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RPG .Hack// Twilight

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[COLOR=Magenta]Shino walked around The World to find some potions for her new journey. There was a message on the BBS (bulliten borads) about a legend. This legend was great and required skill and a good party. Shino went up to a merchant and the merchant said, "What would you like?"
A menu of the items he had, appeared on her Face Mounted Display (FMD). Shino looked through the items and bought some revival potions and potions. "Thank you," said the merchant.

Shino left the store and headed towards the Chaos Gate. She was waiting for a friend to show up to go along with her on her journey. It was about almost 5:00p.m. [I]Where is she? She's was supposed to meet me here. I guess I got here early.[/I] Shino waited to see when she would come. She thought back at the BBS and remembered about the message that was posted on the boards. [FONT=Trebuchet MS][B]anounomys: ? ?The Keel Mountains traversed at last, we met a dragon who spoke thus: ?Sheraton am I, who interprets the signs. An answer to my question, give. If you can, complete my role will be, and I will leave this land. Though equally it exists before everyone?s eyes, grasp it, not one person can. Tell me---- what is it?? ? ?[/FONT][/B]

Shino couldn't email the person who wrote it back since they didn't leave and address. She wondered who was Sheraton and what was the answer to his riddle? Would if help her if she knew what it was? Shino looked at the clock and it was 5:15. [I]She's late.[/I] Shino emailed her saying that she was going on ahead to look for the "Sheraton."

Shino used the Chaos Gate and typed in:Theta server: Nameless, Seeker's, Prairie.
There was a midevil castle in front of her. Just as she was about to enter, her partner showed up.[/COLOR]

OOC:It's up and ready! I left the spot open for anyone who has a female character to join my party. Let's get this going!
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[COLOR=Purple]Sinclair was running towards Shino and was breathing heavily to show how much in a hurry she was.

"You're late," said Shino irritated

" Sorry about the wait Shino. I was busy with some homework and I guess it ran longer than I thought. I was in the kitchen and ran to my room and started the PC which took some time. Then I looked at the BBS. Did you know there was an article posted by some anomynous person. It was a very interesting article," said Sinclair as she was catching her breathe.

"Yeah, I saw it. I was going to email the person but there was no member address or anything. So I just logged in and decided to wait for you. When I saw that you were late, I thought of going on ahead of you and wait for you to catch up but I guess that you made it."

"You bet as hell I did! I wouldn't miss going to this place for the world!"

Sinclair was cheerful which was strange to most passer-bys since most see her when she's serious or pissed off never cheery and carefree. She only acted this way around Shino.

"Let's go," said Shino

"Right," said Sinclair

Shino typed in the keywords at the Chaos Gate - Theta server: [B]Nameless, Seeker's, Prairie[/B]. And they disappeared and were off.[/COLOR]
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(ooc: i hope this is ok, i'm completly new to this)

yami was on the other side of the chaos gate already, hiding in the shadows of the castle, when she saw sinclair and shino, she started to just watch them. [I]hmmmmmmmmm..[/I]she thought [I]i guess they're alright, not too hyper...as far as i can tell, also, they look pretty nice, i need some friends anyways, all my old ones quite my party.[/I] she walked out of shadows and got behind them silently. "hello there!" she said happily. both girls jumped and squeaked in shock. yami laughed a little "wow, a little jumpy today aren't we?" she jumped over the girls and whisked there heads with her long fluffy red tail." so nice to see people that AREN'T out for treasure, you guys aren't out for treasure are you? cuz i don't like treasure hunters that much, they're all way too hyper."

"ya, probably, all depends on if we find something." said shino.

"well, i guess, hey, can i come along? my whole party dumped me because i wasn't able to be on here for a while, but now i'm back...and they dumped me." said yami, in her same old monotoned voice.

"sure, why not! as long as it's ok with sinclair of course!" shino said happily. [I]great, hyperness.....no doubt a treasure hunter.[/I] she thought.[I]i wonder if i can find any sane people...aw well, they'll do for my first friends in my party.[/I]
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OOC: I didn't expect another person to join my party but oh well what can you do.

[COLOR=Magenta]Shino and her party walked around the place and entered the castle. There was nothing else to see except for the castle. As they walked inside, the plaace was very detailed. Even though the outside was a bif off, the inside was very well done and perfect. There was marble floor with a greenish tint and a diamond shaped pattern. A pendulum swung back and forth. There were three othe pendulums that formed a perfect square. As Shino, Sinclair, and Yami walked down the corridor, they came up to the main room in the church. There were rows of benches and an altar in front. In front of the altar was a boy who looked like a wave master but there was something different about him. Shino ran up to him but as she did, a monster appeared. Shino called back the others saying, "This monster is like the other ones we've battled, Sinclair!"

Sinclair nodded. Shino turned back to face the monster and the boy who was in front of it. Shino held her staff in her hand and used magic attacks to lower its Hit Points. The monster was incredibly strong and it represented a scorpian. There some hexagons around the scorpian monster and both Sinclair and Shino battled it. Once the message of "Protect Break OK" appeared, I yelled over to Sinclair and said, "Do it!"

Sinclair lifted her staff and the monster was Data Drained. The monster then disappeared to never be seen again. Sinclair and Shino sighed as Yami came up to them saying,"That was great! What was that monster anyways? How did you make it disappear?"

Shino ignored Yami's questions and went up to the young wave master in front of her. "Excuse who are you and why didn't you move?"
"What is the end? Do you have the end?" the wave master turned around and his body was corrupt. His data was corrupted.

Shino moved her mouse over the wave master and the name "Sheraton" appeared. Before Shino could say anything, Sheraton warped out.

Shino was very confused at this point. She looked over to see that Yami was asking Sinclair many questions about earlier. Shino walked over to them and said, "I think that we should go now. This place is rumored to have some strange things going on." They nodded and headed for the Chaos Gate were they went back to Carmina Gadelica.

