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Request Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei avi/banner set


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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]Oi there! I would like a new set involving the anime [B]Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei[/B]. I'd like it to have the character [url=http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b269/MetalSonic700/fuurakafuka.jpg]Fuura Kafuka [/url] in a sunny place and lots of bright colors. She should be, of course, smiling.

As for text, in size 8 or 9 font and preferredly fancy-looking letters it should say...

"Amber streams from Sol are [B]Not Unlike The Waves[/B]..."

With that part bold. As for color, the text should contrast the bright colors so as to be visible. Ans size-wise I don't want it huge but not so small you can't tell what's going on. Around 350-450 pixels wide should do.

Thanks in advanced![/COLOR]
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Thought I'd try..
I'm still pretty new at making banners and stuff, soo, yeah.



Something like this? :)

The text got reallly hard to read when it was smaller with it being kind of curly..so I made it a bit bigger than you asked.

If you like this one, but want the text changed or something, just ask :animesmil
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[COLOR="DarkOrange"]I likes it! There are only 2 things I'd like to request be changed about it. First, if the text could be put closer to the bottom and more out of the way of the pic, and second, a border. Other than that, I love the way you did it and I'll definitely equip it once fixed or until someone else has a go.[/COLOR]
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