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Anime Shinigami no Ballad


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[B]Shinigami no Ballad [/B]is a six episode anime based on a series of light novels in Japan. The light novel series has been liscenced for release by [B]Seven Seas [/B]Ent. (the people who did a wonderful job of translating the first 3 Boogiepop novels). The first novel was supposed to be released early this year, but now is TBA 07.

The series follows the various tales of Momo, a Shinigami girl and her flying cat familiar Daniel. Momo doesn't appear all that often, though, as the show is really focused on each individual story.

Each episode has it's own plot, all involving children elementary through high school. Some of the stories involve people who's family members are tied to the world becasue of them, while others involve Momo trying to prevent a death or help people cope to one. A few of the plots involve a love story or other strengthening of character relationships.

This show has the same kind of relaxing feel that i got from watching [B]Kino no Tabi[/B]. It's intelligent and deep while simplistic and fun. Each of the stories was interesting and most featured great characters. My personal favorite was Tomato.


Momo is, of course, awesome, as well as Daniel who provided the small comic relief - not that a calm show like this was ever too serious. I think that's what made it so fun - it never took itself too seriously, though it wasn't silly either. Fans of Kino no Tabi or [B]ARIA [/B]would probably enjoy this series.

The series is so short that I can't say too much without spoiling it, so I'd say just go watch it. It's worth it through and through and if you have a space 3 hours, there's no excuse not to watch! Anyway, I was already looking forward to te novel, but now I really can't wait for it. This show has also inspired an rp I'm working on creating.[/COLOR]
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[COLOR="goldenrod"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Well I just got through watching this and I must say I did enjoy it. It was a bit odd since I'm more use to having a character that is more central to the story, or rather one that is more present. But in the end it didn't matter. Momo and Daniel were fun to watch. Especially Daniel.

What I found most interesting was how the whole series focused more on Momo [spoiler]taking an interest in those who she would someday take to the next world. How she wanted all of them to live to the fullest before they died. And making that happen by helping them to move past regrets they had, both the living and the dead. [/spoiler]

So I agree, it's a nice short little series that's well worth the time to watch. Oh and by far, one of my favorite moments was when [spoiler]Daniel was teasing Momo about not having a boyfriend and she grabbed his cheeks and pulled. [/spoiler] for some reason that really made me laugh. [/FONT][/COLOR]
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Well since you said this in the other thread Hanbun no Tsuki ga Noboru Sora:[quote name='2007DigitalBoy'][COLOR="DarkOrange"]Since I heard that this show is very tonally similar to SnB, I definitely reccommend Shinigami no Ballad to both of you. Especially since my rp your both in is based on it XD[/COLOR][/QUOTE]I went and found fan subs of this and watched them, in fact I just finished probably about an hour ago. I wasn't sure what to expect since though both this and the other show are similar in that they are only six episodes each. This one deals with Shinigami who's existence is yet to be proved. Where in the other, Rika's illness is real. So in that respect they are quite different.

Anyway... As for the actual show I agree with what Aaryanna was saying about Momo, it's clear she has a much deeper interest beyond simply doing her job as a Shinigami. And I found how she flashed [spoiler]an ID card to people rather funny. I mean she was glowing and floating as well as having a flying cat with bat like wings. [/spoiler] Making it obvious that she was who she claimed to be. lol

I found the last episode the most interesting. I mean the others were fun, but I liked how with the last one she took advantage [spoiler]of the fact that the girl didn't realize that she really wasn't dead to help her want to live.[/spoiler]

So I'll echo the sentiment that this is definately worth taking the time to watch.
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