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    Gaming Post Bugs Here

    [center][img]http://img805.imageshack.us/img805/1535/nimblestronglogoob.jpg[/img] [font="Trebuchet MS"][size=7]BUG REPORTING[/size][/font][/center] [blockquote] [b]KNOWN ISSUES:[/b] [list] [*]Slightly less than ideal framerate on second-generation devices (iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 8GB) [*]Reagan's mouth is slightly shaded wrong [*]Scotch Fizz recipe asks for Rum and the Pina Colada doesn't say "shaken" [*]Eye blinks are a little too slow [/list] [b]OTHER (NON)-ISSUE:[/b] If you have an older device and your game crashes it's NOT because the game is buggy. Older devices need to be restarted every once in a while to clear up memory in order to run some newer games. If you do a full restart your device, the game won't crash anymore. We put 100+ hours of testing on 2nd generation devices, so we know it's stable . Post any other issues you find here .[/blockquote]
  2. Adam

    Gaming Just downloaded, crashes on startup

    [quote name='jwhitmire' date='09 July 2010 - 10:21 PM' timestamp='1278728508' post='697019'] I just pulled down the game based on great recommendations from friends. I'm on an older iPhone 3G device. It gets to the main menu page, but clicking on new game, or recipe book consistently crashes the app. Help? [/quote] Also, try to restart your iPhone. There's a big chance that'll fix everything. http://ipod.about.com/od/iphonehowtos/qt/turn_off_iphone.htm
  3. Adam

    Gaming Just downloaded, crashes on startup

    Hey, The game was optimized for 3GS and above but it shouldn't be crashing. I'll see what I can do to fix it or make it up to you ASAP. What OS do you have running, 2.0 or 3.0? Please email me (adam@velegant.com) and let's talk, Thanks so much for your support and I'm sorry about this snag, Adam
  4. Adam

    Gaming Suggestions & Feedback

    [quote name='James' date='05 July 2010 - 02:12 AM' timestamp='1278310365' post='696551'] [font="Palatino Linotype"]One option I'd like (and please tell me if it's there and I'm just not noticing) is an icon that will always take me back to the game's main menu no matter where I am. If I'm in the practice mode, for example, I might want to jump out of there and jump back into the story...or I might be mid-way through making a drink and I might want to try something else. Having a way to immediately "go back" or "go home" would be awesome. As it stands now, you need to click the Home button on your device and then re-load the game. That's a pretty minor thing, but it would certainly be handy. [/font] [/quote] It's a little too subtle but there's a cog in the top right hand corner of the screen just under the Recipe Book. That'll take you home .
  5. Adam

    Gaming Game Play Tips

    [center][img]http://img805.imageshack.us/img805/1535/nimblestronglogoob.jpg[/img] [font="Trebuchet MS"][size=7]GAME PLAY TIPS[/size][/font][/center] [blockquote][list] [*]Almost every drink begins with filling the glass with ice. To make things easy on you ice is automatically selected. The first thing you should do when the glass hits the bar is touch and hold the glass. Ice cubes will fall in. Only release your finger from the glass when it's full, otherwise you risk getting fail prompts. [*]Whenever a "Fail" prompt appears you lose a % of your accuracy score. You get a small percent back with a "Perfect" and you break-even on "Nice." If you get a "Nice (Tad Under)" try to put just a tiny bit more to get to Perfect, you'll get a small boost. [*]Almost every drink begins with one of the base spirits (vodka, gin, rum, tequila, bourbon, cognac) and a two second pour. Touch and hold your finger on the glass for two seconds (count in your head) and release. [*]One ounce ingredients will be a one-second pour (count in your head and release). Splashes will just be a little bit. [*]When in doubt, consult your recipe book (top right corner). [*]If you have two orders at once that share ingredients, always try to pour into both in one go (using two fingers). [*]Only put on a garnish if you have time, they're not required. If you pick the right garnish you get a small boost but the lost time might make it not worth it. They are pretty, though. [*]Even though you're technically supposed to muddle drinks before putting in ice, Nimble lets you put in ice first and muddle second without penalty. This saves you extra time because you can use the fact that ice is the default selection to your advantage. [/list][/blockquote]
  6. I have a lot of game play footage for my game and want to transform it into a quick trailer video to show it off. Is anyone here really good with video editing/have a strong eye to help me out on it? Thanks! Adam
  7. Adam

    Swine Flu

    [quote name='Raiha'][COLOR="DarkOrchid"][FONT="Times New Roman"]So in other words being a person with a shoddy self defense system means I'm saved. .....I wish that was as reassuring as it should be.[/FONT][/COLOR][/QUOTE] Mental note: Drink moar alcohol and eat nachos.
  8. Awesome interview Rick, kudos to you and give my compliments to the interviewers for a great job, Adam
  9. Adam

    What Martial Arts Are You Into?

