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Sign Up Unknown Force [M-LV]


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(You will have to forgive me. It has been a long time since I have done one of these. I may be a little out of practice, but I think its about time to come back into the mix. So, heres nothing)

It was sunny, right? Of course, thats how they all start out. A nice sunny day, something horrible happens, and then the world is changed forever. This is no different, is it? Its hard to tell, I mean, they all need help, he ones that survived that day.

The city was busy, people passing by, not knowing what was going to happen in a matter of minutes. A few people had bad feelings in their stomachs, but it still didn't matter. Everyone still pressed on with their normal lives.

There were a few, however. They seemes to be fixed at the sky, knowing that sometihng was coming, but what was it? How was it going to change everything? How was this day going to be the end of so many ilves.

Chris Gryphon looked up at the sky, a strange feeling in his stomach. He wasn't sure what the feeling was, but he knew something was going to happen soon, and he didn't have the ability to stop it, or did he?

As the day pressed on, shaddows started to surround the city, then it happened. The people of the city seemed to stop as a loud whistle started to muffle everything out. Chris looked up at the sky and started to run. He was fallowed by nearly everyone that had fear inside them.

Within a matter of seconds, all Chis remembers was a large booming sound, then everything went dark. As Chris is out cold on the ground, the world around him started to change. An attack had happened, and noone knew where it had come from. Was it another country? Or was it something that was no of this world?

Slowly Chris startedo to open his eyes. There was a tremoundous ammount of pain in his head. His body felt as if it were run over by a truck. He sat up, pushing the car off of his leg. Not realizing what he had just done.

As his hand left the car, his eyes got big. He had just pushed a car without even trying. He slowly stood up, and then walked over to the car. He put his hand on it and then pushed it with his finger. As he pushed, the car started to slide down the street. Chris then looked at his hand.

What ever the blast was that destroyed the city around him, he wasn't dead. All around him were bits and peices of people, killed by what every the thing was. All Chirs wanted at this momen was to find someon else, and know why the hell this had happened, and what it was.

He started running down the street, pushing things out of his way, looking for anyone that was still alive. His second thought was what is going on? Why was he able to survive andwhy does he have this strength?

Alright, this is Unknonwn Force. IT is a story of a small group of people that are different. Why they are that way, is still unknown. That is what has to be figured out. Here is the sign ups.

Name: Anything and everything is ok.
Age: doesn't really matter just not too young or old.
Gender: Easy right?
Apperance: Either a pic or writing. I don't care.
Power: It can be anything. Nothing too destructive though, and only one please.
Bio: Something telling everyting a little bit about your power and what you were doing when the blast happened. Please at least three paragraphs.

Ok, thats it, just send me a pm if there are any questions. Later all.
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