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Discuss Last Comic Posting [PG - M for crude humor]


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[center][SIZE=4][COLOR=navy][SIZE=5]Last Comic Posting[/SIZE][/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=2][COLOR=indigo]A competition of comedy[/COLOR][/SIZE]
[SIZE=1][COLOR=darkorchid]brought to you by Premonition[/COLOR][/SIZE][/center]

[COLOR=navy]I've decided that before I make [B]Nightmare: Dreamscape[/B], I'd like to make a more community based RPG on OB. So why not go for comedy, eh? Now, I just watched Last Comic Standing on NBC, and the show has a bunch of funny people. And of coarse OB has a bunch of funny people. [/COLOR]

[COLOR=navy]So, what are your thoughts? Do you think we should have auditions for a Last comic competition here on OB? We would need some judges though![/COLOR]

[COLOR=navy][B]If anybody wants to become a judge just send me PM, I'm thinking that 5 judges would be good. I will be the first judge. So shall we go on with this or what?[/B][/COLOR]
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[quote name='Sandy']Maybe you could open this idea up a bit more to those of us who have no idea what the show is about? That would really help, you see. ;D[/QUOTE]

[COLOR="Navy"][B]oops, sorry!>_<[/B]

Well, the show is about a group of contestants compete to become the next big comedian. The winner gets a contract and a special on the Bravo channel. the idea here is for a member to win and be titled the "Last Comic Posting."

The panel of 5 judges will decide who goes on and who gets booted out of the competition. I only have two judges at the moment, but here they are anyways.

[B]1st Judge -Premonition
2nd Judge - White[/B]

We only need tree more judges, so just drop me a PM if you wish to become a judge. It's a first come first serve process, but I do ask that you have some comedic promise. there will be tow ranks of comedians, clean and dirty. After a few have been eliminated I will mesh both groups together for teh last few parts of the competition.


[COLOR="Navy"][B]Sign-up Sheet
-Name:[/B] Your real name
[B]-Age:[/B] real age
[B]-Gender: [/B]your gender
[B]-Joking style: [/B]Do you tell clean or dirty jokes?
[B]-Jokes: [/B]Tell us some jokes. give us a couple one-liners. anything funny.


Here are some basic rules for the RP.

- The 5 judges will decide who foes to the finals. 3/5 judges must say yes in order for a member to go on to the next round.

- The 5 judges may change their mind before the final decision. If 3 of the judges says yes but one decides to chance his answer to a 'no' that will be his answer.

- If any of the judges can't fulfill his/her duties he/she may get a friend to decide for theme. these guest judges will only be able to vote once for the original judge.

After the final members have been chosen the judges will vote on a scale of 1-5. here are the meanings of each number

1 - You totally lacked any comedic skill or you didn't execute your jokes properly.
2 - You didn't completely lack your skills, but you didn't do your best either.
3 - You were fairly good. But you were average.
4 - Almost perfect! But you need a little more oomph!
5 - You did the best you could this round. Your performance was perfect.

Now because there is 5 judges the maximum number of points is 25. If someone gets 13 points they must joke for their lives. After that is done the judges will go back to the yes/no process. You must get 3 yeses to proceed.

- You may drop out at any moment of the game.

- When a member has lost the game he/she can show off his skills before going his way. Sort of like when an American Idol contestant loses he/she preforms one last time.

- The contestant with the highest score can not be voted off in the next round.

- The second highest score gives that person 2 extra points for the next round.

-The person with the second lowest score gets 2 points deducted automatically in the next round.

Anyways that's the jist of it. Mroe will be revealed when the RP oficially starts.[/COLOR]
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