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[FONT="Tahoma"]Alright, I'd like to get this up within the next day. I believe only White and Sakura need to finish their sign ups in order for me to be able to start with every adjutant taken. Though i'd gladly get things started if White would just fill in the Adjutant skills. Anyone that still has to fill in some skills, don't worry about it...since in the first chapter your adjutant will only know two skills, so you'll have that time to think of others.

Accepted list as it stands now is:

-Sakura / The Rogue
-Keyblade Wielder / The Valkyrie
-Disenchanted / The Arcanist
-Anomaly / The Sniper
-SunfallE / The Shinobi
-Kitty / The Halberdier
-White / The Myrmidon (granted he creates his adjutant's skills)
-BKstyles / The Reaver

[b]Edit:[/b]In the interest of getting things started i'm putting the thread up now, we have a full cast as long as White can put together at least 2 skills before he posts.
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[COLOR="goldenrod"][CENTER][SIZE="3"][B]*pokes BKstyles and everyone else as well* [/B][/SIZE][/CENTER][quote name='BKstyles'][FONT="Tahoma"]OOC: Jus as said, take this time to conversate with whomever, do what ya want. The Trial will start after a few posts, and we can get to the action ;).[/FONT][/QUOTE]:p Four replies equals more than a [I]few posts[/I]. So can we start the trial yet? Huh? Huh? Huh? Unless you meant a few by each person. ^_~[/COLOR]
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