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Art New Art [Fairly Image Heavy]


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I'm not sure if any of you remember me. I don't really expect you guys to. But I've been gone for about almost a year now. I've been working on a lot of artwork since I've left the OB, and came here recently to salvage some of my artwork from the past. While I'm here, I decided to see what type of criticism the members of OB could give me :). Here it goes...

[B][U]Large Canvas[/U][/B]
[URL="http://img225.imageshack.us/img225/9027/typoprojectbf0.jpg"]Prokeckt: Obey Our House[/URL]


[URL="http://img408.imageshack.us/img408/29/blueeraposterme1.jpg"]Blue Era[/URL]

[B][U]Signature Size[/U][/B]


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[color=#606060]I'm having trouble opening the initial ones (not your fault, it's my computer at the moment) so I'll just comment on the signatures.

I don't mind the first one; the filter or whatever you're using there seems appropriate. And the images seem to be blended well. It's not my favourite of all three though.

The second one I don't really understand...but I might be missing something obvious there. The editing is nice although the right-hand side is so light that it seems a bit washed out.

The third is definitely my favourite. Great photo and I think the font is ideal for this image - it's light but it isn't too washed out. Good job.

Keep up the good work! You should join in on the Graphic Worm if you haven't already. ~_^[/color]
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