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[color=crimson]... Excerpts from texts and books owned by the Nephilim...

"He conquers all, YHWH takes all it touches; even now the Roman Gods have succumbed to his will. Indeed, in time his grasp will touch beyond the Empire into the North and East, across the Sea and into unknown lands.

The old Gods continue to fall and he spreads across the land virulently."

- The Book of the Forgotten Gods.

"Odin is not defeated, He and all the Aesir have fled to rebuild. They will return and fight against Him, they will fight His fearsome power and will rebuild Asgard.

In vengeance YHWH will call upon all his armies and the battle will cause the blood spilt to fall from the very heavens.

All will hear the passing of Odin on that day."

- On the Fall of Odin and the passing of His splendor.


Real word facts thus far:

* The Book of Enoch is an actual book that is not considered Biblical canon by any but the Ethiopian orthodox church. The text given is the actual story as presented there in.

* Nephilim are described in the Bible as being monstrous hybrids of Fallen Angels and Humans. Their existence, combined with Man's increasing evil, lead to the Great Deluge which supposedly destroyed all of life on Earth except for Noah and a small stock of animals.

* The mention of Third Heaven is a part of Jewish mysticism which divides Heaven into seven parts with various attributes.

Any questions can be answered here.[/color]
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How big of a role will the Norse and Roman Gods (and every other, for that matter) play in the story? I was wondering if they would continue to be mentioned in passing references to various texts only or if they would, at some point, become actual characters that you'd be able to interact with.

Mythology is [i]fun[/i], and this idea is cool.
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[color=crimson]I was hoping to include the larger players that the Abrahamic God replaced. The number of which would depend ultimately on the scope of the players involved and how long it goes.

The pool we have to tap into includes a wide variety of Gods, ranging from Native American traditions to Norse to the Greek/Roman/Etruscan pool of Gods and beyond. This is without tapping into the Dharmic mythologies around the Indian subcontinent and China's mythologies, the deities within both perhaps feeling the pressure of the world beyond them paying allegiance and giving power to, ultimately, one God.

There is much we could work into it as roleplayers but that would depend on how far and deep it becomes.[/color]
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