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    Am I an outsider in this community?

    [font=georgia,serif]possible special snowflake alert.[/font] [font=georgia,serif]continue to monitor this thread for further updates.[/font]
  2. oppan gangnam style

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      I can't stop listening to it!



      everything is going according to plan >:)

    4. Allamorph


      The snow-debris walk was hilarious when the gal on the left couldn't keep a straight face.


    I Forgot What You People Look Like (Image Heavy)

    [quote name='chibi-master' timestamp='1345934516' post='712289'] So I realized I'm turning 18 in October [/quote] [font=trebuchet ms,helvetica,sans-serif]I... I thought you were still like 15??????????????? my world is shattered[/font]

    Discuss Work In Progress RP Backstage

    Yes. Because I miss you guys :( I'll come back though and be productive later - it's 1 AM for me and I'm off to the doctor's in the morning ã? ã?

    The Padded Room Party: Random Thoughts

    [quote name='T.O.P' timestamp='1336490248' post='711705'] I would assume most people wear Deo in their regular routine....but I'm not 100% on that :( [/quote] you dream big, my friend.

    The Padded Room Party: Random Thoughts

    [quote name='T.O.P' timestamp='1336467145' post='711699'] [font=tahoma,geneva,sans-serif][s]Tournament[/s] Life stuff: -please please please bring deodorant.[/font] [/quote] fixed.

    The Padded Room Party: Random Thoughts

    [quote name='Lyndy' timestamp='1333874117' post='711357'] So, on Steam, on a certain Left 4 Dead 2 server, I keep on getting numerous invites from guys that I play with. lululul. (got 3 this past 24 hours) According to Boo, this is because I am a girl. Playing video games. [/quote] [img]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b44/StaticAnonymity/Screenshot2012-04-09at93251PM.png[/img] silly [s]boyz [/s]baronz~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ and in random and therefore relevant news, I am finally officially booked to come home from Seoul on June 30th. This is very depressing. The adventure ends :(((((( sadfaaace
  8. punch-a your buns

    1. Sangome


      I'm a tough tootin' baby, I can punch-a yo buns?


    The Padded Room Party: Random Thoughts

    [font=georgia,serif]It's that time of year again when we say good-bye to our favourite series until the next season ã? ã? Archer is now done til next season :((([/font]
  10. No, but I was there before the death, back in November.


    The Padded Room Party: Random Thoughts

    [font="Garamond"]Oh yeah I'll totally get back on my diet plan. ..when I go back to Canada in 6 months LOL I love food here. Korean food is awesome. I'll worry about that diet crap after the adventure of a lifetime ends.[/font]
  12. I haven't noticed any changes yet, at least not in regular life in Seoul. Must be different along the DMZ.


    The Padded Room Party: Random Thoughts

    [quote name='chibi-master' timestamp='1323130845' post='710507'] It is much harder to find scholarly articles than I thought it would be. GRAH! X[ I need to find a good library. [/quote] [font="Garamond"]I like never post anymore but this is relevant to my life right now and my essay on China. Basically, you should know that google scholar & jstor are your best friends. I have like 10 tabs open right now of articles.[/font]
  14. wind makes it really cold :( yuck. bundle up, friend!

  15. haha, happy to do it~

  16. i am offended. there is more to me than my good looks. there is also my wit and charm!


    RPG The Throwaways

    [font="Garamond"]Autumn pushed her hair back from her forehead in frustration and let out a long breath, her eyebrows furrowing together. As if she didn't already feel useless with the team most of the time, when it missions required that everyone silently use their attacks and be as quiet as possible, she was even more of a liability. They had lost a friend today and, down one man, they would all have to rely on each other more than ever. She could only watch as Novus directed the others with the more appropriate powers to take down the last Blank on the floor. "Warp, I know it's a lot to ask of you right now since you're already our main mode of transportation up, but could you drop Vegas from the ceiling onto that last Blank? Like, now? He's the only one who just can't miss. Vegas? You're going to be dropped on that Blank now." "Wha-" Before he could finish the question, a portal appeared under his feet and he was falling through it, hurtling towards the man who was a mere few steps away from the top. [b]Thud.[/b] "Vegas - status?" Novus called out "Yeah he's gonna be out for awhile... His head broke my fall." Vegas called back to the group as he appeared at the top of the stairs, rubbing his shoulder. A nervous chuckle ran through the group and for a moment it could've been any mission at all. "Alright, good work Vegas, thanks Warp - let's get up to the next floor?" Novus looked over at Warp. "You got it." He replied. Esfir grabbed his hand and the rest of the group followed suit, moving in close to one another so Warp could work his magic. A disorienting moment later, they were on the next floor up, slightly less dizzy than the first time. There was no time to organize this time though, they had appeared in plain view of one of the Blanks making his rounds. "Oh ****! More super-" Brawler swung a fist out and connected with the jaw of the blank before he even managed to raise his gun. Unfortunately, having lost contact with the group on the floor below, and the entrance of Magus, the Blanks were now on high alert. The remaining Blanks had drawn their weapons already and had begun emptying rounds in the general direction of the group, spooked. Novus looked annoyed more than anything and flicked a hand, disintegrating the guns before they had had a chance to do any real damage. Phoenix pulled her lighter out, prepared to finish them off with a nice barbecue. [b]Click.[/b] Fire exploded down the hallway in their direction, not giving them enough time to move out of the way. Autumn noticed movement out of the corner of her eye and turned around, only to come face to face with a particularly large and nasty looking Blank. She opened her mouth to scream but quickly closed it when she realized it would alert every Blank in the building as to their location. 'Damnit...' The Blank laughed and leaned forward to grab her with one hand, a massive knife in the other. Without really thinking, she ducked down so that the clumsy giant bailed over her, falling down. She darted away and managed to squeak out a quick "Critter!" before the man could get back up again. In a flash, Critter was there. Gorilla Critter, rather. The much larger gorilla grabbed the man and knocked him against the wall, rendering him unconscious. "Echo - I'm happy you didn't decide to use your power on that one. A wise decision." Novus looked over at her with what could almost be called approval. "Yeah well," she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. "I'm [i]polite[/i], Novus, not stupid." [/font] not great.. but it's movement! gogogo everyone~

    Discuss The Throwaways Backstage

    [font="Garamond"]Cool! I'll post sometime after Wednesday~[/font]
  19. it's simpler than that =P I'm busy so I'm not on here as much. Less visibility = less profile views. I'm invisible these days

  20. I'm in seoul, your argument is invalid


    Discuss The Throwaways Backstage

    [font="Garamond"]would it be weird if I try to cast resurrect on this badboy? I really wanna >___>[/font]
  22. AWESOME. of course. Seoul is the best!

  23. aww thanks! i didn't do anything special so I was a little homesick last weekend hearing about family stuff back home :( hope yours was great!


    Discuss The Throwaways Backstage

    [font="Garamond"]i posted because lolimpatient. thanks Vongola and Lilt and PJ McKrafty for confirming, everyone else I guessed so tell me if I should change their power levels.[/font]