Carmina Gadelica was like a town. It had no monsters and was a place to shop for goods and trade. It was Shino's "home" and she loved how the atmosphere was. Shino and her party walked over to Shino's house. Shino invited them in and they all sat down to talk.

Shino was still thinking of the name Sheraton and said to her compainions, "I need to log out for a minute and then I'll log in as soon as I'm done with something." They nodded and Shino logged out.

She had remembere the name Sheraton from the Epitaph. She had some saved Fragments of the Epitaph and needed to read over it some more. She clicked on a document and opened it. She read it and then logged back in. Sinclair and Yami were still in her house sitting on the couch and talking. Shino then said, "I know who that wave master was."

"Who is he?" asked Sinclair.
"Do you remember the [I]Epitaph of Twilight?[/I] Well, in the passage it says: ? ?The Keel Mountains traversed at last, we met a dragon who spoke thus: ?Sheraton am I, who interprets the signs. An answer to my question, give. If you can, complete my role will be, and I will leave this land. Though equally it exists before everyone?s eyes, grasp it, not one person can. Tell me---- what is it?? ' "[/COLOR]

OOC: This is a long post and you need to read the whole thing to get the groove of what most of the thread will be.
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[COLOR=Purple]"Hmmm...I remember seeing it in the [I]Epitaph[/I] but you got me stuck there. So this Sheraton is supposedly be the PC [Player Character] that we met in that castle? Now that I think about it, he did ask something about the end. But it still gets me," said Sinclair as she stood up from the couch and started pacing in a circle.

"Don't wear a rut in my carpet," said Shino jokingly

"Yeah yeah. Anyway I remember that the [I]Epitaph[/I] was an epic poem written by Emma Weilant. Supposedly, it was on her site but in German. No one was able to save it or copy it out. It was just there so that people could look at it and read it. I heard that someone had translated the story into English but we can't be for sure since translating is something that is very hard and takes time. I'm not sure if the passage was translated accuratly. What gets me the most is that when Emma Weilant died, her site that held the [I]Epitaph[/I] was shut down, so there is no trace of it whatsoever."

"I have a question," said Yami as Shino and Sinclair turned to face her," What is this [I]Epitaph[/I]? I've never heard of it before. Is it something important to the person we just met?"

"Yes and no. It is important because the person we just met, was named Sheraton and his name was in the [I]Epitaph[/I] but not only that. There is something amiss that will be hard to explain and we could get caught by the Admins. Anyway, you haven't heard of the [I]Epitaph[/I]? Well to tell you briefly, The World was based off of it. I guess the creator just thought that it was a nice poem and decided to base the game off of it. But no one knows for sure since no one can alter or change The World. Not even the Admins or CC Corp. They say that the original creator had locked away the programming in a box with a key that only he had. Since the release of the Beta version of The World, Fragment, he has been missing or earlier. But to tell you the truth Yami, there were posts of things like this on the BBS. So if you search far enough, you might be able come across a post that is entitled Epitaph of the Twilight. My guess is that whoever posted it wanted to get some info about it and was curious if anyone knew about it. I was such a long time ago. Damn, I can't remember anything!"

"Well, now that we have all this information, we might have to do some research to find out more about it," said Shino as she turned and looked at Sinclair.

"Indeed. I'm going to log off for tonight. We'll meet at Mac*Anu tommorrow to discuss more about this at my home. I'll tell what info I come across about our search. Well, see you tommorrow." And after Sinclair said that, she disappeared as she logged off leaving Shino and Yami.[/COLOR]
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"so shino, I can play for about...three more hours, I always log off at 9pm...I guess...I could let you in on why I was gone so long...or what I'm after here in the world...."Yami said somewhat thinking out loud.

"oh! i'd like to know about goal thing!" Said shino. [I]Oh please lord[/I]Yami thought[I]don't make her one of those a.d.d. people...she's in my party now![/I]

"Ok, I guess I can tell you, as long as you promise not to tell anyone without my permission."


" Aliright, I started out hyper and happy like you. After searching for treasure and all that. I i collected almost everything, and got bored. So, i started raising and selling grunties. It didn't get any more exciting then finding thing I already found. Then i went off gaining levels, fight monsters, all that...well, except that I never did see that monster you guys just made dissappear. That got boring too, so I decided to finally get party members. I did, but then i had to leave for a while, I came back and they were gone, anyways, now that you know my history, I found out from one of my old buddies that there's a rare item no onehasever seen or got. Also, that it grants ultimate power, and it's hidden in a major glitch in the world thought to be fixed. I'm trying to find it, but not in a hyper treasure hunter way, I'm mostly quiet, so i stay in the shadows and watch other treasure hunters...they tick me off. You don't though...it's kinda weird....well!" said yami getting up now. "You wanna help out, or shall we do something you wanna do? I'm willing to do anything right now." said yami as she takes out a staff.

"What's that?" Said shino pointing to yami's staff.

"Oh, this old thing?" said yami inspecting it. "Just my staff, I can control time for a short amuont of time, great for boss battles and get aways. I like to just turn into my giant cat mode and fight that way, I was able to get werewolf as career. Pretty nifty huh? I'm pretty bored of my character style right now, I'm hoping to change it sooner or later....maybe I'll wear the fench maids outfit I won."Yami said polishing her staff.
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[COLOR=Magenta]OOC: Just to let you know, my character is very mature and doesn't act like an idiot nor is she stupid. Please look back at my personality to see what I mean. Also look at the age too. :animesigh

Shino sat in her house with Yami. Shino was starting to get tired and said, "I'm gonna log off for the night. I'm tired and need to get some rest before tomorrow."
Shino waved good bye and logged out. Shino took off of her FMD (Face Mounted Display) and checked the time. It was almost ten at her house. Shino checked the BBS to see if anything was new. She looked for the [I]Epitaph of Twilight[/I] and found a thread where people were asking questions about it and so on. There was no post that posted any part of the poem.

