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Sign Up The Transparent Society [M-V/L/S]


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[SIZE=2][CENTER]Please click link below[/CENTER][/SIZE]
[CENTER][URL=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Transparent_Society][color=red]The Transparent Society[/color][/URL] [/CENTER]

[COLOR=dimgray]Somewhere in the world people are being watched. Someone could even be watching you. Whoever it I could be lusting for you right now. Your windows might have blinds but they?re still watching. Whoever it is has been there for a while hiding the bushes. Waiting for you to come out. But for some people that person is hiding from them, waiting to pounce,. They could hold secrets that you might need.

Somewhere out in your world people that may look normal, sure as hell aren?t. Those people are what we call ?Transparents.? This group of people have been under watch by us, ?The Transparent Society.? Transparents have powers that normal humans only dream of. Flight, psycho-kinesis, super-strength, etc, etc. Most of who don?t know that they have it. But we do. And we will be looking for you.

?The Transparent Society? is composed of regular and transparent humans. Only the smart, and strong-willed may join us. We have tons of members, and our agents are looking out for you. But if you?re reading this now, you?ve been invited. Well you?re already here so you must join, or you could go home. But if you do join I will tell you this:

[CENTER]You are the future of earth and every living being in this world. The fate of our planet rests on all of your shoulders. We are counting on you. [/CENTER]

Welcome to the main lobby. Here I, the owner, and founder of TTS, will guide you through our facilities. Because this is just a tour, we can?t sow you all of the important places. But here?s a quick overview of our many buildings around the place

[B][CENTER]The Lobby[/CENTER][/B]

Here is the building where you may register or ask questions regarding TTS. Or you could check out one of our many vending machines.

[B][CENTER]Research Lab[/CENTER][/B]

Here we check into the people of TTS. If you have accounts of murder on your profile we will not allow you to join. And if we find that you have murdered another member while staying here and we catch you? you will be killed on sight.

[B][CENTER]Simulations/Game Arena[/CENTER][/B]

Here you can train for battle, or play games. We have battle games, puzzle games; well we have almost every game here. From simulations to the consoles, our high-tech games will leave you feeling refreshed. Or if you train, you will feel stronger.


Some parts of this facility are off limits in the tours. But this part is where we study on genetics. When we find DNA from a person and they test positive for powers we find them.

[B][CENTER]Living Quarters[/CENTER][/B]

Well this place is self-explanatory. Treat it like home. You can go to our local market place to buy furniture or decorations for you homes. You can even buy food, power amplifiers, and weapons.


So are you ready to join? Well first I must give you one more bit of info before you start. Never, I repeat never, tell anybody, who isn?t a member of TTS that you have powers. Some humans out there know what you are and are willing to kill you for your powers. So never invite a human into our facilities. EVER!

Here are some penalties for crimes committed. We have the abilities and the technology to remove your powers for a little while or for you entire life. But I will not give you all the rules. For you must discover them yourself. But that doesn?t mean commit any crime you please, we just wanted to let you know. Oh and our computer generated security system can see all that goes on outside of your home or in private areas. (Bathrooms, etc.)

Now go back to the lobby where you were and if you wish to join, sign the requested forms. Thank you for agreeing to enter the tour. And we are not forcing you to join. But we strongly encourage you to. Only those who join will be told of the plans in store for them. Goodbye?[/COLOR]

[CENTER] [COLOR=SlateGray][COLOR=silver]Sign-ups[/COLOR]

[B]Name:[/B] anything
[B]Age:[/B] 18 - 29
[B]Gender:[/B] M or F
[B]Blood type: [/B] A, B, AB O
[B]Personality:[/B] what your character looks like
[B]Biography: [/B] tell us what happened before you were asked to go to TTS. If your character was aware of his powers before had tell how they found out.
[B]Powers:[/B] What powers does you character have/ or what powers do you want them to have.
[B]Appearance:[/B] what your character looks like.
[B]Other:[/B] other info

[B]Your thoughts: [/B] tell me what you thought of the RPG. If you want to see any changes just tell me.[/CENTER][/COLOR]
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[COLOR=DarkSlateBlue][SIZE=1]Name: Jessica Hun
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Blood type: B+
Personality: There's almost nothing that Jessica doesn't know about people or places and not knowing isn't an option for her. This isn't always her best feature, but it can be helpful when a listening ear is needed. Jessica has spent many nights passed out on top of a book and on other ocasions woken up with keyboards imprints on her face. The never ending quest for knowledge is her uncurable disease.
Biography: tell us what happened before you were asked to go to TTS. If your character was aware of his powers before had tell how they found out.
Powers: Accelerated healing process which regenerates damaged or destroyed areas of her body far beyond the capabilities of an ordinary human and renders her immune to most toxins and diseases.
Appearance: [URL=http://i108.photobucket.com/albums/n32/1Anime_Princess/hp29.jpg]{Cickith}[/URL]
Other: other info

Your thoughts: Well for one, I think that in Personality you mean [i]how your character acts[/i] not, what your character looks like.

OOC: I'm gonna finish this tomarrow cause I'm le' tired any my brainn be dead right now.[/SIZE] [/COLOR]
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