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Sign Up Nightmare: Dreamscape [M-VLS]


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[center][COLOR=darkred][COLOR=dimgray] [center][I][SIZE=1]“A void of endless thought once made of pure light becomes corrupt. Everything once good decays into darkness, the endless Dreamscape falls into chaos…the light… fades.”[/SIZE][/I][/center][/COLOR][/COLOR][/center][COLOR=darkred]

[center]I was there again. It used to be so amazing, but it has become dark and twisted. Whenever I would sleep I came into this world. It was peaceful, beautiful, and ever so calm. But what went wrong? Why is the light turning into nothing but mere shadows? Why can’t I have a good night’s sleep anymore?[/center]

[center]That thing inside the tree calling itself the all-knowing, he talked to me again while I was there. Nightmares, creatures of dark thoughts have started attacking people through their sleep, and he wants them eradicated. But what if it comes even more corrupt? Will that mean the end of our dreams? He wants me to help him, but am I just dreaming? No… it mustn't’t because it feels so real. I got attacked by one of those things, now my arm hurts. In fact, I’m bleeding, the thing bit me. What’s going on?[/center]


[center]Dreamscape… a world created form thoughts of bliss, joy, and sheer happiness. A thing called the all-knowing, a being with knowledge of dreams, was also created form that light. But dark thoughts have seeped through the shield which allows thoughts through, and the darkness has started to destroy the Dreamscape. The shield has been cracked, and not only have dark thoughts leaked trough, but monsters called Nightmares, have begun to attack people through their dreams.[/center]

[center]Every thought that comes into the Dreamscape is like a cell, creating more things in the world. But for every hate-filled thought that enters, a thought that was once a cell of light, becomes dark and filled with despair and malice. The Nightmares reproduce by eating at a human’s fears. Gives a Nightmare more power. And when a Nightmare gets enough power it becomes even darker.. Sometimes they become so powerful that they are able to kill a human through their dreams. [/center]

[center]The all-knowing being, or the Rhapsody, as he likes to be called. Resides in a tree which cannot be destroyed, even by the Nightmares. He controls the Dreamscape’s functions. When a human falls into the Dreamscape they enter a lucid dream where they can stay as long as they want. But ever since the shield cracked, the darkness ha started to sour the Dreamscape and the community around it.[/center]

[center]The all-knowing being has summoned a group of fifteen year old teens in order to eradicate the Nightmares return the Dreamscape to it’s original state. So that anybody who wishes to escape their life’s hardship may come to relax, and enjoy themselves anytime they fall asleep.[/center]

[center]The teenagers also have a special ability unique to each of them. Almost psychic-like, the powers are extracted from their personalities. The Nightmare’s have also brought humans of their own to the Dreamscape, evil hearted teens with no sense of justice. The warfor the Dreamscape lies in their hands.[/center]


This RP will be using the card system used in such RPGs as a "The Maze" or "The Ponopticon." Here is a simple rundown of how the cards will executed.

[B]Card Name:[/B] Oversoul Card
[B]Recipient: [/B] (said person card is being played on)
[B]Effect:[/B] what this card does)
[B]Length:[/B] (How long the card is in effect.[/CENTER]

This is just a basic card. Other cards will be released as the game progresses. Exclusive cards may become available to you as well.

This game will be played two ways.

[B]The first way[/B] is through the Dreamscape. Here you have to fight the Nightmares and wonder around the villages throughout the realm. You can also buy weapons and talk to the other characters without limitation, as long as it abides with Rhapsody's laws.

[B]The second way[/B] is through the real-world. Just do anything that [B]you[/B] do in [B]your[/B] everyday life. You can even contact the other characters via phone, internet, etc.

You have creative freedom in this RP. Later your characters will meet and try to eradicate the Nightmares.


[B]Name:[/B] (Anything)
[B]Bio:[/B] (Some of your character's past and what the meeting with Rhapsody was like)
[B]Gender:[/B] (You know)
[B]Personality:[/B] (What your character acts like)
[B]Ability: [/B](Make an ability that matches your personality)
[B]Appearance: [/B](Image or text, image preferred)
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