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Sign Up Virtual Realities- The Matrix Revisited [PG - SLV]


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“[b]Ahrianna! AHRIANNA![/b]”

The young woman swallowed a mouthful of strawberries hurriedly and quickly buried the rest. She could some back later, dig them up, and wash them off. If she couldn’t, it would only mean more strawberries for next year. Wiping the incriminating red stains off of her hands with a handful of leaves, Ahrianna hurriedly got to her feet and dashed through the cluster of pine trees to the edge of the field. She paused as she broke cover, waiting a full five count before her eyes readjusted to the glaring sunlight. Across the waving golden sea of waist-tall grass was her caravan.

Well, she admitted grudgingly to herself, it was her father’s caravan. It was still beautiful. The wagons were covered in patchwork patterns of gold and red and blue and green and some colors she didn’t know the name of. In the sun, the silk shone and the cotton looked regal. The harsh sunlight was reflected easily and Ahri knew it was darker than sin inside them.


She broke into a run as she realized that Calypsa was gearing up for a serious telling-off. Ahrianna hiked her skirt up around her hips, bare feet flying through the grass. If she wasn’t back by the time Calypsa finished, she’d catch it.


She burst from the grass and –


She tore into camp and touched the wheel of one of the wagons. Suddenly, she felt a pull and –

“[b]Hey, Ahri, you want some food? You got kinda caught up in the whole ‘Gypsy’ thing. You’ve been in there for six hours.[/b]”

Ahrianna looked across the room at her friend Kitty, who was standing in the doorway. She heard a throaty chuckle behind her and turned her head to see Vault just as he pulled the plug from the back of her head.

“[b]You get into the whole medieval thing, dontcha?[/b]”

“[b]Yeah… So watcha got, Kitty?[/b]”


The machines; defeated at last, we humans have our planet back. In a last attempt to save the rapidly diminishing human race, Neo and company proceeded to pull as many souls out of the Matrix before it was shut down. However, that was saved as well. Now the only ones in the Matrix are voluntary. They know what they’re doing and where they are and that, if they so choose, they could escape to the Real World at any time. Some still don’t believe it is real, but the option is there for them.

For those outside the Matrix, either rescued or Earth-born, their lives are centered around rebuilding a world damaged almost irreparably. Nearly a decade after Neo and the Final Battle with the machines, the world is starting to rebuild and people are starting to focus on things other than guarding themselves against enemies – building families, going into the Matrix and newly discovered Virtual Realities just for a good time.

This is our story. We are rebuilding. We Surf the Realities like someone in 2007 would surf the Internet. So far as we know, we’re safe. One can never be too careful. Everyday is a struggle to get by, but now it is somewhat easier. Join us?


So, see my little Matrix RPG? (For those of you who are likely to be disappointed, this is invite only, although if you PM me with a writing sample I might let you in. ^_~ I’m cool like that.) You see the story, the idea. This is basically a day-to-day in the life of those who survived the war with the machines, those still in the Matrix and those in the other Realities. This is also one of the few RPGs where I will say: God-mod to your hearts content. Just check with the other person if you plan on using their character. o_o And if you plan on something that may change the entire “world” in the RPG, PM [I]me[/I] first. I actually have some things I want to do with this, but for the main part, this is a “what would you do if you had access to the Matrix and countless other virtual realities?”

With that over with, I claim Ahrianna. Anyone wants to play Kitty and Vault, go ahead.

[b]Sign Ups:[/b]

[b]Code Name:[/b]
[b]Real Appearance:[/b]
[b]Virtual Appearance:[/b]

Here’s mine:

[b]Name:[/b] Ahrianna
[b]Code Name:[/b] Lotus
[b]Age:[/b] 17
[b]Gender:[/b] Female
[b]Real Appearance:[/b] See attachments; first is hair style, second is face. Favors skin tight clothing.
[b]Virtual Appearance:[/b] Depends on the world she’s in, but usually like her real appearance, because she loves it so much.
[b]Quirks:[/b] Has multiple personalities, which is why she fits so well in virtual realities. They go by Shauna, Gabriel, and (obviously) Ahri. Ahri hates red, Gabriel hates black, and Shauna hates everybody.
[b]Orientation:[/b] Both
[b]Other:[/b] None