    Lots of martial arts diversity, wow. I took Kung-Fu for most my life growing up, from late elementary school to senior year of high school Recently I've been taking Brazilian JuJitsu for the last six months but I had a chest injury and have been on a leave of absence. I think BJJ is more effective than Kung Fu HOWEVER it's MUCH easier to get injured in class. I also took Muay Thai for a month -- There's a book I read called Meditations On Violence by an expert martial artist and police guru Basically he says that the #1 thing you gain from studying martial arts is fitness. This is because real world fights have a LOT of variables you can never prepare for and that the natural reaction to an ambush type situation, regardless of training, is to freeze I highly, highly recommend the book for anyone taking martial arts, it's very sobering.
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    Congratulations INDACIO!!!
  11. Adam

    Love Letters <3

    I have to agree with James on this one, especially on the timing-aspect (not waiting until after the play), but I do give you points for being courageous, which will serve you well in life later on. The only similar story I have is during the early years of high school, I suddenly started receiving mysteriously placed, anonymous letters from a "secret crush." I didn't know many girls, being the geeky fellow I was, so had no suspects in mind and was also worried that perhaps some malicious guy was writing them as a prank. The last day of school a final letter came with a huge reveal. It was from a girl from my Latin class who I had never talked to before and who wasn't my type at all. She asked if we could meet in a certain spot after school to start to get to know each other. Anyway, I didn't meet her there and never saw her again after that. Moral: There are definitely WRONG ways to use love letters :-).
  12. Adam

    Smoothie Recipes

    I went to a place here in Vancouver where they advertised that they sold smoothies. At the register the cashier told me that, in order to get a smoothie, I had to go to the fruit bar, fill up a cup with the ingredients I want in the smoothie, and then he would blend them together. Is it just me or is this a HORRIBLE idea? I've never made smoothies before, so there's a >50% chance that I'll mess up the proportions or make something really boring just to be safe. This leads to a question: Does anyone have any tried and true smoothie recipes? Adam
  13. Adam

    Gaming Guess what is coming to the DS

    You know, without Chrono Trigger, this entire network might never have existed (though we'd have to time travel back and change a few things to test this theory out) The first website I ever made was about RPGs and the only reason I ever cared about RPGs was because of Chrono Trigger. That RPG website turned into one about the GameBoy Color which became a huge hit and led to a network of gaming sites which led to a network of anime sites which because this network This'll be a day 1 purchase for me--playing on emulators is so bleh so this will be a great way to relive the game. Adam
  14. Adam

    Ramen: Staple or obsession?

    I'm as guilty as anyone for quick-replacing meals, but for some reason I never got into Ramen... For my quick-meal fix I'll just eat lots and lots of cereal...
  15. Adam

    Cultural Cuisine Preferences?

    I once went to a Korean restaurant for a friend's birthday; he did all the ordering. I kid you not, this is what EVERYONE had there: (1) Fried chicken (2) French fries (3) Calamari (4) Mozzarella sticks (5) Onion rings It was ridiculous. Japanese food is easily my favorite. I also enjoy *good* Chinese food and, once in a while (not too often because they're heavy), Persian/Italian/French/etc., etc. It's really the specific restaurant that's important for me vs. the genre of food. The only genre of food I passionately dislike is Ethiopian food.
  16. Ad - For those too lazy to say 'Adam', it also works because I worked in advertising and love to hype things Adamie - My mom's nickname for me Bossman - SomeGuy is responsible for this one :). Ironically it's a nickname I'd NEVER volunteer, I just don't like the sound of 'boss', I dislike calling people my boss and I dislike being thought of as a boss
  17. Adam

    MyOtaku=The Past=Bad?