Shino wanted to look up something else that kept coming back to her. She typed in [B].Hackers[/B] in the search engine and found many threads about them. She clicked on one of them and read it. It had told of the mystery that they had solved and found the key to the core. Shino now had a new quest in mind but had to first clear the Sheraton on away. She highlighted the post and sent it to Sinclair.

Shino pushed her chair away from her desk and looked at the time. It was already 10:23p.m. Shino went to bed hoping to hear a reply from Sinclair.[/COLOR]
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Yami sat in her own house still logged on and sighed."great" yami said out loud."no one here to talk to, might as well go see what's the gossip is in the market." she got up and left the house. in the market she met was able top pick alot of useless gossip, but she did find something a little intresting.

"come on! I know you know about it!"said someone, he had very short brown hair.

"ok, ok, I'll tell you! Just keep quiet about it!" said the other one he had short blonde hair. "One of my friends say that they found the glitch, but, it's in the core, they say the glitch is what made that thing happen awhile back."

"you mean with the 6 people passing out?"

"ya. but i doubt it. i think the glitch is somwhere up my!.."

"ok! no need to finish the sentence! we all know you don't believe it!" That's when the voices started to wear down, yami logged off. In the real life yami did a quick search about the people that passed out. She found out alot about it from newarticles...then quickly looked up the only group she's know whith 6 people, the [B].hackers[/B]. She found alot of posts and threads, and she looked at a few, but none were interesting, so she checked the time, 8:30pm.

"great, only 8:30." she said sighing "Guess i'll just check my other sites." after she checked her sites she went to bed, glad that tommorrow was a saturday, she wanted to see her new, but hyper, friends again.
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OOC: myanimeworld, to let you know, me and Hitsuzen are not hyper active weirdos. I would like to advise you to look back at the Inn and check out the profiles of our characters so you don't go off on nothing. Please do this and we will have smooth sailing from now on. Thank you.

[COLOR=Purple]It was around 7am when Sinclair woke up in the real world. She went to her computer and booted it up. She logged on onto the web and she heard the very annoying *Bing! You got mail!* noise that came from her computer every time she got an email from someone while she was on the web. She opened it up and saw that it was a message from Shino.

Sinclair read through it and found out that it was a message about the [B].Hackers[/B]. Sinclair was amazed at the message. She was so happy to see it that she might have a new quest on her hands but she knew that her and Shino had to first finish the Sheraton quest. She thought of what he had said. He said something about the end. Something about finding the end.

[I]'I wonder what he meant when he said he wanted the end and if we had it? Hmm... This is a big mystery. We shouldn't involve other PCs in this mess or else it could cause trouble,'[/I] thought Sinclair as she replied to Shino's email. She told her that she would meet her in Mac*Anu, a root town in the Delta Server and home to Sinclair's house. Sinclair looked at the BBS and found that a new thread had been started. It was entitled "Ghost of the Church". She looked at it and found that it was very interesting.

Frankly, it was about a ghost that had appeared at the Delta Server: [B]Hidden, Forbidden, Holy Ground[/B]. They said that it was like a man with pale skin almost transparent, percing green eyes, and white hair. It said that all he did was just appear and then nothing. It did nothing. Occassionly he woud appear upsidedown and ramble about something. Sinclair was curious and wrote to the person who had posted in the thread wanting more information.

She emailed Shino another message about what she just read and had some info about the [I]Epitaph[/I] and the mysterious Sheraton. She also had some info about the .Hackers and how she could contact someone who knew something about what happened with them. She logged in and waited for Shino to arrive at her house in Mac*Anu.[/COLOR]

OOC: This is a going to be a conversation between Shino and my character. We will be talking more about the poem so you have an idea what is going on. This information is not to be used in any other way unless I say so.
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[COLOR=Magenta]Shino woke up that morning and went to her computer. She had an email from Sinclair. She scanned through it and logged into The World. She appeared to be in Carmina Gadelica in her house. Yami was gone. Shino exited her house and went to the Chaos Gate. She typed in Delta:Mac*Anu. She warped to Mac*Anu which looked like a busy city. She walked around until she found where the homes were. Shino walked into the neighborhood and looked for Sinclair's address. Sinclair's address was 44 and she needed to talk to her fast. [I]40, 41, 42 ,43, Ah, here we are 44.[/I] Shino walked up the steps and knocked on the door. Sinclair opened the door and invited Shino in.

Shino sat on the couch while Sinclair got some tea. As Sinclair sat down, Shino said, "Let's skip the formalities and get straight to the point. I had emailed you yesterday about the Sheraton event. I think that I have a way to help him out."
"Like what?" asked Sinclair.
"Remember the riddle? [B]Though equally it exists before everyone?s eyes, grasp it, not one person can. Tell me---- what is it?[/B] I think I know the answer and help the Sheraton that we met in Nameless, Seeker's, Prairie."
"Alright. So we have to go up to him and tell him his answer. What I don't get is what he was saying. 'Do have the end?' "
"Right. It still doesn't make sense about how he knew and why he would only ask about that question. Since we have that out of the clear, we're going to go meet Sheraton later. But for now what info do you have about .Hackers?"
"I had heard that they had found something that no one else could. It was led by Kite and found the key to the core."
"Twilight Key. It was an item that is rare and not in the specs (item list). It has many qualities and is very powerful. I sent you something about it last night. I had an old document about the Legend of the Twilight. It read: [FONT=Arial Narrow]Just like four years ago, it was a terrible battle. Without an enemy, without a quest to slove, they simply started an adventure without question.
Despite that, they created their own adventure, enjoyed playing on their own, willingly shared difficult scenarios, and reached the door to the core. They truly are wonderful players.
By the time the cherry blossoms bloom again, when you and him will return, this world will become a much better place. [/FONT]"
"That sure is some heavy stuff. Who wrote it?"
"It was written by an old friend."
"Oh ,I see. So, how's he doing?"
"Good. Well, I do think that we should be heading out. I need the clear the Sheraton event. Wanna come?"
"Sure, why not. Then we will be able to see what happens next and move foward."
"Great. Meet me by the Mac*Anu Gate at 12. I've got to meet someone. Bye."[/COLOR]
OOC: The person that I'm going to meet will be Silent_sword's character.
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(ooc: srry XxXLolitaGothXxX , i'll try not make that mistake again...but still, yami is the type to make wrong judgments)