I realize this doesn’t look all that complicated, but it will be. All right, have fun.[/size][/color][/center]
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Here I go again, finding myself back in the Matrix...Yuz said to himself as he plunged into the network. He found himself within a small, rural villiage in midwestern USA. The locals that passed by stared at him with his strange attire, but he had to continue on his mission. Ever since Neo had successfully stopped the machines from destroying Zion, Yuz had to clean up whatever messes were left over from Neo's battle with Smith. He stepped into a local post office where the elderly patrons within greeted him with wary stares of contempt and disbelief. Without so much as a smirk, Yuz walks past the people standing in line, and blocked out their angry orders for him to wait his turn. He approaches the desk and the clerk looks up at him and begins to speak...but Yuz interrupts her.

"Security access, override" Yuz says to the clerk, who meets his icy gaze with confusion.
She attempts to tell him to wait his turn in line, but all that comes out of her mouth is...

"Identification and Password"

"Sykel....password..."We shall walk the path where gods fear to exist" Yuz replies.

The post office then disappears from view and a room full of computer terminals appears. Yuz walks over to the terminal and begins typing....

Who is Ahrianna?
OOOOOOOOOHHHH spooky!!!! Here's my character

Name: Yuz
Code Name:Sykel (pronounced sickle)
Age: Appears to be 20 (doesn't divulge his age)
Real Appearance: Yuz is an average size person, with light brown hair and icy blue eyes (which happen to be the source of his powers, but I digress), In the real world, he wears a tattered shirt with a small black tank-top underneath and Ripped pants. On his back, there is a tattoo of the words "We shall walk where gods fear to exist"
Virtual Appearance: Unlike most people within the virtual world, Yuz is seen wearing completely white. He wears a white trench coat with a white shirt and vest underneath and white pants.
Quirks: Yuz is very cold on the outside to most people, which is reflected in his emotional detachment from everyone outside of his normal group of crewmates. He often is seen as a loner and prefers to work that way, however, he secretly longs to find the missing part of his soul, which has been missing since the battle of Zion. Yuz is very skilled at hand to hand combat and can disarm even armed opponents. He also is able to hack into the shell terminals of the virtual world through "gates" , people in the world who are portals to the terminals. From there, he can rearrange codes and other things in the world to help restore it after the battle between the machines and humans.
Orientation: Does not Divulge (although he did have a significant other, who may have the missing part of his soul. Her current whereabouts are unknown)
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[center][color=blue][size=1][b]The Confirmed[/b]

[b]The Maybes[/b]
The Boss

[b]Already Signed Up[/b]
Felix Santiago

I am so looking forward to this![/size][/color][/center]
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[COLOR="DarkSlateBlue"][FONT="Microsoft Sans Serif"]Woah, props to SaiyanPrincess for the uber banner.

No Ezekiel? She better get into this one. <_<

[B]Name[/B]: Les
[B]Code Name[/B]: Shift
[B]Age[/B]: 19
[B]Gender[/B]: male
[B]Real Appearance[/B]: He stands at 5'10'' with scraggly brown hair down past his ears and dark green eyes. His build is pretty average, skin a very light tan. He has a gentle face that still manages to look intelligent. His fingers are long and nimble, shoulders small.
He usually wears a dark blue jacket over a gray shirt and black jeans.
[B]Virtual Appearance[/B]: Since he was taken out of the Matrix, his virtual appearence is very similar to his real one. Most notably, his hair gets slightly shorter and straighter and he gains almost an inch it height. His clothes become a white t-shirt under a gray hoody and slightly worn-out blue jeans with black sneakers.
[B]Quirks[/B]: He loves his sarcasm. He also tends to sniff alot as if his nose is bothering him and plays with his fingers when they're not otherwise occupied.
[B]Orientation[/B]: Females
[B]Other[/B]: He is fluent in Virtual Code and enjoys writing programs. He's known for messing around in Old West, Feudal Japan, and Medieval Era environments.[/FONT][/COLOR]
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[SIZE=1] “[B]So Here We Are... Again.[/B]" Twitch said while he held hands with his girlfriend as the two walked down a busy and crowded street in Central London, this part of the city was very crowded that morning as they had hit rush hour. "[B]Honey, your hands are all sweaty, and your grip on me is so tight, just relax! No one's after us.[/B]" Ash complained as they entered a coffee shop. Life in the matrix wasnt so bad for Alex after the war had ended, even though he had alot of cleaning up to do, he managed to somehow find some time to find himself again.

