the bottom half across the floor crushing 4 grounded creatures. Dante continued fighting slashing up several demons and shooting more, before heading outside with his coat.

He kicked the door open firing it across the road, and walked out. He threw his sword spiralling into the air and donned his coat which had holsters for his hand guns in the back. After catching his sword he looked back and quoted "You guys totally wrecked my shop!" to all the black wraith beings waiting outside. One of the creatures let out a loud wail as a battle cry, absently also creating enough shock to make the shop collapse. "I hope you guys have enough to cover all this." Dante said angrily pointing to the demons with his sword. Before he could start fighting however there was an interruption. A large pillar cracked threw the ground and rose up to the sky. Mean while on top of the pillar. The same man in the black suit throw's off a man very similar to Dante. The other man draws his sword, a katana, and slashes at the man as he falls, creating a large gash across his chest. As the second man fell Dante noticed a group of people running toward him with all manner of weapons, some fire arms, some pipes, there was even a hockey stick or two. "Look, another survivor!" said the guy in the front of the mob. "Come on buddy we're heading to that crazy tower thing to see what's goin? on!" he continued.
OK then, as any fan's will know by now this is an rp based on devil may cry, devil may cry 3 to be specific. The story line is similar but there are a few major plot changes. First, Dante will not be alone, several other survivors are now accompanying him up the tower. Also, the man who got thrown off the tower will be joining you as well fans will know who he is, others will find out.

STORY: OK for the people not familiar. There are two words, the demon word and the human world, long ago when the worlds were connected, a powerful demon named Sparda fell in love with a human woman. He wed her and they had two sons, twins, Dante, and his brother Virgil. For the safety of his wife and sons, Sparda sacrificed himself to close the gate between the demon world and human world. Successfully closed the sons laid in wait. Eventually, Virgil, the darker of the two, came across a man named Arkhem, He told of how the worlds could be reconnected. This is a little different but in this version, Arkhem stole Dante's amulet and Virgil?s . He is now using the amulets to reopen the portal between worlds, and Dante has to work together with the human survivors and Virgil to over come their new enemy.

The Major parts will be played by me and a preselected gamer.
Arkhem-up for grabs
(Lady isn't really needed but if you're a fan and you want to be her go for it)
Zeke47 will be playing nameless demons and more important AI who we'll meet later on. Anyone else who signs up will be a person fighting along side Dante and Virgil. As an added bonus to get more players. Some of the random human survivors may have some history with the demon world and thus may have magic or some sort of powers, like both Dante and Virgil have because they're half demons, though probably not as powerful.

[I][U]Sign up[/U][/I]
[B]Weapons: [/B] (humans have basic stuff but you will probably get something better as we fight high ranked demons)
[B]Skills:[/B] (sword fighting marksmanship, and demon powers or other powers with a legitimate back reason)
[B]Bio: [/B] (brief history OR a paragraph or two about how they reacted when demons started popping up.)

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Name: Scarlet Grey

Age: 22

Personality: A silent, misunderstood and very angry young woman. She hates authority, and loves to take charge. One of her many pet-peeves is when men think their better than her because she's a woman (They tend to be taught a very big lesson.)

Weapons: One sniper riffle, which she carries on her back, and two uzis.
Skills: A deadly shot and perfect aim. Used to be military police for the marines. Then she became an assassin.

Bio: Scarlet was living a normal life, well as normal as life can get as an assassin, and was minding her own "buisness", when suddenly hords of demons started to appear out of no where and kill her employers and victims. Of course, this did not suit well in her mind, so she decided to to go on a killing rampage with her guns. She'd always wanted, but there was no reason to, until now. Oh yeah, mass murder and mayhem is always fun.

Since the, she's been tracking a certain demon, who lead her to the wierd tower that stands before her now.

Appearance: (I put an appearance because I think it's easier to imagine the story if you know what they look like.)[URL=http://www.ergoproxy.com/visual/wallpaper/Wallpaper01.jpg]Scarlet[/URL]

(I had to do this quick, so tell me if I need to add anything)
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Guest takamore
Name: Lance Cort

Age: Lance is the age of 23 three years old.

Personality: By nature, Lance is a complete joker. He would?ve been voted Class clown when he was in high school. Lance can be sly and manipulative since he has also been certified a genius since the age of five, and every year since then. Lance has the rare mental problem, low latent inhibition; whenever he sees something he sees everything about it, every little insignificant thing. When a normal person sees a clock, he sees the gears, the metal in between how they turn. If a person of a low IQ had this problem they would go insane. Lance is also a good friend, a bit too trusting at times, but he has his street smarts since he has basically lived on the streets for most of his life. But for the most part, Lance is a fun and carefree guy, with a chaotic neutral morality, and always goes for, and gets what he wants.

Weapons: That which he won off of a ?trader? for demonic goods, though he didn?t know this, Lance?s only weapons are two black gloves that he wears. They are something of a leather material, but much stronger and stable. They have four metal points on each knuckle and lightning forks on the palm of both gloves. These gloves give Lance?s already amazing ability to fight an even greater edge, They speed his body up, and increase his strength about three fold. Since Lance doesn?t know of the powers but only keeps these as keep sakes, he has only tapped slightly into the full power of the gloves. But on his quest with Dante, he will soon find out why his gloves are called the lightning serpents.

Skills: Lance has been blessed with the innate ability of fighting. He is a master of many different styles of martial arts, all from watching his Japanese films, street fighting, boxing, and his personal favorite, the drunken fist.

Bio: Lance had all day searched all over town into multiple pawn shops, until he had found the perfect gift for his dying mother, though he had never truly been close to her, he had felt obligated to find something just for her on her dying wishes. He had found the pocket watch of his father, which had been stolen a few years back. This had been the only remnant of her husband she had had over the last twenty years to remind her of him. But Lance had found it. The sun was already down, and Lance knew the streets he was in like the backs of his hands, practically living in them his whole life. He turned through alley after alley, to try and get to the hospital before they closed for visiting hours. He turned the next corner still at a run, and out of no where a weird cloacked figure just materialized out of thin air, and Lance ran into the cloaked figure, the pocket watch leaving his hand, and straight down a sewage drain. Lance stared up at the immense figure. ?I?m gonna kick your *** for this. I fricken searched all over town, just for my mom, spent about six hundred bucks on this, even though it wasn?t my money in the first place. But? but? you?re gonna pay.? Lance reached up and swung a punch at the figure, its head flying off, revealing a skull which then turned to sand. ?what in the hell?? more figures began appearing around him. Lance tightened his gloves, assumed his fighting style of the drunken fist, and said, ?I guess I won?t be making visitors hours tonight boys, what a way to start off our acquaintance.?

Appearance: Lance has short spiky dark brown hair, brown eyes, long, narrow face, and is about six two. He has a blue dragon intertwining both arms. Lance is lean and in shape, he is quite muscular, but not bulging. He wears his usual faded blue jeans, torn at the bottoms, and a few holes showing wear, and whatever T-shirt he finds around, and of course, his Black leather jacket that extends to his feet.
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