    [quote name='AzureWolf']I really like Worlds, but I am curious why, in 2008, such a big and powerful site does not support RSS. Every blog site I've been to has RSS, so I do not know why it is so elusive. I figure it is an easier way to [strike]stalk[/strike] follow friends than having to log into the site and check, only to see no updates. It may sound like no big deal, but those "just check" times, and for multiple sites, add up - not to mention are a waste of time. Personally, compared to Worlds, myO is clunky. I never liked the heavy modifications many members made that broke the consistency of the site.[/QUOTE] We'll get to RSS eventually...The thing with RSS is that our audience generally doesn't use readers. We had an RSS feed on theO for years and the subscriber numbers were negligible (like 200 people out of our 700,000 visitors a month)...implementing RSS on WORLDS or member updates takes a lot of work because we'd want to make it scalable to potentially millions of feeds, so the cost/benefit ratio makes it less a high priority area...
  18. Adam

    MyOtaku=The Past=Bad?

    Hello! Thanks for your feedback, I'm aware of all the issues you mentioned, though obviously some are more important than others. The main note I want to make is that we only launched a month ago...when MyOtaku launched in 2003 it was AWFUL. 50% of it didn't work, there was no customizability, the site was dead slow. Version Vibrant was a much bigger project than myOtaku and launched really far along. Sites take a long time to evolve and we're evolving theOtaku faster than ANY other site out there. How many features/improvements have we made since launch? At least 15. My best advice is to focus on the positive, not the negative. This isn't just for websites, but applies in all areas of life. You can always find reasons to complain or nag but it's ultimately healthier to find reasons to be appreciative.
  19. On theOtaku.com, for Fan Words I put a temporary O where I want a 20 by 20ish pixeled drawing of a WORLD/planet/something cool Anyone good at pixel art want to give it a shot?
  20. Adam

    The Run for President USA

    I'm a huge Obama supporter 130 present votes out of 4000 over 8 years is nitpicking. That's 3 out of 100 and some of the votes were on issues where it was safer to vote Yes or No than just Present In terms of the economy...I went to business school with a degree in economics; by all accounts I'm as fiscally conservative as they come but I have been VERY disappointed in the Republicans' handling of our finances. First, there's been little emphasis on the long-term. The US is falling behind in areas like green technology (Toyota is lapping US car companies) which will be the future. Also, by making legal immigration harder, we're turning away the brightest minds in the world. Also, this latest $600 check rebate idea screams of desperation. Second, discretionary and pork-barrel spending have increased beyond reason. If we're going to waste so much money I'd prefer to spend it on humanitarian things like health care for children than throwing it away on no-bid contracts and what-not Obama's not perfect, but he has a record of accomplishment that goes beyond Hillary's. Here's a well researched article comparing the two. [url]http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2008/2/20/201332/807/36/458633[/url]
  21. Adam

    Valentines Day. What will you do?

    I always tell my guy friends this: Valentine's Day is about letting the girl in your life have a nice story to tell her friends when they talk about what their boyfriends did for them and then ask her what her boyfriend did for her. Adam
  22. Adam

    Love, Betrayal & Forgiveness?

    Well, if you think about it, death = loss and cheating often equals loss + betrayal. So by that logic cheating > death since that betrayal strikes deeply. However, if you suffered betrayal and then went on and found a better, more honest person, then it ends well. But if you married someone wonderful and that person passed away, you'll have longer-term sadness because no matter who you'll end up with you'll still remember the deceased (and might not ever find someone better). Also, I think most would rather their significant other stay alive and cheat vs. die, because part of you will always still care for the person on some level despite their actions. In the short term cheating feels worst, but long-term death is worst, because the person who cheated can be replaced but the person who died cannot.
  23. Adam

    What Will Your Tombstone Say?

    Please excuse the downtime, Adam 2.0 coming soon.
  24. Adam

    2008 Presidential Campaign

    I am personally a HUGE supporter of Obama. Here are just five of many reasons (not even policy related): [LIST] [*]He'll help unite the parties: Obama is the Democrat that the most independents and Republicans would respect.Obama also has said he'll put Republicans on his cabinet, which would be a great start. [*]He's rational vs. dogmatic: In the 100+ debates/interviews/appearances I've seen, he comes across as the most commonsense/rational of the candidates. Watch him debate Alan Keyes for the Senate, for example. He was also one of the few people who went out publicly against the war before it was popular [*]He'll keep church and state separate. [*]He's the best public speaker of the entire lot. It'll be great to have a president who can speak well [*]He has a track record of ethics accomplishments in his short Senate term [/LIST] I don't think I've ever been as excited for a candidate
  25. Adam


    I was very pleased to find this thread. Very pleased meetup.com is an NYC based startup that's become a huge success story online I personally have had good luck meeting people online, at conventions, etc That's all I'll say-- Adam