The two sat there drinking there drinking their coffee, he stared deeply into her eyes, she noticed and he reverted his eyes back to his coffee. Feeling embarrassed, he pretended it never happened. “[B]You were looking at me again, werent you?[/B]", "[B]N--n--o there's something outside that caught my attention.[/B]" he stammered, with that he put his mug down and began to leave. “[B]Wait! You're leaving me so soon? But... but.... You used to stay for hours and hours.[/B]” by the time she had finished her sentence, he was pulled back into the real world. He walked over to his operator, gave her a hug and walked off to his bedroom, where he saw a corpse lying on a metal table just a foot away from his bed, he held her cold hand.

"[B]That was when you were alive.[/B]"

[B] Name:[/B] Alex
[B] Codename:[/B] Twitch
[B] Age:[/B] 17
[B] Gender:[/B] Male
[B] Real Apperence:[/B] Stands at 5'9" with an atheltic build, his skin is a natural tan with dirty blonde / black hair and grey eyes [reason for strange eye colour never explained]. His face looks very worn out and always has a tired feel, he usually runs around in a black tank top and black jeans, he also has the Japanese symbol for fire: 火 tattooed on his right shoulder
[B] Virtual Apperence:[/B] Since he's been unplugged for quite awhile his apperence really doesnt change, he wears a grey hoodie with cut off sleaves, black jeans and a pair of worn out black and white adidas shoes, his hair turns grey and he grows about three inches
[B]Quirks:[/B] He tends to be very quiet and shy to most people, once he eases up he tends to be very talkative, when bored his is prone to listen to his mp3 player very loudly to drown out others, he is somewhat skilled at hand to hand combat, his specialties are tai chi and jujitsu, but he has very deadly accuracy with firearms.
[B]Orientation:[/B] Females
[B]Other:[/B] He is known to hang around London [circa 12-8-08] or in fedual japan, and he tends to stand for what he belives is right, even if it compromises the mission, he also enjoys killing which causes his operator and his colleagues [before they were excuted by smith] to question his sanity.[/SIZE]
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[size=1][color=green]That looks really good Felix.

All right, since so many of my invitations went unanswered, I am opening this to anyone who wants to sign up. I do like what Korey and Felix did, though, so anyone who wasn't on the invite list, include a small snipit of your character. Thanks so much![/size][/color]
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(>< And I was fixing to sent the snippet too)

Name: Tomas Roberto
Code Name: Toltec
Gender: Male
Real Appearance:[IMG]http://i196.photobucket.com/albums/aa71/anyelaaleyna/anime%20guy/normal_1164042086_i_1389_full.jpg[/IMG]
Virtual Appearance: Same as above except he has on a grey loosely fit business suit
Quirks: Flirts with the ladies a lot. He only fights men never women. Natrualy laid back and easy to get along with as well.
Other: Is Latino in nationality. Often spends time in his holographic Kickboxing arena No holographic fighter has ever beaten Tomas. However he has never won a real fight with a Woman. Was a martial artist before he was freed.
?Ok kid this is a two on two match remember that you keep the little guy off me and I?ll take the big guy ok?? asked a man with wrapped hands and boxing trunks on. He looked over and saw his friend and some what prodoge Saru shaking a bit. He put his hand on the kids shoulder and said, ?Don?t worry about it ok? I know you can do it.?

?Ok Tomas...? said Saru with a nod.
They started walking out and a huge crowd was in what looked like a boxing arena, Tomas raised his hands and the crowd roared loudly. In the ring was a huge muscular man and a smaller man. Both Saru and Tomas climbed in and stretched out. As soon as the introductions of the four fighters were done Tomas went for the big man going for his legs and kicking him there rapidly. The big man slung his fist and hit Tomas hard sending him stumbling back but Tomas kicked him in the legs again.

