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Gaming Jaws ------> NES


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ahh i miss NES...
i've been playing on an emulator... all these old games
bring back such memories to me. Anyway, i was playing
my old favorite game, Jaws, i'm sure you remember it...
you're a redheaded diver that shoots white arrows at
jellyfish and starfish.... erm "seastars" i guess is what
they're called now.... everythings so politically correct. :confused:
Well..... point be made, i have no problem playing the normal
game.... i just don't understand how to "kill" jaws.
I'll have his power drained.... then that boat scene comes up
and says something like "strobe"
ack.... i could kill the fishy when i was a kiddy. How i wish
to remember.
So my question(s) is...
How do you finish the guy off? and
Sometimes i can get the orange sub....
what makes it show up?
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[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Adam [/i]
[B]That was such a great game.

-Ad [/B][/QUOTE]

Simple..... But effective! ;) Hehehe, yes, it was a great game from what I remember..... All I remember from it is the characters..... The rest is forgotten for me..... :(
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Guest Hikaru Ichijyo
I read this post awhile ago, dusted off my old nes that still in great condition and played the game just to answer this question for you. Hope you appericate it!

Follow these steps:

1.)Step one, Get Jaws life energy all the way down on the regular stage and his power will flash and taking you to the next part.

2.)Let Jaws come as close as he can to you and line him up with the boat. Fire the strobe using the A button I believe and then when he pops out of the water right smack in front of you press the B button making the boat jump up and stab him through the heart. Thats how you kill Jaws.

Did you get all that, even now this game was still easy to beat only took me 20 mins.

Hope that helped you out!
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[SIZE=3][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]this rick guy is showing up everwhere... he is acting like he is staff of theotaku's new anime movie section, haha he isnt *looks at o3online's staff page see he isnt*, WTF he is *looks at theotaku's staff page... sheshhhhhhh shows how much effort is put into OG i dont even know we have new staff... not to mention a new section...

and to not totally spam... i never heard of this game... and it cant be that good if u can beat it in 20 mins? even the original MK was longer than that![/color][/size][/font]
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Guest Hikaru Ichijyo
Sorry for trying to help people out, pssst I let you in on a little secret if you ask James, and Adam you'll find out im staff. Psst also on the upgrade to Version 4 of the Otakuboards my name will appear on the staff. By the way Im Rick Hunter Nice to meet you kuja:D :D :D :D :D
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[SIZE=3][FONT=century gothic][COLOR=crimson]lol i have known that... i chewed adam out for not telling me we had more staff for theotaku (i use we as in the 'otaku' community not adam/james/me lol) now that he is adding people over there... maybe ill bug him to make me staff for OG :) officailly lololol stead of a person who sits around doing nothing... kinda like adam ;)[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]
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