Yami woke up and logged on the computer. "Great, I'm late, 9:30....well, better late then never," She checked a few things in her house "Hmmmm....today? Or later?" She said holding up a little french maids outfit "....I'll wear it today I guess, it'll be fun." She changed her mid-driff and short shirts for the maids dress. She looked in a mirror and laughed, "My tail sticks out like a big red feather duster!" She giggled a little more before heading out of her home.[I]Now, wear is shino or sinclair?[/I] She thought, [I]Guess I'll try Shino's house or something...or Sinclair's...or....I can go out and level up a few times! That'll be fun...maybe I can try a new world....that means I'll need to get to the chaos gate.[/I] she walked throught the market place, she did bash a few faces in, because some boys ouldn't stop yelling at her to "Bend over!" or "Would you like to come to my house?" she started regretting the outfit change. [I]darn it, where's shino or sinclair? god, I should've gotten their email addresses before they logged off.[/I] she thought still walking through the market.
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Joshua was up early; just like always. Even though it was a weekend, it didn't matter. Six o'clock was the time he awoke everyday. Today was a little different though, as he did not have to rush off to school. He would sit in his custom "computer room", and waste the day, playing an online game he loved called "The World." He could find nothing he enjoyed more than playing the game.

When he logged in, he would play his character Hiro; a blademaster, who was everything Joshua wished he could be. A swordsman with nothing to tie him down, and a strong sense of justice. Who could ask for more? Before logging in though, he checked his e-mail, to find it empty. He couldn't shake the feeling that he was forgetting something though, and rechecked his read messages. There it was! One of his good friends in the World had contacted him, wanting his help with a quest of hers. "That's just like her, to be snooping around the .Hackers legend. Still..." Joshua thought a minute, "Of course she can count me in! Plus... I need someone to help me figure out this wierd item I got..." And with that, he logged in.

Stepping out of the Chaos Gate, he found himself in Delta server's Mac Anu, his favorite of all the root towns. Besides being a place where players could team up, trade items, and purchase new ones; the town was also known for being the starting place of all the players. When a new player logged in for the first time, it was Mac Anu that they visited. With all of the new players constantly arriving, there was always quite a bustle. And Joshua, (when he was on) wandered the the town, answering questions, or sometimes lending out items to newbies. He loved being able to help people, and he had a bit of a reputation around the town.

Running his hands through his hair, he looked down at his simple attire; some light-weight armor over pants and a shirt, with an over-coat as well. His sword was strapped to his back, and he fingered the hilt gingerly, before heading for the meeting place. Some PC's greeted him as he walked, and he waved at them. When he did though, he noticed that he still had on that bracelet from days before. He quickly moved on, keeping his hand down. He had checked the internet and his guidebook for the bracelet, hoping to find it's function, but to no avail. He figured that it was a cheat item, and to top it off; it wouldn't budge! He couldn't take it off, even from his equip screen.

He didn't want to get involved with the administrators; they wouldn't see his side, they'd just delete his account. So, maybe going to see his old friend Shino was not only a good thing for her, but for him as well. Hopefully, she'd have talked to Sinclair recently; he didn't have her address, but he'd worked with her before. She was a hacker, and might know something about the bracelet. All this rolled in Joshua's head as he (as Hiro) entered a small bar that overlooked the river that ran through town.

It wasn't a bar, so much as a place to meet up with friends or find out the latest news. He liked the place; it was one of the few places that he called, "home" in the World. (He adventured so much, he didn't have a place of his own) When he entered, he could tell that business was slow today, and that was a good thing. He didn't want anyone to overhear his conversation. Anyway, Shino wasn't here yet, so he picked a table in the back of the room, and sat down. "She should be here in an hour or so; I might as well make the most of it."

He sat back in his chair, and began to record everything he knew about the Legend of Twilight, along with the Legendary Dot Hackers. He recorded this information on a special document, which was in a portable information disk in his computer. The two subjects were different, but connected. He had searched message boards and heard gossip about the whole thing, but it had been awhile ago. Joshua just needed to refresh his memory, and he did this by writing it down. He sighed; it was gonna be a long wait.
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[COLOR=Magenta]Shino looked at the time and ran over to the bar in Mac*Anu where she was going to meet Hiro. She ran by mnay of the players and many were asking where she got the wings and stuff. She replied the same saying she got them by hunting and playing The World. It was almost about 10 and Shino was almost late to her meeting with her friend. She ran into the bar and found Hiro sitting in the back. She walked up to him and said, "Wanna join my party? It might be easier so that we can talk in "Party Mode" and no one will hear us except for you and me."
"Sure why not. It might be better that way."

Shino sat down and they got to business. "I told you come here today regarding the item that you have obtained. You say that it wasn't in the item list nor can you get rid of it."
"That's right. I have no idea what it is but if I were to take it up with the admins then things could get ugly."
"You're smart about that. The admins might think that it's an illegal item and might delete it and you. Can I look at it for a minute?"
"Sure. Just be sure not to make sure no one else sees it."