After this strategy took its toll and after one strong kick the big mans legs buckled and he knelled down. This prompted Tomas?s favorite move the Axe Kick. He raised his foot high and brought it down squarely on the mans head knocking him out. Tomas then looked over and saw Saru having trouble with the smaller man.

?Hey Saru all you needs is one good punch to take him down...? said Tomas.

Saru uppercut the man in the area under the chin knocking him out. Tomas chuckled , ?Told you...?

?How?d you know that would work?? asked Saru puzzled. ?That character was designed on speed. No good Defense or Offense just speed. Something to test how good you can do against a opponent as such. Ok lets head back.? he said closing his eyes.

When he awoke he saw the familiar dank and decrypted condition of his home as he was unplugged, Earth as the Machine?s left it. He looked around and saw Saru already up and about.

?Nothing like a few minutes of the old feeling I used to have...? said Tomas getting up with a sigh. ?But hey at least the girls are real here. Lets go see if we can find any.? he continued with a chuckle and starting to walk to the hatch, Saru only shook his head and followed Tomas out of the hatch.
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[size=1]You may all be rather angry with me - sorry boys! - but I think I am going to drop this. If someone else wants to take over go ahead, but I've suddenly lost my Matrix obsession and thus my "umph" to play this RPG. That and, other than Simplicity, the only girl is me. I'm really sorry, so unless I hear different - like I get a lot of PMs telling me to do this anyway, or I suddenly get more girl sign ups - this is probably going to die. Unless one of you wants to take over.

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[SIZE=1] hey guys, I know we're all a little shocked by the fact that steph has dropped control but...

I guess it's up to me to save the day.
I had a chat with her and she said I could take over.
[just PM her if you do not belive me]

and I will keep the sign ups open til next wenesday.[/SIZE]
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[quote name='Stephanie'][size=1]I feel so loved. I will do my best to participate. >.< With school coming up, it may be difficult but I will try.[/size][/QUOTE]

I hope you will be able to Rp. ^^

And I can play a chick if its cool with the new Game Master guy.
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[quote name='Deathsye']And I can play a chick if its cool with the new Game Master guy.[/quote]

[quote name='Sesshomarufan']Ditto I can do that too[/quote]

[SIZE=1] I'll greenlight that one.

[CENTER] [B][U] Confirmed[/B][/U]

[B][U] Undecided[/B][/U]
The Boss

[B][U] On Board[/B][/U]
Sesshomarufan - Yuz/Skyel
Maud'Dib - Les/Shift
Felix Santiago - Alex/Twitch
Deathsye - Tomas/Toltec
Stepahine - Ahrianna/Lotus[/CENTER]

remember, to those of us who've fallen wayside to the confirmed/undecided/I-need-to-tweak-my-sign-up/havent-signed-up situation these sign ups are due no later than Wenesday, 18July07[/SIZE]
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I'm going to go ahead and keep my original character Felix. I can put in some other people, but they would most likely be NPC's that serve no massive impact to the story....I am trying to recruit people though.

My character is Yuz/Sykel, just in case you forgot. ^_~
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[B][U]EDIT:[/B][/U] The Offical Launch Date Will Be On Monday, 23July07, instead of tommorow, cos I have work.

[Right][B] Now:[/B] Banquet
[B] Artist:[/B] Bloc Party
[B] Album:[/B] Silent Alarm[/RIGHT][/SIZE]
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[FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="1"][CENTER][B]Attention all commited members to this RP[/B][/CENTER]

Due to unforseen circumstances, Twitch will be unable to continue with the direction of the RP and has passed on creative control to me. I will open up sign ups again, ONLY FOR TODAY to all interested members. Refer to the original post for guidelines.

According to the stats....the members we have committed are
Simplicity (still waiting on the post)

The Boss

Sign ups will close on 11:00 pm Mountain Standard Time today. We look forward to seeing you!! ^_~

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[FONT="Georgia"][SIZE="1"]Don't worry, I won't be too stringent on posting frequency, as long as it goes somewhere....which reminds me....

Posting will begin tomorrow at 9pm MST. I will do the initial post and get the ball rolling.

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