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[B]Code-E[/B] is a shoujo comedy from the people who brought you [B]R.O.D.[/B] and shares some similarities with the other series, which I will get too later. The show is about a girl named Chinami Ebihara - a shy glasses-girl who is overly apologetic and very easily frightened. As well she should be, because Chinami has a strange and overactive ability; she controls electricity with her emotions.

When Chinami is around anything electrical, she effects it. When she is feeling distressed, which is almost all the time, it causes nearby electrical devices to malfunction or stop working entirely. When she feels happy or hopeful, she causes the power to increase.

Chinami's mom is a businesswoman and her dad is a children's book writer, and the family has to move all the time because of Chinami's ability. In order for them to keep her safe from authorities or sientists who would make her an experiment, they have to keep moving around.

Code-E apparently takes place a bit in the future, epecially if something like this is 'old'


The first episode is really quite slow, like they were trying to position a cliffhanger at the end before actually delving into the real plot, or as if it were a manga adaption where they really wanted to make ch 1 spread to all the first ep (I don't think it is, though). Either way, it's hard to tell if this will be a romantic comedy, comedic drama, or action comedy besed on the first episode. The op makes you feel like you're getting into a slightly more action-oriented show, though seeing as how [B]R.O.D. the TV [/B]was half action and half shojo-esque slice-of-life, it could turn down any alley.

As for the animation, while it was okay, it didn't really have enough movement to truly show off what it can do, I suppose. The backgrounds were pretty, though.

Also, Chinami is totally like a young Yomiko Readman.[/COLOR]
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