Shino looked at the bracelet and said, "Just as I thought."
"What?" asked Hiro.
"It's the bracelet of Kite. The one that can Data Drain those monsters I've talking about with Sinclair. It's sure some legend alright. Just be careful. That bracelet might be dangerous around the admins."
Shino looked at the time and it seemed that they were talking for about an hour and a half. Shino got up and said, "I have to meet Sinclair at the Chaos Gate. Why don't you come along. After all, we might need a Blademaster to help us and along with the bracelet of Kite, we could run into some data bugs."
Hiro nodded and they went to the gate.

It was about 12 and both Hiro and Shino were waiting for Sinclair to arrive. Sinclair arrived and we were ready to get going. We invited Sinclair into our party (three is the max.) and we head to Theta Server: Dolorous, Evil- Eyed, Widow. Just as we were to warp out, we ran into a problem. The area was protected. "What do we do now?" asked Hiro.
"We Gate Hack," replied Shino.
Hiro and Sinclair nodded and stood in front of the gate.

Shino was in the gate but gone from site putting the pieces back into the puzzle. There was red cross with missing fragements. With each missing fragement, Shino placed a Virus Core, which could be obtained by a Data Drain of a Data Bug. Once she was done, Hiro, Sinclair, and Shino warped to Theta Server: Dolorous, Evil-Eyed, Widow.

This area was affected as well. There were parts were the computer graphics had holes. We looked for the dungeon and entered it. "Why are we here?" asked Hiro.
"We are trying to clear and event that started yesterday," replied Sinclair.
Shino led the party to the lowest level of the dungeon. They didn't run into any monsters ,which was good. When they got to the last room, they entered it and found Sheraton down there. We all went up to him and Sheraton kept asking, "Do you have the end? I want the end. Can you give me the end?"

Shino walked up and said, "I know the answer. The thing that you are seeking is...", Sheraton's eyed filled with excitement and both Sinclair and Shino said, " ...this very moment." With that, Sheraton disappeared and said, "Thank you."[/COLOR]
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OOC: to let you all know, only certain people are allowed to Data Drain. The ones who can do it are my character and Hiro. The only reason is because he has the braclet of Kite and I'm a hacker that can hack at everything in the world.

[COLOR=Purple]Sinclair watched as Sheraton disappeared with a smile on his face. It was good to see him smile after he had searched long and hard to find the end that he wanted. She turned to Hiro and Shino and said," I think that we should leave."
"Why?" they both answered.
"If we stay here any longer than we already have, I have a feeling that we are gonna run into some damn trouble. Plus this craphole has a lot of problems and it won't be stable for long."
The warped out of the dungeon using the Sprite Orcania and arrived back at Mac*Anu. Just as soon as they warped back, some merchant who seemed to be an NPC [non-player character] walked up to us and said," Just what the hell do you think you guys are doing?!" he said very angerly.
"We're standing. What does it look like?" Sinclair said as she glared at the merchant. She knew that he wasn't an NPC since they don't act on their own and she recalled that there was an Admin that appeared to look like a merchant.
"Don't back sass me! I know what you guys are up to. You're the cause of the server breaking down and the NPCs acting all weird!"
"What are you talking about!" said Shino surprised.
"Yeah, we didn't do anything wrong," said Hiro.
"Oh yes you guys did. Whatever the hell you guys did when you were gone, caused this server and the Theta server to break down for a moment and disrupted the NPCs harddrive," said the merchant.
"Oh shut the fuck up will you!" shouted Sinclair because he was being too annoying. "We didn't do anything fucking wrong okay! Besides, when you see people who haven't even see your dumbass face before should introduce themselves before they start yelling and making a fuss over nothing!"
"Excuse me miss. My name is Lios. I'm a system Admin and I believe that you three are the cause of the breakdown of the two servers," he said.
"We didn't do anything and we'll leave it at that," said Hiro.
"Fine then, if you won't tell me, I guess I'll just figure it out myself what you idiots are up to and when I do, I might have your accounts deleted or suspended," said Lios as he warped out of the area.
"Damn was he annoying. I can't believe that he accussed us of something that we didn't even do. Anyway, Hiro, Shino, come with me to my house. I have a few things that I need to tell you about what I found while you two were meeting each other," said Sinclair as she started walking with Shino and Hiro behind her. Sinclair was a bit pissed off because of what Lios said and she wasn't sure of what was going on.

Sinclair, Shino, and Hiro all arrived at Sinclair's home. She invited them in and made some tea. After that, she sat down and said,"Hiro, do you know about the legendary .Hackers?"
"Yeah. I heard that they were famous for finding the key to the core of The World," he replied.
"Indeed they were famous for that but did you know what they had to face in order to reach it?"
"No. I thought that they went on a quest and started from there."
"Well, to be exact, they weren't all friends that decided on going on a quest. Some of them didn't even like each other. The team started out with BlackRose and Kite who held the Twilight Bracelet which you have. These two had to encounter the 8 Phases that came across their paths. They did a lot of things that corrupted The World and upsetted the Admins a lot. Their quest was actually trying to find the cause of the comas of their friends in the real world. Do you know Orca of the Azure Sea?"
"Yeah, him and Balmung of the Azure Sky were the descendents of Fianna who cleared The One Sin event which was impossible to beat."
"Correct! But, Orca had fallen into a coma and Balmung was trying to find the cause. I believe that he thought it was because of Kite that his friend was in a coma but it wasn't. It was the work of Skeith, the Terror of Death. It was a horrible monster that was originally one of the 8 Phases turned evil by Morganna. Why did Morganna do it, that I don't know yet."
"Who is Morganna?" asked Shino. "I've never heard of that name before."
"You should be glad you didn't. Morganna was something along the line of the ultimate AI [artificial intellegence]. It was everywhere and yet not everywhere. It can come and go as she pleases and cause trouble as she pleases. I will have to ask an old friend for more information on her."
"Who is your old friend? One of the .Hackers?" asked Hiro.
"I didn't know you had old friends," said Shino.
"My old friend isn't a .Hacker but the greatest hacker in The World. She is Helba Queen of Darkness."
"How can she help you?" said Hiro.
"You know that I'm a hacker right?"
"Yeah and..."
"Helba was the one that taught me everything. She was also there when the .Hackers encountered Morganna I think or at least she knows who Morganna is. I will log off now so that I can send her an email. I'll be right back."
Sinclair logged off and wrote Helba and email asking her for help with something involving the key word [B]"Twilight"[/B].[/COLOR]
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[COLOR=Magenta]Shino and Hiro sat there waiting for Sinclair to return. Shino stood up and said, "I'm gonna go on a walk. Wanna come?"
Hiro nodded and they left. Shino sent a Flash Mail to Sinclair telling her that they were out. As they walked along Mac*Anu, it was starting to get dark. They stopped on a bridge and talked. "I don't know what to do? Your bracelet is so mysterious and the monsters that are appearing seem to cause havoc amoung the whole game. I just wish Aura was here to help us."
"Who's Aura? I know that she was an ultimate AI but I don't know much about her. This bracelet seems to cause the problems that are going on and there's not much left to do but wait until Sinclair comes back."
"You're right. But Aura was more that the ultimate AI. She gave Kite the Twilight bracelet and he used the bracelet to defeat the virus. Aura was very intelligent and was the "daughter" of Harald."

There was a moment of silence until Sinclair came running, "Sorry. I just--"
Her sentence was cut off as the background music changed. It sounded like someone singing and they turned around to see who it was. There was a little girl with platinum blonde hair, pale skin, and wearing a white dress with no shoes. She stopped singing and turned around. Her eyes were a pale blue and big. She jumped down and ran towards Hiro saying, "Mommy!"
She hugged him and Hiro was just a little confused and so were the rest of them. Hiro kneeled down and said, "I'm not your mother. I think that you should go find her."
"If it will make you feel better, we will all go look for your mother," said Shino. "Who is she and what is your name?"

The little girl looked at us and said, "My name is Zefie."
Zefie was very small but she didn't look like an ordinary character. Sinclair knelt down and said, "Who is your mommy?"
Zefie looked at her and then at Hiro. "Aura. And this has mommy's scent on it." Zefie held onto Hiro's arm where the bracelet was. We were all shocked at what we had just heard.

[I]Her mother is Aura? That means Aura really has gotten smarter than when I last saw her. [/I]Shino thought and looked at Zefie. "So you're saying that this bracelet belonged to your mother?"
Zefie shook her head and said, "It only has the scent of my mother but it is not hers. She gave it to him because there was a purpose."

We all stood there but didn't know what to do. We knew that if she was the daughter of Aura, then she was an AI as well and then she would be deleted for being created. Since it was night and there was no school tomorrow, we headed for Sinclair's house to spend the night.[/COLOR]

OOC: Zefie is the other character that I will be playing from here and on. I will also play Shino as well.
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[COLOR=Purple]Sinclair, Shino, Hiro and Zefie all sat in Sinclair's house. Sinclair watched as Zefie was walking around holding onto Hiro. It was so cute ^^. The sight of them two together made her laugh.
"What's so funny?" asked Hiro as he turned toward Sinclair.
"I was just laughing because Zefie is so attached to you," she replied.
"That aside," said Shino," What about your email to Helba?"
"Oh that, she hasn't repli--" she started when everyone heard the *Bing! You got mail!* sound. "I'm betting that's her right now. Give me a sec," she said as her character stood there silently and still.
Suddenly, as if by an instant, Sinclair came back to life.
"Sorry about the wait you guys, that message was from Helba indeed. She told me that Morganna was a monster that was everywhere and knew everything. It was there and yet not there. She says that Morganna was created by Harald Hoerwick to help with the birth of Aura years ago."
"The birth of Aura?" said Hiro.
"That's mommy's name!" shouted Zefie with excitement.
"Indeed it is. She said that Morganna was also an AI and wanted the stop of Aura's birth because she knew that once Aura was born that she would have no purpose. She even dragged a kid named Tsukasa into the world subconciously and made him feel despair to stop the birth of Aura. Too bad that it didn't work. It also brought about the 8 Phases as well. The legendary .Hackers had to fight them in order to discover the cause behind the coma incidents. She worked with Kite and BlackRose and Lios and Balmung to help."
"Sounds like she knew a lot of the situation," said Hiro.
"She did. She is a hacker. But for the first 3 Phases, when they were defeated, they only caused trouble in The World. After they had defeated Fidchell, that's when things started to get into the real world. Helba says that before Fidchell disappeared and died he said:
[CENTER][FONT=Century Gothic]'Like a frenzied horse that is driven,
An unseen wind of plague shrieks across the border.
Pandemonium, wailing, and stench of carnage fills the air.
There is no place to run, no hope of escape.
Those who are mourned will never return.
The hands of time cannot be turned back.'[/FONT][/CENTER]
I believe that it means that the ones who were comatized cannot be returned since time can never go in reverse. But that can't mean it because they came back. Hmmm... what do you guys think it means?"
"Got me," said Hiro.
"I don't know. It sounds like something from the [I]Epitaph[/I]," said Shino.
"Yea, Helba said that too. She said that the last Phase, Corbenik, was just only the beginning. I wonder what she meant by that?"
"Sounds like that it was beginning of something bad," said Hiro.
"Or of something good," said Shino.
"Zefie," started Sinclair.
"What?" she answered.
"Do you know where your mommy is?"
"No, but he will lead me there. I'm sure of it!" said Zefie as she pointed to Hiro.
"I...I will?!" said Hiro startled.
"Anyway, to end Helba's message, she said that whenever Kite and BlackRose encountered Aura to give her a segement of herself, that as they tried to approach her, Cubia would appear. I believe that Cubia wasn't listed in the 8 Phases and I bet that it was something that wanted them to stay away from Aura. I'm not sure if we'll encounter it to return Zefie to her mother but we should be careful."
"I have a question Sinclair?" asked Hiro.
"Ask away. I might know the answer," she said.
"What are the names of the 8 Phases?"
"They are:
[FONT=Arial][B]Phase 1[/B] -Skeith, the Terror of Death
[B]Phase 2[/B] -Innius, the Mirage of Deceit
[B]Phase 3 [/B]-Magus, the Propagation
[B]Phase 4 [/B]-Fidchell, the Prophet
[B]Phase 5 [/B]-Gorre, the Schemer
[B]Phase 6 [/B]-Macha, the Temptress
[B]Phase 7[/B] -Tarvos, the Avenger
and [B]Phase 8 [/B]-Corbenik, the Rebirth, Attachments of Life, and the Pure Heart.[/FONT]
The 8 Phases who were turned into monsters by Morganna Mode Gone."[/COLOR]
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Things were moving a little too fast for Hiro. He was used to moving at his own pace; with everything eventually finding a place. But today, it had gone from wanting to find out about the bracelet he had obtained, to inheriting the Legendary hero Kite's legacy, along with baby-sitting a rouge NPC! It was just too much!

Sighing, (virtually and physically), Hiro began to walk around the room, while the NPC Zefie clung to his arm. His mind raced in many different directions. It's not that he MINDED looking after Zefie, he actually kind of liked her; she was cute. But being with her was a little, well, DIFFICULT. Technically speaking, she shouldn't exist, and the Cobalt Knight Brigade would LOVE to get their hands on her. That put Hiro's character account at risk, for being an accomplice to an NPC. But, he had had dealings with the Brigade before, and he hadn't warmed up to them then, either. He would give protecting and helping Zefie his all!

But that wasn't his only thoughts. Zefie had said that Aura was her "mother." From what he knew about Aura, she was a super AI, and was a prime figure in the World, even if the general public didn't know it. How could she have had a kid? And, why wouldn't she be with her daughter? Given time, more questions would have formed, but, he heard Sinclair snickering to herself. Feeling it was aimed at him, he said, "What's so funny?"

"I was just laughing because Zefie is so attached to you," she replied. He gave her a "fake angry look." Then, he looked down at Zefie,"Whatdoyah say we go see what the others are talking about?" Zefie stared at him thoughtfully, "Ok!" she smiled sweetly. He HAD to admit, she was starting to grow on him. Walking over to Shino and Sinclair, he gathered that Sinclair was waiting for a message from the hacker, Helba. Personally, he didn't like Helba. She appeared wherever something was going wrong, it seemed, (at least to Hiro). When a *bing!!* sound appeared, Sinclair excused herself. It seemed the e-mail had arrived.

When she returned, she seemed full of energy. "Sorry about the wait you guys, that message was from Helba indeed. She told me that Morganna was a monster that was everywhere and knew everything. It was there and yet not there. She says that Morganna was created by Harald Hoerwick to help with the birth of Aura years ago."
To this statement, Hiro replied, "The birth of Aura?" Zefie shouted in excitement, "That's my mommies name!" "Indeed it is," said Sinclair, and she explained what Helba had sent her. After a few minutes, Hiro said, "Sounds like she knew a lot of the situation." "She did," said Sinclair. "She is a hacker. But for the first 3 Phases, when they were defeated, they only caused trouble in The World. After they had defeated Fidchell, that's when things started to get into the real world. Helba says that before Fidchell disappeared and died he said:

'Like a frenzied horse that is driven,
An unseen wind of plague shrieks across the border.
Pandemonium, wailing, and stench of carnage fills the air.
There is no place to run, no hope of escape.
Those who are mourned will never return.
The hands of time cannot be turned back.'
I believe that it means that the ones who were comatized cannot be returned since time can never go in reverse. But that can't mean it because they came back. Hmmm... what do you guys think it means?"

Hiro thought, a little confused. "Got me." He answered honestly. Hiro concentrated on the conversation, adding in, "Sounds like that it was beginning of something bad." This was turning out to be EXTREMELY interesting. He got lost in his own thoughts, until Zefie tugged on his coat. Apparently answering the question of if she knew where her mother was, she pointed at him, saying, "No, but he will lead me there. I'm sure of it!"

Surprized at how much faith the little girl had in him, (and the shock of being torn from his thoughts) he replied, "I...I will?!" He looked at Zefie, and she smiled, nodding her head. He patted her head, mumbling, "Yeah...I will, won't I?" Sinclair was still on a roll, and Hiro had a question about what she had said. "I have a question Sinclair?" he asked. "Ask away. I might know the answer," she said.
"What are the names of the 8 Phases?"

At this, she nodded her head, and recalled them from memory,"They are:
Phase 1 -Skeith, the Terror of Death
Phase 2 -Innius, the Mirage of Deceit
Phase 3 -Magus, the Propagation
Phase 4 -Fidchell, the Prophet
Phase 5 -Gorre, the Schemer
Phase 6 -Macha, the Temptress
Phase 7 -Tarvos, the Avenger
and Phase 8 -Corbenik, the Rebirth, Attachments of Life, and the Pure Heart.
The 8 Phases who were turned into monsters by Morganna Mode Gone."

When she finished, Hiro gulped. He checked his stats and equipment; all in good shape and how they were supposed to be. "My ONLY OTHER QUESTION, said Hiro, sounding a bit taken aback by all the names and phases, "Is when do we start?" He looked down at Zefie, and smiled; to which, she smiled back. It wasn't hard for one to lose themself n The World, at least not for Hiro. This was the beggining of another adventure, and Hiro would make SURE, to see it through to the end.

(OoC: Sorry bout the time, hehheh.. :animeswea Hope you like it!)
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yami took a quick look at her friends list. "Everyone's on but...How do I know where they are?!" Not being on for a long time had it to where she lost alot for basic things.[I]Hmmm...maybe if I...[/I]she thought clicking the name "shino" all of the sudden she blinked and she was standing at a house. [I]dang!....that was wierd, new feature maybe?[/I]she thought. before she could knock a little gruntie ran into her leg, it grumbled in disappiontment. "Oh hey there little guy, what you doing here?" she said picking up the gruntie. It grunted in surprise and excitment. "You abandoned by your owner?" The little gruntie sagged in her hands. "Well then, you can stay with me! i'll name you after my favorite color too! Blackey! because you also have that huge black nose!" she smiled and the gruntie got really happy it almost squirmed it's way out of her hands, but she held tight to the new little Blackey. She took a quick look in thw window to make sure Shino and Sinclair were there and knocked on the door. "Hello? Anyone in there?" she said.

(Ooc:i forgot the series so if i made any mistake please let me know.(like the friend list thing) i'm not so good at remembering things from shows and mangas....i'm terrible at it actually.^.^')
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[COLOR="Magenta"]Zefie was clung to Hiro and it looked cute to Shino. Shino stood up and said, "I think we should start sometime soon so Zefie can get back toher mother and Hiro can ask about the bracelet. We might have to do it quietly and under the table. We don't want the admins or the Brigrade to hear about this. If Zefie is and AI, just like Aura, then the Brigrade will certainly want to delete her like their job is meant to."

Shino looked at Zeife who seemed to be a little confused but not scared at the fact that she might be deleted. Zefie then said, "I want to find my mommy."
"After hearing what both you and Sinclair has said, I think that I should go and find some more information on the .Hackers quest. I'll be right back so you guys can just wait for a moment." Shino logged off and checked the BBS. She searched the legend of the .Hackers and a post by the name of W. B. Yates. She scanned through it and sent it to Sinclair, Hiro and Yami.

Shino logged back on and said, "You guys got the emails right?"
They nodded and she read the message out loud.
[CENTER][FONT="Arial Narrow"]"The meaning of the Twilight event 4 years ago;
The meaning of the bracelet which Aura brought back 4 years later;
The reason why the shapeless ?will? of the world resurrected two legendary heroes;
The reason why the world exists at all;
The reason behind the dot hackers."

"It seems to me that this W.B. Yates was there when they discovered the Twilight," sadi Hiro.
"That's true but no one knows who it is. He plays as different characters, even girls that are newbies or PCs that are super strong. No one has any idea who he is or how he knows everything," replied Sinclair.
"I've heard of him before but it seems that he is helpful in some ways. The only thing is, you can't contact him. There was no member address so I couldn't ask him for anything more. But at least we have this. This way we can move foward," said Shino.

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[COLOR="Purple"]*Bing!You got mail* came the familiar noise of Sinclair's mail message tone. "I've gotta take this. I'll be right back so hold on," she said as she logged out for a while. She read through the email and returned back in a flash.
"So what was the email?" asked Hiro.
"It was just an email from a friend. Nothing important," she said.
"So it was nothing. Oh well what can you do?" said Shino.
"Speaking of friend here comes one now," said Sinclair.
"What do you mean?" asked both Shino and Hiro.
They all soon heard a knock on Sinclair's door.
"Coming," she said as she got up and walked to the door.
"How did she know that?" asked Hiro to Shino.
"Well. Sinclair is a hacker so she must know or she has ESP," replied Shino.
Sinclair opened the door and saw Yami.
"What's up? Is there something you need? Come in," said Sinclair as she invited Yami in.
"I was wondering where you guys were when you sent me a Flash Mail to come to her house," she said.
"Oh yeah. Sorry, I sometimes have short-term memory loss. Anyway, did you get the message the Shino sent you?" asked Sinclair.
"Yeah, the one about the Legend of the .Hackers that was posted by someone by the name of W.B.Yates," said Yami.
"Exactly. Now, if only we could contact him and ask him about it," said Sinclair.
"Well, you're a hacker right? Why not use your hacking skills to find him?" said Yami.
"That' easier said than done," replied Sinclair.
"Why's that?" asked Shino," You're the best hacker next to Helba, why would it be hard?"
"There are some conditions. I mean, I can locate him but it will take some time at least a few weeks. And the conditions are that I would have to hack into the firewalls of the CC Corp. unnoticed which will be hard unless I get "him" to help us out," said Sinclair.
"'Him'? Who's "him"?" asked Yami and Hiro.
"An old friend of mine and a .Hacker," said Shino.
"Well, since we've been sitting here forever talking about how to find someone and trying to find Zefie's mom, I think that we should go to a dungeon or a protected area," said Sinclair.
"I agree," said Hiro.
"Me too," said Shino.
"Wait a minute. Who's Zefie?" asked Yami.
"Oh, I forgot. No one can see her unless you join our party," said Sinclair.
"But we can only have 3 people in a party and that's the max," said Hiro.
"Unless I hack and then we can have 4 in party," said Sinclair slyly.
"Go ahead and do it my friend," said Shino.
Soon Sinclair was hacking and they had a party of 4. Right as Yami entered the party, she could see Zefie.
"So that's Zefie. She's cute," said Yami.
"Now, it's time to go so pack your items and get ready to go," said Sinclair as everyone headed out the door and on their way to the Chaos Gate.[/COLOR]
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